uncle-sam-rantingI really hate to talk about this subject, but I feel the need to so here goes.

Why are we as people in this great country of ours so ignorant? It’s not all of us, it’s the small percentage of us that make all of us look bad. The rest of the world see that small percentage and plaster it and that what America is. What makes it even worse, instead of ignoring the problem, it’s us that take that “small” percentage and make it right. Why? Because we are ignorant. For instance, I’ll take an old issue that continues to come up, but instead of individuals doing simple research for themselves, they believe what someone else says. Our Commander in Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, 65-70% of the American public think he is a muslim because of his name, when in fact, he was born in Hawaii. Is Hawaii apart of America? I forgot? Another thing, they wanted him to do was produce his birth certificate, really? Yep, let me get right on that. I’m the most Powerful man in the world and you want me to flash my Birth Certificate on television to prove a fucking point, get the fuck out of here.

As I’ve said before, I don’t agree with A LOT of his policies and A TON of his legislation that his has passed and his trying to get passed, BUT he is the President. As a Veteran, it irritates the FUCK out of me to hear, military personnel talk openly about the president on social media outlets. Once you signed that contract, you lost that right homie. You have a job to do. DO IT. Now when it comes to a Veteran, it makes me sick because, they fought and have lost brothers for this same cause, but will openly bash our Commander in Chief, that’s not right. I will admit, that I was guilty of it until, I was checked by a very good friend of mine, who I have the utmost respect for who is still in uniform to this day. I love this guy like my own brother. For him to check me, it hit home. I also understand that as an American that we have the ability to the Freedom of Speech, but we should also be accountable for our speech. If you are man/woman enough to say it, then you are man/woman enough to deal with the consequences that go along with it, fair right?rant2

Another thing that we as Americans do is put All Muslims in the category as Terrorists. Why? Because, of some radical Islamists. Yes, it’s hard to weed them out, but we can’t target one whole religion, because we don’t know how to target one specific type of individual, oops, we already do that, but not with a religion, we do it with a race of people. That’s not the topic of this post. Different time! I’m #DONE.


Grown Up Problems

tumblr_m6ijwpRz2G1qfzl7yBefore those of you that have followed this blog from the beginning crucify me, I feel the need to talk about this again, but from a different angle.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’m about to 34 years old and I still don’t have that figured out. Why is this? I don’t know. Great answer right? I feel like I haven’t fully become an adult because I haven’t figured this part of my life out. I did serve 14 years in the world’s greatest military, the Army to be specific. The job I did really didn’t relate to anything in the civilian sector, unless you were fortunate enough or in the right place at the right time to get the right schooling. I wasn’t that fortunate. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job and the different “other” titles I was able to experience, but with all this experience, I have no clue what I want to do.

A very good friend of mine, well more than just one, said that I should consider taking writing a little more serious. I have thought about it, but I’m not ready to compete with other writers. My problem is keeping an audience wanting more of what I write. Its crazy that one article will have the masses wanting more, but you write about another topic and 3 people read and understand what you actually wrote.I know it’s not about getting views or pleasing people with words, but at the end of the day, it’s your message. I know that I can’t please everybody, but that’s not the part that upsets me, it’s keeping individuals wanting more of MY message.

Some of the individuals that I follow on WordPress, fascinate me with their ability to capture an audience and keep that audience. In addition to that, people are talking about it. I have no clue if I have that affect on people, but that’s what I want. I know that I need to go back to someone’s English class, but I don’t want to go to school either. This is what I want, if I could have it my way, I want to go to sleep one night and wake up the next day with the remarkable ability to write. Everybody has dreams right?

I don’t have a problem with coming up with topics to talk about, it’s writing just enough information to keep an individual interested, but not so little as to where they are like all the words I put together had no meaning. I don’t want to overload individuals with information either. I learned that hard lesson in the beginnings of this Blog. The post I am referring to, I talked about a subject that I’m passionate about and that’s being Airborne. There are two subjects that I can talk about all day and they are Airborne and Alabama Crimson Tide Football, but who other people like me really want to hear about those topics? Not many.

