Today was only right for me to Blog about my displeasure with College Football yesterday. I know you readers that don’t care for sports or College Football will not enjoy this Blog, but please bare with me. I am not a Sports Analyst and in this post I am not trying to be one. I am giving you a REGULARS point of view, who happens to love College Football. Let’s get this show on the road, here we go:

I will start off with my favorite team The Alabama Crimson Tide, The 2009, 2011 & 2012 BCS National Championship Winner and the current Number 1 team in the AP and Coaches Poll:

1.Yes, No.1 Alabama did beat an unranked Colorado State, 31-6, but it was an inconsistent and UGLY win. Out of 10 3rd Down Conversions we only managed to convert 2 and not only that, we only had 16 First Downs. I can truthfully say being a lifelong Alabama fan, that I haven’t seen them play this way since 2007, Coach Nick Saban’s first year as The Crimson Tide Head Coach, which was a 7 wins, 6 loss team. Here is a breakdown of other areas of our game:

  • PASSING: Senior Quarterback A.J. McCarron did throw for 20-26 for a total of 258 passing yards, with 1 touchdown to Junior Wide Receiver DeAndrew White and 1 interception. Not his best game, but decent stats for having an Offensive Line not playing every down consistently. Junior Blake Sims did get his number called in the last minutes of the 4th Quarter and produced; he went 1 for 1 with a 14 yard touchdown to Junior Chris Black.
  • RUSHING: Sophomore Running Back T.J. Yeldon only had 49 rushing yards, but he only had 7 attempts with his longest run being a 38 yard trot; those are mediocre stats for a running back of his caliber; overall as a team we rushed for a total of 66 dismal rushing yards. This was the fewest rushing yards by The Alabama Crimson Tide since The South Carolina Gamecocks held them to 36 on October 9, 2010. Sophomore Running Back T.J. Yeldon didn’t get the start at running back and had to sit out the First Quarter, due to him receiving an unsportsman-like penalty last week against Texas A&M “the money sign, with a double throat slash”, which cost The Crimson Tide a 15 yard loss on the following kickoff to A&M. He did give an apology for that unusual display for a team coached by Nick Saban. That’s one of the many new rules implemented by the NCAA. According to the experts we’re supposed to have one of the best set of running backs in the country, but as you saw yesterday, it sure didn’t seem like it. Junior Running Back Jalston Fowler got the start, but couldn’t get us rolling with only 5 carries for 10 yards. True Freshman Running Back Altee Tenpenny had 2 carries for 7 yards. True Freshman Derrick Henry had 1 carry for 4 yards and Sophomore Running Back Kenyan Drake had 3 carries for 3 yards, but he was the only running back with a reception, 22 yard catch, and a touchdown. Alabama Total Rushing attempts 21 for a total of 66 yards with a 3.3 yard average per carry. This is NOT Alabama Football
  • RECEIVING: Junior Wide Receiver Christion Jones emerged yet again this game with 9 receptions for a total of 90 yards. Junior Wide Receiver DeAndrew White had 2 receptions for a total of 65 yards and a Touchdown. Senior Wide Receiver Kenny Bell had 2 receptions for a total of 21 yards. Junior Wide Receiver Chris Black had 1 reception for 14 yards and a touchdown. True Freshman Tight End O.J. Howard performed well for his 2nd Start ending the day 3 receptions for 38 yards; he and Junior Wide Receiver Christion Jones were clutch at the right times when their numbers were called. Junior Wide Receiver Kevin Norwood and Sophomore Wide Receiver Amari Cooper didn’t play due to injuries, but Cooper’s status on the roster was available, but Coach Saban did not want him to irritate his injury, but Coach Saban stated that if he needed him to go in, he would use him.
  • DEFENSE: Senior Guard Anthony Steen, Senior Defensive Back Deion Belue, and Junior Safety Jarrick Williams did not play due to injuries. With 2 key and experienced players of the secondary and a key Offensive Lineman out, it forced young players to step up. It definitely didn’t help our case to the rest of College Football about our Secondary being unproductive and effective. At the beginning of the season it was in question, but yesterday, they didn’t perform anywhere near the Coach Saban standard of Football. Senior Linebacker C.J. Mosley had 9 tackles, True Freshman Trey Depriest had 6 tackles and a strip causing the Colorado State Quarterback to fumble the ball, giving it back to our Offense with decent field position. Though our Defensive Line didn’t have consistent play, they only allowed Colorado State to rush for 51yards, which is a plus.
  • SPECIAL TEAMS: Senior Kicker Cade Foster went 1 for 2, missing a 43 yard field goal and making a 46 yarder, he went 3 for 3 on extra point tries. Freshman Kicker Adam Griffith had a chance to get some playing time and went 1 for 1 on extra point tries. Senior Punter Cody Mandel had 5 punts for a total of 225 yards with a 45 yard average. Junior Wide Receiver Christion Jones had 2 kick returns for a total of 46 yards and 4 Punt Returns for a total of 26 yards. Junior Wide Receiver DeAndrew White had 1 kickoff return for a total of 19 yards. Sophomore Running Back Kenyan Drake blocked a punt and Sophomore Linebacker Dillon Lee scooped it up for a 15 yard Touchdown.
  • OFFENSIVE LINE: Our Offensive Line couldn’t give a consistent effort and protect the quarterback allowing the Colorado Defense to sack Senior Quarterback A.J. McCarron numerous times. Against Virginia Tech their play was awful, but did pretty well against Texas A&M, but was sputtering against the Colorado State Defense.
  • OVERALL: Alabama had a total of 48 plays, 338 total yards (272 passing yards and 66 rushing yards) and Time of Possession: 28 minutes and 50 seconds.
    Yesterday was not the way Alabama is known to play football. Especially if you compare it to their play against Texas A&M. I am confident that Coach Nick Saban, Coach Kirby Smart and Coach Doug Nussmeier will get it together. Yes, it’s still early in the season, but at this point Alabama is usually fine tuning each position instead of trying to figure out the right person to play certain skill positions. We need work on all three facets of football Offense, Defense and Special Teams (small things like consistently doing YOUR job to the best of your ability and making sure you continue to remember the fundamentals, because being consistent, remembering and continuously implementing your fundamentals of your position, everything else will fall into place.) if we think that we are going to have a chance to even be a contender for the BCS National Championship. If I had to give an answer to this question now: Will the Alabama Crimson Tide make it to the BCS National Championship and win, I would have to truthfully say No. We are far from Championship form right now, but DON’T THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT I AM GIVING UP OR LOSING FAITH IN MY CRIMSON TIDE, HELL NO!!!
    We have some of the best coaches in the country and they will get this group together!
  • All Alabama Crimson Tide Haters, Alabama will get it together and continue to Reign as the King of College Football.

