College Football Playoff

This year, the College Football Playoff Committee have caused this season to be an emotional roller coaster to a lot of fans. You never know where any specific University will end up due to the inconsistency of the inaugural College Football Playoff Committee. Each week the criteria for a team to stay in the Top 4 Playoff Spots changes. Nothing has remained the same. They have no transparency or concrete facts as to why they have placed certain teams in each spot.

During the BCS Era, everyone complained about it, but I am willing to bet that due to the headache the committee has caused, the return of the system would be a welcomed site. Was the BCS system perfect, NO, but it was a lot better than what the committee has come up with. Yes, the BCS and individuals working with it, favored certain conferences over others, but it was easier to deal with than what the committee vomits each week. I know a lot of you are asking yourself, “Why in the world is he complaining, Alabama is #1.” I’m not complaining, but do you actually think it’s fair for an undefeated FSU team be placed at the #3 spot over a one loss Alabama and Oregon? Does that make any logical sense? You would think that because FSU is undefeated, no matter how they won their games, they would hold that Top spot with no questions asked, but it’s far from that way. The committee seems to forget that a win is a win is a win. Whether it be by 1 point or 30.

There wasn’t a real concrete ranking until October 15. Yes, the committee said that they were not using or taking into account the AP Top 25, Coaches Poll, etc., but that’s not true. Their first honest ranking didn’t happen until October. Here is what they have based their rankings on: Game control, Body of work, Top 25 wins and what their opponent was ranked when they played said opponent. You’re looking at that and saying how it is not fair? The criteria they are basing each team upon is fine. Each of the topics were for a specific week; not all the criteria was used at the same time. Example: This week they were taking into account what a team was ranked when they played their opponent. So if you played Ohio State at the beginning of the season and they were ranked #4 and now they are ranked #6 that takes away from your argument to stay in one of the Top 4 spots. Should that matter, NO, because when you played them, they were ranked in the Top 4, that win should hold the same weight when you beat them all the way until the completion of the season.

The current system needs to be revamped. I know that a lot of fans are giving the committee the benefit of the doubt, because this is the first year. They have a lot of bugs and deficiencies to work out before the end of this season and the start of next season. I have a friend that came up with an awesome idea to fix this broken system. I agree with this outline. Here it is:
This system will consist of the Top 8 Conferences in College Football. The FBS Power 5 Conferences would have automatic bids. The remaining 3 slots to finish out the 8 would be selected from the remaining FBS conferences based on their Conference Power Index which will be based on the schedules of the teams in those respective conferences as well as records of the respective Conference Champions. The three teams that meet this criteria would make up spots 6, 7 and 8.
• In order for this to work out, each conference would have to be adjusted to have 12 teams. (Add or take away as needed)
• Teams would have to play 10 Conference Games (this would eliminate a lot of the out of conference play; mainly for the teams that like to play tune-up games instead of playing within their respective conference).
• Game 11 would be the Conference Championship Game.
• Game 12 would be a lottery draw of conference champions to play each other. This would be considered Bracket 1. This Bracket would consist of 8 Conference Champions.
• Game 12 (Bracket 2) would be the winners from Bracket 1, which will consist of the 4 winners from Bracket 1.
• The winners of Bracket 2, the two winners, would then play for the National Championship.

CFB Revamped

Of course, it wouldn’t suit everyone, but this is a whole lot better than what is currently going on with the committee of “intelligent” individuals. I hope for the sake of all college football fans that the committee works out the bugs before the end of the season. Next year, we shouldn’t have many headaches such as this year. If you feel that you can come up with a better option, I challenge you to do so. We all have complaints and will complain, but won’t provide a possible solution. Instead they would rather complain with the rest of the crowd.


To The President of the NCAA

For those that don’t already know, I am a die hard Alabama Crimson Tide fanatic. Last weekend played and lost to a good Ole Miss team. Why the title of this post is titled to the President of the NCAA is because of an incident that happened to one of our players.

Junior Running Back Kenyan Drake was injured during the second quarter. I understand that football is a dangerous game and players gamble with the chance of injury every time they step on the field, but there has been rules and guidelines set aside for what hits are legal and what are not. If you review the hit on Kenyan, he was hit low below the knee, which is illegal, also known as a chock block. This caused him to him to break his ankle. After the illegal hit, he was then kicked in the helmet by another opposing player.