In the previous post about this topic, I did say that I hope that I would have it figured out soon, but that time has not yet come. In a perfect world, I would be able to walk around aimlessly, spend money and shoot guns. I’m not in that world so I have to figure something out and do it soon.





(Today fitness goal: 6 miles, Actual miles walked: 7.01 miles)                                                                                                                                                                                  (This Week’s Fitness Goal: Walk 15 miles; Actual Miles Walked: 25.28)

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Friday Night Tykes

Okay, I’ll do my best to stay focused and stay on the topic at hand. I have an extreme passion for Football, specifically College Football to be exact. I’ve been contemplating for the past couple of weeks on doing a post for this specific topic, but my answer was solidified when I watched an episode of “Friday Night Tykes” on the Esquire Channel today.

ga1I understand in the Lone Star State, football is very important at ALL levels, but when is or better yet, what age is TOO early for children to play tackle football? Watching this show, I feel guilty, because I have a passion as some of the Coaches on this reality show, but are you willing to jeopardize the future of a young athlete just because you’re the Head Coach and you want to win? I, myself, personally don’t want to be labeled as “that” coach, who was the cause for a player being paralyzed or possibly dying on the Football field.

I also realize that kids can get hurt at school just as easy, but I feel you increase their chances by letting them play tackle football at 7, 8, 9 and 10 years of age; kids mature at different times, so who makes the final decision? Instilling discipline into a young player can be done without contact. Who should make the final decision on when children are allowed to play Tackle Football? The Parents? Recreation Directors? Parents will win the majority of the time, because if you don’t let them play “here”, they’ll go over “there” and play. Concussions are real and they exist, but most of the parents seem oblivious to this fact, because they say, it won’t happen to my kid. Until, it does. Diencephalon_small

509px-Concussion_mechanics.svgSome people say my answer would be different if I had a son of my own. No, I don’t think it would. Real quick, lets look at the definition of Concussion. A Concussion is (1) temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. The term is also used loosely of the aftereffects such as confusion or temporary incapacity. (2) A Violent shock as from a heavy blow. Acceleration (G-Forces) can exert rotational forces in the brain, especially the midbrain and diencephalon (the caudal [posterior] part of the forebrain, containing the epithalamus, thalamus, hypothalamus, and ventral thalamus and the third ventricle).

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) exist because of blows to the head. It can happen on their 1st hit or 2,000th. Playing tackle football is an extreme risk, due to injuries other than concussions. This issue has also sparked a debate at the National Football League (NFL) level of play. It has caused family members and former players to sue the NFL due to the lingering affects of multiple concussions. I’m not trying to spark a debate, just asking the question of if this is how you want to instill “discipline” into young players? There are other ways to do this. I think it should be based on the maturity level of the child and the Parent & Recreation Director should talk it over before making the decision.

If the  parent decides to let their child play tackle, they should have to sign a waiver, stating that if the child receives a concussion, the Recreation Department will not be held responsible, and by signing the waiver, the Parent acknowledges that they understand the risks associated with playing tackle football. This also would protect the Recreation Department against law suits. Maybe the National Football League (NFL) and Collegiate Football should incorporate the waiver so in the end, when the player is done playing football, they can’t sue the University or the Professional Organization, whether it be the NFL/CFL, etc.

I truly believe that education is the key. Before having the Player/Parent/Recreation Director sign off, conduct training so they know the effects from a concussion, also show the Parent and Coaches what could happen ifTexas2-1 they don’t deal with concussions the correct way. Don’t overlook the signs, because you want to win. Hold the Parents, Coaches and Players responsible. I know that we can be hurt getting out of the bed, but that’s a risk that we have to make. Maybe I’m looking too deep into this issue. I don’t know.