2. LSU, of course, beat Auburn 35-21. Sophomore Jeremy Hill rushed for 184 yards with 3 Touchdowns against the Auburn Tigers Defense. I guess the Auburn fanbase thought since Coach Gus Malzahn had come back and they were 3-0, that they would go into one of the toughest places in College Football to play, and beat LSU at home. I knew that dream would be flushed, because it’s LSU and the game was played at night. I think this is a pretty accurate statement, LSU only has 1 Loss in Death Valley games at night out of 22. 22-1 is a PRETTY good record. The one loss was given to them by Alabama, last year in one of the best comebacks, in my opinion, in Alabama Football history. Zach Mettenberger has become and is still developing into the Quarterback that Coach Les Miles wants him to be. He is starting to be clutch when he needs to be. They are clicking on Offense and their Defense is doing some damage to weak Offenses. If we don’t get a handle on our Offense, Defense, especially D-Line, more help with Linebackers and solidify a strong Secondary and just be consistent on Special Teams it will be a LONG night on November 9, 2013.

3. Ohio State University, Miami, Washington, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville did score 59+ points against their opponents on Saturday. But in reality, which of these teams listed, played against a quality opponent. Of course, you know, if you follow College Football, that everybody schedules a “fluff” game. If you don’t understand what I am talking about, it means that a Division 1 team pays a Division 2 or 3 team $900,000 – $1,000,000 to show up and the majority of the time, they are crushed. In my opinion, I think these teams allow it to happen because they use the much needed money for their sports program and school, which is a good way to make some quick ends.

Keep in mind, that this is MY opinion, so if you don’t agree with it, I don’t care. Overall, I think this week in College Football was full of a lot of “fluff” games. Now that we are getting into the 5th week of the College Season, the cream of the crop will start to rise and the best teams will come to the top and stay there. Do I believe that Alabama will continue to stay the Number 1 team throughout the season? Yes, I do. We just have some work to do. Like Coach Nick Saban preaches, it’s all about doing your job, making sure you are continually and consistently doing the small things and everything will fall into place. Remember that this is the opinion of a REGULAR, I’m not analyst or don’t claim to be a College Football dictionary, I am just giving you, the reader, my point of view.