In my opinion BOTH of these players should be suspended for the remainder of the 2014-2015 season. Why? Because, they Kenyan can’t play the rest of the season. The only player that was punished was the player was the player that kicked him in the helmet and his punishment was for him to sit out for the first half of his following game. What type of punishment is this? All this is a smack on the hand and saying please don’t do it again.

These 2 players could have really done some extensive damage, but I’ve drifted off the subject at hand. Here is the email that I prepared to send to the President of the NCAA, but I failed to find an email for Mr. Mark Emmert or an associate of the NCAA:

TO: NCAA President Mark Emmert

FROM: Jared J. Gober (Concerned Fan)

SUBJECT: Suspension of Trae Elston

During the contest the Ole Miss Rebels versus The Alabama Crimson Tide there was an incident that was unacceptable by all standards at any level of play. After Alabama Running Back Kenyan Drake was injured and lying on the field in excruciating pain, Ole Miss Defensive Back Trae Elston kicked Kenyan in the helmet while he was down.

Was that really necessary? I’m not writing this letter because I’m an Alabama fan and we lost the game, but that type of behavior is childish and should not be allowed at this level of play. If I were watching a Division II or Division III game I would feel the same. This behavior is totally unacceptable.

I pretty much have an idea of what you’re going to tell me,”if the referee didn’t see it or call it, it didn’t happen.” Well Mr. Emmert we have now transitioned into the 21st Century and are now equipped with the greatest technology known to man.

With that being said plays can be replayed, slowed down and zoomed frame by frame; zoomed so far you have the ability to see the individuals pupils. Not using this technology to it’s fullest extent, we are discrediting these student-athletes. The majority of these student-athletes have dreams of playing at the next level, but if you as the president of the NCAA don’t do your job to protect them, that dream will quickly fade away.

I understand injuries are going to happen, that inevitable, but unsportsmanlike actions are uncalled for and need to be handled with a firm hand. I honestly think they should be handled by the NCAA and NOT the University. I believe this because the University is only going to give the student-athlete a slap on the hand instead of a punishment that is meant to show the student-athlete and the rest of the student-athletes that these actions will not be tolerated.

If a petition needs to be started to bring light to this issue them I’m prepared to do so. Your job is to protect to students and student-athletes. I would like to have Trae Elston suspended for his actions during the Ole Miss/Alabama game. The reason: unsportsmanlike conduct to a defenseless player.

In the mission statement below comes directly from your web page, but according to a lot of the behavior going on in college football today it’s just to “check the clock.” I challenge you to re-read and do your job and protect the kids because you were put in that position to do so.

“We are committed to enforcing the rules and creating fair competition for student-athletes across the country. It’s the responsibility of our universities, athletic programs, coaches, alumni, student-athletes, and ourselves to be fully accountable at every level as we promote student success both on and off the field.

No one is above the rules. The consequences for breaking them need to be clearly defined and consistently enforced. Our members in Division I revised their enforcement structure in August 2013 to focus on tough but fair penalties.

Our goal is to further strengthen our culture of personal responsibility and individual accountability. Unfortunately, some people will try to break the rules—but in order to ensure a fair system, the rules and the consequences have to apply to everyone. No exceptions.”









Everybody knows what today is, GAMEDAY baby!! Today, The Mighty Alabama Crimson Tide play Colorado State. Game Time is at 1900 (7:00 for you civilians). The only thing I’m worried about is that Colorado State’s Head Coach was Alabama’s Offensive Coordinator from 2008 – 2012. During his tenure at Alabama he coached the Offense to 3 National Championship, 2009, 2011 & 2012. Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about how good the Alabama Crimson Tide is. Today’s subject will be about College Sports. The question I will ask is, should College Athletes be paid? I’m going to give you my opinion. Keep in mind that this is MY opinion, so don’t take it personal or try to get into a back and forth argument, because I will not entertain it. This is MY opinion and MY opinion alone. Okay lets get to it!!