After saying all that, I strongly feel that based on maturity, size and mental stability of the Parent/Recreation Director/Player, then should the decision be made. Parents don’t look at the present, they are focused on the future, what the player could possibly do at the next level. They forget about the maturity and all that other stuff. How do you feel about it?


Everybody has an opinion when it comes to politics, but never have an answer for their issue that they are complaining about. I have done my share of complaining also, so I don’t excuse myself from being a big part of that problem. I’ve done a little research on what it takes to run for different offices at the City, County, State and Federal Level. There are qualifications to each seat no matter how large or small you think it is. If you don’t fit every single qualification for that seat, then you need to cross it off your list. I’ve looked at a couple of seats that I am eligible to run for right now. I found a list of questions that need to be answered before “jumping in head first.” I found this list at the following website: http://www.completecampaigns.com/article.asp?articleid=13. To save you some time, I will list and answer these questions here before we move on.

1) Choose the office you want to run for. While the idea of being President may be tempting, its always best to start on a local or state level. [Answer: I would like to run for an office that I can make a big impact, but I can’t due to education, specific criteria among other issues. After looking a list of offices that I am eligible to run for, the Office or Seat I can run for right now without any problems is: MEMBER, COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION. Not exciting as running for mayor or something like that, but you have to start somewhere.]

2) Check the qualifications for the office. At a minimum, this usually means that you must be a registered voter in the geographical area in which you are running; there may also be age, residency or experience qualifications. [Answer: Qualifications for: MEMBER, COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION

  • 1. Must be a citizen of this state: CHECK
  • 2. Must have been a resident of the county from which elected for 12 months immediately preceding election: CHECK
  • 3. Must be a qualified voter. O.C.G.A. § 45-2-1: CHECK
  • 4. Must reside within the school district in which he or she seeks election and in the election district which he or she represents: Ga. Const. Art. 8, § 5, ¶ 2, O.C.G.A. § 20-2-51, Cross-Reference: Art. 8, § 5, ¶ 2, and O.C.G.A. § 20-2-51 establish county school districts under the management and control of a county board of education. Annotation: Residency requirements for the election of local school board members cannot be e tablished by local board bylaws. Op. Atty. Gen. U97-25: CHECK
  • 5. Must not be: a) employed by or serving on the governing board of any private educational body or institution; b) employed by the local board of education and be on the same board; c) employed by either the State Department of Education or the State Board of Education. O.C.G.A. § 20-2-51 (c): CHECK

3) File the required papers to get yourself on the ballot. Procedures for doing this vary by city, county, and state. A filing fee may also be required. [Answer: This has not been answered yet, but I am making calls to the Board of Education to find out what I need to do to get my name of the Ballot.]

There is a plethora of other questions that need to be answered before diving right into this. You have to campaign, get a petition with a minimum number of signatures among other questions.

I know a lot of you are probably think that I am joking about this, but I am not. In order to make a change in any part of the government, you have to be actively involved in it, whether it be on the local or Federal level. I don’t want to continue to complain and not take action. I will keep all of you updated as I get closer to completing this goal. No, it’s not a spectacular office, but I will someday put myself in the position to make a difference in this country. If it’s only at the local level, I’ve completed and accomplished my goal.



Who Is Jared J. Gober (Part 1)

In today’s Blog Post I will let you all know about me. I know a lot of you are reading this like, uh, we already know who you are. In a way you do and no you don’t. I will hold nothing back. Some people would advise against it, my question is, Why? I don’t think it’s fair to you that follow my Blog. I will list 5 random questions and truthfully answer them. Even if it exposes a weakness or embarrasses me. There’s a lot behind the man named Jared J. Gober. Where did this come from, out of nowhere? from left-field? In music an artist will pour their soul into their music, so why can’t that be done with something that I am passionate about? I’m taking this page from a good friend. Let’s get started.

