Who’s Ready for Some damn College Football?

posterAfter all the chaos of the National Signing Day put behind us, who is ready for some good ol’ College Football? I know I am.

The last two games of the season for my Alabama Crimson Tide really left a sour taste in my mouth. To top it off, the Alabama Coaching staff hired Lane Kiffin. I know many of the Tide faithful are looking as if we are going to have another subpar season. Last year, our record was 11-2. As an Alabama Crimson Tide Fanatic, that is unacceptable. Why, you ask? It’s not because we lost those two games, it’s how we lost those games. As fans, we hold the players to a standard that is sometimes unreachable. We expect them to win a National Title every year. Could we have done it last year? In my opinion, yes, but I don’t get paid to make those decisions so I am only looking at this from one point of view and that’s as a fan.

I would love to see the Crimson Tide win every game, but holding those players and the Coaching Staff to that standard is crazy. You can’t win all the time, not even having a team full of 5 Star athletes. I would love to sit here and say that we are going to dominate next season, but if you look at all the factors, those questions can’t be answered yet. Our “Game Manager” as some called him, A.J. McCarron is going off to the NFL, so we are going to have a hard time trying to nail down who will hold that elite title as the Alabama Crimson Tide starting Quarterback. We have a stable of capable Running Backs and Wide Receivers, but what about the Defense? Can Kirby Smart take the talent that we had last year and project those guys to a number 1 type Defense? I don’t know. Many people say that it takes a great Defense to win games and I believe that to be somewhat true, but you can’t win without having a strong Quarterback.

As much as I would love the Tide to capitalize at the Quarterback position and possibly use the same Offensive scheme that gave our Defense a fit last year. We have that ability with Redshirt Junior Quarterback Blake Sims, but do you actually think that Coach Nick Saban will use him in that way. Not quite. I see him taking some snaps to relieve the starter, but him becoming the starting Quarterback for a “Pro-Style” Offense, is not going to happen. I think that as the season progresses, he could possibly learn how to manage the game as A.J. did, but it’s too early to tell right now. He has a strong arm and sometimes reminds me of a Michael Vick type Quarterback. He can be elusive, but I don’t see him calling the right audible at the right time, just because he hasn’t had the opportunity to do so. A.J. came under the wing of New York Jets Quarterback Greg McElroy. While taking over the duties from Greg, he knew the Offense in and out. Blake didn’t get the same opportunity.

Many of you already know that I can talk about Alabama Football all day, but I will spare you and just say that we have a lot of hurdles to jump during the Spring and Summer workouts. Another monkey wrench thrown in is 44-14784-Fthe playoff system that will be incorporated this season. There are going to be a lot of factors that would have to be put in place for the Alabama Crimson Tide to be put back in the National Title picture. This is going to be an interesting off season, but I’m ready to see it all unfold.




Mid Ka Mid Ah Boqol Oo Siddeed Iyo Toban

As most of you already know, I am coaching a Recreation Basketball team. Before the season started I asked for some advice. Some good friends of mine gave some great advice. The crazy thing is what I “attempted” to teach them was what I thought was pretty easy. A 2-3 Zone for Offense and a 1-2-2 Zone for Defense. Well, it never  worked. Why? I have NO CLUE. Right now, our record is 0-3. As I mentioned in a previous post is that the parents thought the job was easy. They let the girls show up when they wanted to and  wouldn’t let me or the other coach know anything. After our second game, a couple of the parents were running their mouths saying that we were not teaching the girls the basics of the game. First of all, how in the hell am I to teach them the basics if they are not there? Secondly, If I teach them one thing and you don’t like it, you change it then try to blame it on me? GTFOH! So at the next practice, I let the parents and whoever else wanted to coach do their thing. Do you know the score of our last game? 30-0. All of a sudden they wanted me to coach and said what I’m teaching the girls was working. The girls were still confused about who plays where and what they are supposed to do. I talked it over with the other coach and tried to come up with why it wasn’t working.

