To The President of the NCAA

For those that don’t already know, I am a die hard Alabama Crimson Tide fanatic. Last weekend played and lost to a good Ole Miss team. Why the title of this post is titled to the President of the NCAA is because of an incident that happened to one of our players.

Junior Running Back Kenyan Drake was injured during the second quarter. I understand that football is a dangerous game and players gamble with the chance of injury every time they step on the field, but there has been rules and guidelines set aside for what hits are legal and what are not. If you review the hit on Kenyan, he was hit low below the knee, which is illegal, also known as a chock block. This caused him to him to break his ankle. After the illegal hit, he was then kicked in the helmet by another opposing player.

In my opinion BOTH of these players should be suspended for the remainder of the 2014-2015 season. Why? Because, they Kenyan can’t play the rest of the season. The only player that was punished was the player was the player that kicked him in the helmet and his punishment was for him to sit out for the first half of his following game. What type of punishment is this? All this is a smack on the hand and saying please don’t do it again.

These 2 players could have really done some extensive damage, but I’ve drifted off the subject at hand. Here is the email that I prepared to send to the President of the NCAA, but I failed to find an email for Mr. Mark Emmert or an associate of the NCAA:

TO: NCAA President Mark Emmert

FROM: Jared J. Gober (Concerned Fan)

SUBJECT: Suspension of Trae Elston

During the contest the Ole Miss Rebels versus The Alabama Crimson Tide there was an incident that was unacceptable by all standards at any level of play. After Alabama Running Back Kenyan Drake was injured and lying on the field in excruciating pain, Ole Miss Defensive Back Trae Elston kicked Kenyan in the helmet while he was down.

Was that really necessary? I’m not writing this letter because I’m an Alabama fan and we lost the game, but that type of behavior is childish and should not be allowed at this level of play. If I were watching a Division II or Division III game I would feel the same. This behavior is totally unacceptable.

I pretty much have an idea of what you’re going to tell me,”if the referee didn’t see it or call it, it didn’t happen.” Well Mr. Emmert we have now transitioned into the 21st Century and are now equipped with the greatest technology known to man.

With that being said plays can be replayed, slowed down and zoomed frame by frame; zoomed so far you have the ability to see the individuals pupils. Not using this technology to it’s fullest extent, we are discrediting these student-athletes. The majority of these student-athletes have dreams of playing at the next level, but if you as the president of the NCAA don’t do your job to protect them, that dream will quickly fade away.

I understand injuries are going to happen, that inevitable, but unsportsmanlike actions are uncalled for and need to be handled with a firm hand. I honestly think they should be handled by the NCAA and NOT the University. I believe this because the University is only going to give the student-athlete a slap on the hand instead of a punishment that is meant to show the student-athlete and the rest of the student-athletes that these actions will not be tolerated.

If a petition needs to be started to bring light to this issue them I’m prepared to do so. Your job is to protect to students and student-athletes. I would like to have Trae Elston suspended for his actions during the Ole Miss/Alabama game. The reason: unsportsmanlike conduct to a defenseless player.

In the mission statement below comes directly from your web page, but according to a lot of the behavior going on in college football today it’s just to “check the clock.” I challenge you to re-read and do your job and protect the kids because you were put in that position to do so.

“We are committed to enforcing the rules and creating fair competition for student-athletes across the country. It’s the responsibility of our universities, athletic programs, coaches, alumni, student-athletes, and ourselves to be fully accountable at every level as we promote student success both on and off the field.

No one is above the rules. The consequences for breaking them need to be clearly defined and consistently enforced. Our members in Division I revised their enforcement structure in August 2013 to focus on tough but fair penalties.

Our goal is to further strengthen our culture of personal responsibility and individual accountability. Unfortunately, some people will try to break the rules—but in order to ensure a fair system, the rules and the consequences have to apply to everyone. No exceptions.”









Should College Athletes Be Paid? (Revisited)

Today’s subject isn’t new territory for me, but some of my views have changed slightly. The reason they’ve changed is because I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and I’ve done a little more research than I did in my previous post. This issue is, “Should college athletes be paid?” I still stand firm on my point of view that they should be paid. Here’s where some of my points have changed.