1. What are your nicknames? What do you prefer to be called? Okay, to answer this question I will give you my nickname while growing up and go from there. While growing up, my family called me JJ. Why? I shouldn’t have to answer that question for you, but I will. My name I was given at birth is Jared Jerod Gober, NO, I don’t have the same first and middle name. It’s Jared Jerod (pronounced Jer-Rod). Once I got to high school, my close friends called me Goober. Self explanatory. The friends that I keep in contact from high school still call me that. I prefer to be called Jared or Gober, because of being in the military. When I am at home and around family, they call me JJ, but I hate for my wife to call me that. Seriously I have no idea why it bothers me. I just don’t like to hear her say it, well I guess she is doing it to get on my nerves. Usually, she calls me Papi, which I think is awesome. Why? Who wouldn’t want to be called Papi; so masculine!! I call her Mami. If she calls me by my first name, I know that I did something wrong, but back to the question at hand. I prefer to be called Jared, that’s good enough.

2. What scares me the most? Why? First off, the thing that I am most scared of is losing my family. The reason why is because growing up, I didn’t have two parents in the household. It was just my mother. I had family (Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents) that had a big part of making me the man I am today, but I always said that when I was blessed to start a family, that I would do it right. I’m not saying or trying to say that a single parent home is wrong, all I am saying is that I made a promise to myself while growing up that when the good Lord blessed me with a wife that I would do whatever it took to make my family stay together. Yes, we have had some times where I thought all was lost, but I did what I had to do to make it work. Another thing that I’m scared of is scary movies. Yep, I said it. I don’t like them. The reason is because, when I was 3 or 4, every time the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video came on, my father would turn the volume all the way up and force me to watch it. I can watch it now, but I would prefer not to watch scary movies. One more thing that I am scared of is Debt. I hate owing people money. I know that’s apart of being an adult, but until you have a title to a car, a deed to a house, solar panels on your house so you’re off the grid, you will always owe people money. That’s a fear that I have to work through every single day.

3. Am I more likely to avoid conflict or engage it head-on?I hate conflict, but I won’t back down from it. Especially when it involves my wife or my girls. I don’t go out looking for conflict, but a lot of people take advantage of that because of my character and the way I carry myself. I’m a pretty quiet person. When it’s time to be loud I can be loud. All conflict does for me is stress me out. It doesn’t matter how small or large it may be, if there isn’t a resolution at the end of all the yelling, fighting, etc. it stays on my mind. Which is unhealthy for a mind that is already filled with important things that is already stressing me out.

4. When was the last time you really pushed yourself to your physical limits? Truthfully, the last time I really pushed myself to my physical limits was 24 April 2010. Why? Because on 25 April 2010, an event that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, well maybe Auburn Fans, just kidding, changed my life. Some of you already know what that event is. The Vehicle I was riding in was struck by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Right now, it’s very hard to push myself to my physical limits, due to injuries that I am still recovering from. A lot of people don’t realize, I’m walking and somewhat healthy that injuries shouldn’t be an excuse. I used to think the same way, until it happened to me. Not only are you dealing with physical injuries, you have mental ones as well, but back to the question, it’s been a minute since I have done that. I do what I can until stuff starts to hurt, which I’m told I shouldn’t do that because I am not helping my body do it’s job. I have 2 girls that want to play sports and they want Dad to teach them. I didn’t have that growing up so I will push myself as hard as I can or until it breaks; I have to push myself for my family. I live every single day for them.