Since an easy Offense and Defense was not working, I looked online and read some articles. I came across and article talking about a very basic Triangle Offense and using an 2-3 or 3-2 (Extended) Zone Defense. They made it seem so easy. I went to YouTube and watched a couple of videos, if you don’t know what I’m talking about (It’s the same Offense that the 91-94, 95-98 Bulls and L.A. Lakers Won their Championships). I broke it down so that I could somehow implement the Triangle into my Offense and the 2-3/3-2 Extended into my Defense. Why did they understand this better than what I previously tried to teach them? This new Offense and Defense is a LOT harder, but it’s easier for the girls to comprehend. It amazes me that every time I call it, it happens flawlessly. I then thought if they can learn a basic Triangle Offense then lets try a 4 in 1 Offense. I explained it to them, showed them a diagram, walked them through it and that was history. We now have 2 Offenses and 2 Defenses we can use. We haven’t had a chance to try them on another team, but I feel VERY confident that we are going to do some damage. Another advantage we’ve had is we already know how the teams we face play. For example, our sister team, always sends a double team to my point guard as soon as she crosses half court, which is an advantage for us, because its 4 on 3 down low.

Never really playing any organized basketball, I’ve learned a hell of a lot. I’m thinking about Coaching Basketball next season. I don’t know. I’m waiting for Soccer to roll around, because I have something to prove. My first and Second Seasons I was embarrassed because I didn’t understand the game, but since I was the assistant coach for the All-Star team last season, I learned SOOOOOO much. My team is going to be “that” team you don’t want to play. I’ve also done a lot of research on my own and tried to sharpen my skills so that I am not only able to explain, but show them how it should be done. Yeah, I have a messed up foot, but I WILL NOT let that be an excuse this year. Hopefully after I get my new big toe joint and hardware I can run. Who knows?!! I’m excited. If all works out and I become not just a good coach, but a Great Coach, maybe I’ll try to make a living out of it. We were supposed to have a game tonight, but it was cancelled. Our next game is on Thursday so we will see how successful of a coach I really am. I will keep you guys updated.

One Twelve

It’s been almost a week since my last post. Why? I have been really frustrated lately. The reason why is because I am putting my all into this basketball team, but parents think they can get the players to practice when they want to and when the outcome of a game is a loss, you want to get mad at me? No, it’s not my fault. You, the parent, set your child up for the loss, because, you the parent, don’t think that practice is important. You, the parent, automatically thinks that because I am the coach, I am supposed to be able to give them awesome basketball skills. It takes practice. Whether you want to believe it or not, Practice is the key.

Tonight, we lost our 3rd straight game. The score at the end of the game was 30-0. A blowout! I didn’t want to take Recreation Basketball that serious, but it looks like I am going to have to. Parents are looking at me, like it’s my fault. I can say that after our 2nd loss, there was a certain parent and sister of a teammate that thought they had all the answers, so during that practice, I or the other Coach didn’t do a thing. I let the parent and the sister get out there and embarrass themselves. Everyone that is on the outside looking in, thinks that this is so easy. Yes, it’s teaching the basics and fundamentals, but if you can’t get the same individuals to come out for practice, how in the world are you supposed to make sure that they understand the very basics of the game? How am I, their Coach, supposed to ensure that they are able to be fundamentally sound, if you, the Parent, don’t make them come to practice?

Now, I am going to look out for the kids. I don’t want them to lose anymore, so I am going to take control while this is still the beginning of the season. The Parents may not like it, but they  will see the result, if they don’t like it then, they can pull their child off the team and go play elsewhere. This may sound like I am complaining, if it sounds that way, then yes I am. I am tired of being the one that takes the blame for it all when I don’t have the support of the parents. If I did have the full support of all the parents and not just a select few, then, I’m sure the outcome would be a whole lot different. If the way I plan on running Offense and Defense doesn’t work out, then I will let the kids play the way they want. All I want is for them to have fun, but I will not let them be embarrassed by every team we face. I don’t want my girls to experience that and I will not let that happen. I care about these kids and I am going to show them instead of just telling them that I care. Its time to show and prove.

Every time I coach a sport, at the end of that season, I always say that I won’t coach again. I like Coaching; the part I don’t like is when the parents think they know better than you do. If that was the case, why didn’t you volunteer to coach? If you have so much knowledge and you can teach your players to be the Michael Jordan of that sport, why didn’t you volunteer? It’s all good. I WILL get this together, whether the parents like it or not. I will not let my team continue to be a punching bag of our league. It’s time to show everyone that we can play basketball. Yes, we don’t have many players that have ever played the game, but we won’t let that be an excuse. We will start to win and cause these teams to come up with a scheme to beat us. Its time for the TIDE to show that we may not have the experience, but we ARE better than you are.