I personally think that college athletes should be paid. Why? Because the Universities make millions off these athletes. Not only off the athletes, the corporations that sponsor the NCAA make millions upon millions because of these athletes. So why not give them a piece of the pie? I feel that it’s unfair to the athletes, because they do the same thing that professional athletes do, they have personal trainers and have to make sure they maintain themselves during the season and the off season. On top of that, they have to maintain good grades in order to even play. I am not saying that they should get huge contracts and signing bonuses like the professional athletes, but they should be able to get a portion of the millions that the University is bringing in. I’m not saying that they should sign contracts like the pro’s do, but give them a percentage of the profit. I also think that if a player is approached by a legitimate broker or company of course approved by the NCAA and they want to pay a certain player for their autograph, it should be the athletes decision. As much as I hate the Texas Aggies Quarterback, good ol’ Johnny Manziel, the NCAA should not have penalized him for that. The NCAA could not prove that he accepted any money, but since he did sign a whole lot of memorabilia, he had to sit out for 2 quarters. Yes, that punishment is lenient, but I don’t feel that he should have been punished at all.

I understand that a lot of athletes are given a full ride scholarship and they don’t have to worry about paying for classes, books or housing. I got it, but these players sacrifice a lot for the University they attend, so why shouldn’t they receive some benefits for their sacrifice. It sucks that if a player does accept “extra” benefits from a booster or whoever and that player is found guilty by an NCAA investigation he would then be ineligible for the time he accepted those benefits. Now the University is going to be penalized because they played an ineligible player. Because University let an ineligible player participate in a contest, the University will have to vacate all the wins that the ineligible player played in. The NCAA is also going to investigate to see if the coaching staff and administration knew if this player was receiving benefits and didn’t do anything about it, more sanctions will be added to the sanctions already put in place for the player accepting “extra” benefits. Say for instance if that player accepted extra benefits during his 5 years of eligibility and that team won 3 Championships, all those wins and Championships will be vacated, meaning all of it would be erased as if it never happened. Let’s say that same player won the Heisman Trophy during his 3rd year of eligibility, he would also have to give that up.

Its crazy how much the Universities make off these players. Not only are the Universities making money, but the Sponsors and TV Networks are getting in on it also. Millions upon millions are made off these athletes ability, but that don’t get a penny. In my opinion, I think it’s unfair. The NCAA calls these athletes amateurs and they should not be paid or any extra benefits given to them. Let’s say you have a wide receiver that is being projected to be drafted in the 1st Round, 3rd pick of the NFL Draft, but he doesn’t think he is ready and want’s to use his last year of eligibility. Your star wide receiver gets hurt in the middle of the season and the injury is something that could possibly cause him problems for the rest of his life. The University is going to attempt to get that player back to 100%, but the injury could possibly come up again. Now this star wide receiver that was projected to go in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft the previous year is going to have NFL Scouts thinking if they want to gamble with a wide receiver that could have this injury come up again. It’s time for he NFL Draft and that same wide receiver doesn’t get drafted, invited to any camp or team tryout. What is this athlete supposed to do? Yes, he does have a degree, but he doesn’t have any money saved to help him get started.

I feel that a certain percentage of the money that the University makes off of these athletes should be given to them. The NCAA could hire a financial advisor for each team so in the case that the athlete doesn’t get drafted or invited to any tryouts he has some money set aside to help the athlete get on his feet and on the job hunt. If a player gets drafted, he would no longer receive any benefits from the University because he has been drafted. If a player is drafted, but is cut from a teams roster, then the University would allow the individual to use a portion of the money provided by the University to help the athlete get on their feet.

Now I know you are saying that all Universities don’t make the same revenue. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. The NCAA could set a certain percentage for each School or University. Now you’re asking yourself, what about the different Divisions, they don’t make the same revenue. Again, depending on your what Division the athlete participates in and what University they attend, that would be up to the NCAA. Of course, the NCAA would have to get with all of the presidents of the different Universities and they would have to agree to what that percentage would be.

I hope that by this point that you aren’t bored from me talking about football, but if you made it to this point, thank you for reading. I know I talked about a lot of stuff, but that’s the way I feel on college athletes being paid. It doesn’t matter what the sport is, the athlete should be given a certain percentage of what the University brings in whether you’re on scholarship or not. As I said before, this my opinion, a REGULAR. I would like some feedback from you guys. Do you think that College Athletes should be paid? You can reply here or on my Facebook. I would like to hear how you feel about this issue. I’m looking forward to your opinion.