5. If you could restore one broken relationship, which would it be? I will do my best to honsetly answer this question. A broken relationship that I wish I could restore, truthfully, would be my relationship with my father. My parents divorced when I was 8. The next time I saw my Father was when I was 12; the next time I saw him, I was 16; I didn’t see him again until I had joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He is from North Carolina, so of course, I wanted to see my family in North Carolina. I saw him a couple of times, because at this point he was driving trucks cross country. The last memory I have of seeing him while stationed at Fort Bragg, was the weekend before I was getting ready to deploy. It had to be around October 7th or 8th, 2001, because we deployed on the 10th. He came out of nowhere. It was crazy, I’m getting ready for bed and I get a knock at my door. I was like who the hell is that. At this time I had my girl that was my friend laying in the same bed with me, innocent, I swear. She went to the door, looked through the peephole and said it’s a man and a lady. I said, who is it? She replied I don’t know. I looked through the peephole and said, this exact statement, “No Fucking Way.” The girl that was my friend said what’s wrong, I said, I think that’s my Father. I opened the door and it was him. We went out to dinner, talked and caught up on things. I explained to him that I was deploying, but he didn’t believe me. He believed me when he went to my room the next weekend and no one came to the door. I’ve tried to repair this relationship, but I’m the only one that is working at it. For me to repair it, I wanted him to tell me why he used to hit my mother, why he left and why he would always promise me he would come and visit, but would never show? He would always want to change the subject. Every time he asks me if there is anything I want to ask him, I ask those same questions, but never get an answer. Yeah, I could let it go and move forward, but why give him that pleasure? He put me through hell, which to this day I still hurt from, so why give him that joy? Truthfully, I don’t think he deserves it. 

I know 5 questions doesn’t give you an outlook on the whole me, but it’s a start. I will continue this sometime in the future. I’ll write down 5 questions and truthfully answer them. I’ll continue to do it until you all know all about what makes Jared J. Gober. I hope that this is able to help someone out there. Maybe, ask themselves those same questions and truthfully answer them. If you have questions you would like to ask me, put them in the comment section and the next time I post about myself I will answer them.

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九十 四

So today was my second basketball practice. Our first practice went very well, because we had 9 out of 10 girls show up. Today, we had 5 show up, that’s including my 2 girls and the other coach’s daughter. I really hope that we have more girls show up at the next practice, because we can’t start touching on the basics of how to play defense or set up a successful offense with 5 girls. An advantage to having a small number of girls show up is, that we are able to spend 1 on 1 time with the girls as far as fundamentals go. My girls are the smallest on the team, so the plan was to play them in the 1st and 3rd Quarters; then have the bigger girls play in the 2nd and 4th Quarters. I’m not sure if we can even think that far ahead because we can’t depend on any of the other girls to come out.

I thought that this would be a lot easier than it’s starting out to be, but I am learning very quickly that this is going to take a lot of patience. It really doesn’t bother me if the girls don’t show up, because their parents already paid the registration fee, so it’s their money that was wasted. I’m not trying to be a sour puss, but a call to let me know that your child won’t be at practice would suffice. Since this is Recreation Basketball, every child HAS to be given the opportunity to play. I could go to the Recreation Director and complain, but what is that going to solve? Not a damn thing. If they don’t show up to practice, but can show up to a game, that’s something that I guess I’ll have to deal with. Next year, if my girls say anything about wanting to play Basketball, I am immediately going to shoot that dream down. Why? Because, I’m sure they won’t play unless I coach and “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I will just stick to coaching soccer and maybe try my hand at coaching softball. I’m getting better at coaching or dealing with other peoples children, so as soon as I get my coaching style down, I will then become the Black Nick Saban of Southeastern Georgia. I will put my own “Process” together and have other coaches coming from the other side of the United States to find out how I do what I do. First, I am going to have to find my sport that I want to coach and get real serious about it. I don’t want to just win, I want to dominate. I know it’s only Recreation Sports, but I want to be “that” Recreation Coach that everybody wants their child to play for. I want the kids I coach to master the fundamentals, because if they master the fundamentals at the recreation level, then it will be a lot easier for them to grasp what they are being taught at the High School/College level of athletics, if that’s the route they choose to go.

I will only take it as serious as the kids. If they want to get better and they show me that they want to get better, then that’s when I will start going above and beyond. I know that I could possibly be that coach that  could have an impact on a child in a positive way, but why put everything I have into it, when their own parents won’t give me the same support? I’m still trying to figure out my coaching style, so when that hurdle comes I guess I will deal with it then. As for now, I will just learn as much as I can and find out how to get the best out of the kids that I coach.