Cent Neuf

As promised, I said that I give everyone an update on our 1st Basketball game.

  • The Mustangs vs. The Tide (of course, you already know whose team this is!)
  • Gametime: 1200
  • I was supposed to have a total of 10 players. 1 decided she no longer wanted to play; 1 went out of town, but I didn’t get this information until the day of the game. So I had a total of 9 players ready to play.
  • Offensive Scheme: 1-2-2/ Defensive Scheme: 1-2-2 or 2-3
  • Score: The Tide: 2 vs. The Mustangs: 8

Myself and the other Coach put out to all of our players they need to arrive at the gym in uniform ready to take pictures promptly at 1130. Good thing that we didn’t have to jump right into pictures, because it took me about 15 minutes to gather my team. Once I got them together we finally started taking pictures. After pictures we gave them a chance to stretch and I then announced the starting lineup. We were the Home team for this game so we took our seats. We told the girls to continue to drink water until they took the U8 goals down, so we could warm up. They finally got our goal cleared and we had about 2 minutes to do some layups. The referees call the coaches to the scorers table and says,”The main thing is for the girls to have fun. If I see they can dribble and they walk, I will call traveling, but this is a learning process, so I will kind of coaching as I referee.” All of the Coaches were on board.

The game started and I guess everything that the referee had just put out went out the window. I have a team that has 2 players that have ever played ANY type of Basketball. I felt like every time one of my players touched the ball, the referee was calling something, a foul, double-dribbling or traveling. If the opposing team shot the ball and one of my taller players pull the rebound down, like 4 of their players would swarm her and as soon as she starts to bounce the ball to get away from traffic, one of the other players would trip her up, then immediately the referee would call traveling. I was pretty upset. I even went and talked to the Recreation Director to ask where the hell do these referees come from and is it going to be like this for the rest of the season. He said he doesn’t know, all he knows is the association that they work for are in charge of the referee duties in our district.

I had 1 player foul out and 1 with 4 fouls. It seemed like no one was keeping track of their fouls, but it’s whatever. Next game, I am most definitely going to keep track of my own player and team fouls. It was ridiculous. There were only 10 points scored the whole game. We had 2 and you can calculate how much the other team had.

Now, let me explain to you why, it went this way. First of all, whenever we practice, we only use half court, which is good, but how in the world are the girls going to get the concept of transitioning from Offense to Defense and vice-versa playing only on half court? Another thing that the parents realized, is that practice is important. Some of the girls wouldn’t show up so whatever we go over at practice is a foreign language to some of them. Before I gave my last pep talk to my team, the parents were asking me questions on why certain things went certain ways and telling me what the girls needed to improve on, which I agree, but how can that happen if your child does not show up.

Today, was a wake up for the parents. If they want their children to get better or even learn the fundamentals of the sport they have to practice. There is no way in the world that you can get better without practice. Another thing, how are we going to get better practicing 1 maybe 2 days a week for an hour, with only 2 basketballs that are under-inflated on a court that has NOOOOO traction? It’s been a bumpy ride so far, but hopefully myself and the other Coach will get this train on the right track.

One thing that I will not let happen is for the parents to yell at the players, because they are not doing something right. I guess another thing that they don’t  realize is that this is Recreation Basketball. Our goal is to teach them the fundamentals and for them to have fun. I really hope it doesn’t to that point, but if it does, then I will have the Recreation Director escort that parent out of the gym. I will not yell or treat these girls like crap, just because that’s what the parents want. That’s not how you teach children that don’t really have the concept in the first place. I don’t raise my voice or call my children names and no parent will do their child like that while they belong to me for that hour or whatever. I know how to teach, we just don’t have the facilities to do it. We have some outdoor courts, but the parents don’t want to use it, because of the weather.

If they plan on bombarding me with stuff that we need to improve on, then we will move a couple of practices outside, then maybe we are able to reinforce the fundamentals we teach. That’s if I have some punk-ass parents coming at me sideways. I hope it doesn’t come to that point. I want the girls to have fun. That’s my mission, but if things start to get out of hand and the parents are out of control then I will pull my girls from the team and will not coach. It’s all about fun. Once it stops being fun for the kids, then they will not want to play anymore.

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