I had topic that I wanted to talk about today, but I feel the need to talk about certain individuals in this country that feel the need to put on a uniform and claim to be a member of our elite military. In this Blog post I will call them “Posers”. It’s really unfair that so many Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Seamen and Coast-guardsmen have paid with their life for these same individuals to walk around free, with the ability of freedom of speech. All we as Veterans/friends of Veterans/Parents of Veterans and so on, can only call you out and embarrass you, but that’s as far as it goes, legally. Morally, you will be prosecuted and you will want to crawl under a rock after we are finished with you.

My Question for all these individuals is, if you want to be apart of our elite brotherhood, do exactly what we all did and join? All it takes is for you to go down to your local recruiting office and talk to a recruiter. Some individuals are just not cut out for this life. Many go off to basic training only to be sent home because they fail to make the transition from civilian to Soldier, etc. That doesn’t make you a bad person, you just were not able to do what was needed to become apart of this elite “fraternity”. Some of these same individuals are sent home only to make up a story instead of being man/woman enough and say they were not able to do what was asked of them. They make up all types of stories to make themselves look like they were sent on a secret mission to save the world from every single weapon of mass destruction on the planet. Many of you may laugh and think that I am over exaggerating, but it’s so true. When you get a chance I want you to check out this website: www.guardianofvalor.com. This site is always on the prowl for individuals that claim to be, but are only posing because they want the lifestyle; they are too afraid to do what they need to do for the lifestyle. If you know someone who is doing this, let these guys know and they will take care of the rest.

Most of the time, if you are talking to a person with a story that sounds a little too good to be true, then guess what? Maybe it is. If these individuals have an amazing story and no one to give them a “thumbs up” or verification, then it’s more than likely not true. Before I proceed, there are individuals with amazing stories that don’t go around bragging about what they did and there are those that do. You need to have the ability to see past the B.S. and ask the right questions. It’s ridiculous that we, as Veterans or Americans, that we have to ask for legislation to be put in place to protect what we do. Nine times out of ten, a Veteran knows another Veteran without even speaking a word. It’s how we carry ourselves, it’s how we speak, it’s the way we walk and the way we go above and beyond to help protect the people around us, instead of saving our own lives. I know some of you may be looking at that last statement and may be saying that it doesn’t make sense, but I challenge you to sit back and “people watch”. A TRUE Veteran doesn’t have to brag about the things that they have done, most of the time we just want those memories to be gone. Why would we go out of our way to find a TV station, Major Network, or someone with Star power, just to say that we did so and so, it was amazing and we need national attention?

I did all that rambling to say this, grab your set of “bolas or chocha” like the rest of us and go down to your local recruiting station and talk to a recruiter. If you don’t have what it takes, ask the right questions so that you can work towards that goal. If you happen to be in that percentile that go off to basic and don’t make it, admit it. You will get a lot more respect for being real, rather than your friends or community finding out that you are a fraud. There are Veterans that are doing whatever is necessary to protect what we fought for or still fighting for. Stop being something you’re not. Choose another profession to lie about. We, Veterans, take that word Veteran to heart and you WILL be asked the right questions to make sure all your ducks are in a row. I will admit that it does take a lot for a person to go off to basic training, be gone for 6 weeks get sent home for failure to adapt, and look your friends/family members/community and say that I just didn’t cut the mustard. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is a lot better than them finding out later and criminal charges be brought against you for a simple answer to a question.

Do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do Morally; I promise, if you are a Poser, you WILL eventually be caught. Once you are caught, you will be plastered on sites like the one mentioned above and they will induct you into the “Hall of Shame” for any and everyone to see. Is it still worth it?

If it is still worth it to you, I want you to go on these sites and let the guys know what you are all about: https://www.facebook.com/AmericanMilitary?ref=br_tf. I dare you!


Guardina of Valor Pic