1. With these student athletes being paid, if that is ever incorporated, they should sign a promissory note saying they will give the University of their choice a minimum of 4 years. I don’t want to call it a contract, because they are considered amateurs. Why a minimum of at least 4 years because said University is spending thousands, some times millions on recruiting that individual.

2. Once the individual commits to the University of their choice they would be given 2 options: Option A is a 4 year Athletic/Academic scholarship. Included in the scholarship the student athlete would receive a small stipend for everyday expenses. That stipend would be very low, because everything is being paid for by the University. Option B, the student athlete would be offered 4 years of pay for play. If they choose this option, they would pay for their education. Now with that being said, they would receive enough so that they could pay for tuition, books, room and board, food, rent, etc.

3. How much would the amount for pay for play be? That’s a great question that is hard to answer and would the amount change with the fluctuation of the economy? I say the amount should be agreed upon and in order for it to change, it should have to go through a review and approval process. With the pay for play, can the student athlete be paid for autographs, endorsements, etc.? No, because their focus should be focused on the University and not themselves.


Paying student athletes is a difficult subject because it would be hard to make everyone happy. I’m sure that collegiate athletes right now are getting paid. I say that because how is a player able to pay for a pimped out ride with the works? Their stipend right now isn’t paying for it! In addition to them being paid or taking the scholarship, grades would also be a factor. If you’re failing you would be put on probation and given extra help; however, their stipend would be lowered. In the case of the pay for play, it would be probation and reduction of pay. If that doesn’t motivate them then I don’t know what will.

Keep in mind as you take all this in, this is MY opinion. I would love to hear how you feel on this subject. Leave a comment in the section designated below. Enjoy.





A number of you will not care for this post, but who cares! I love College Football!!! 48 Days until kick off for my Alabama Crimson Tide! Saying that I am excited is an understatement. I do understand that with the new Collegiate Football Playoff System there are going to be a lot of bugs and I’m sure there are many that hate the system, though they haven’t seen it in action.

I, for one, don’t really care, because I know my Crimson Tide will rise to the top and will win inaugural playoff. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I did say that we are going to win. Why am I so confident? Because we ended our season in such an awful, (that’s my word, so don’t steal it!) fashion, the players and coaching staff have something to prove.

Mark my words, the Alabama Crimson Tide will win the 2014 – 2015 Championship. I know a lot of you are saying yeah right. Let me give you my stats as far as my Tide winning Championships, I am 2 for 2. I predicted number 14 & 15. I said they wouldn’t win last year because all the players hadn’t bought into the “Process”. The Alabaman program as a whole has a totally different state of mind.

As DJ Khaled puts it, All We Do is Win:
The Alabama Coaching staff has lit a fire in the current roster and I’m sure they are going to do what we are accustomed to and that is winning!

I hope that I didn’t bore you too much, but I love me some damn Alabama Crimson Tide Football!! August 30, 2014 can’t get here fast enough!!

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Who Knew?

giphyToday, I’m in an awkward mood. Usually, if I’m feeling uneasy or frustrated about something, I can put on some music to calm my nerves, but today the choices of music bamamoneychosen by the random button are only fueling my frustrations to ANGER.

Please, don’t ask why. It’s only going to make me ANGRIER. I’m sure I could change the music to something soothing to the soul, but it’s too late, I’m past the point of no return. After a little typing, I’ve started to calm down. This Blog has become an outlet for me, a great way to say something, when trying to talk about it is difficult. Usually, when I start to write a new post, I make sure to have 2 additional tabs open, one with my Facebook page & one with a news outlet of my choosing that day (I don’t always use 1 news outlet to get news). Today, before I chose to look at the news page, I looked at my Facebook page. You know what REALLY pisses me off, is f****** lies. It’s taken me so much strength, mentally and physically to keep myself from falling victim to a certain subject, but today, that damn GREEN Light just came on. (If you’re a Paratrooper, you know what happens when the green light comes on. Death From Above.)

Okay, I know that everybody has a hustle or something they are extremely good at, but when your job is to lie to people and target a certain group of individuals wouldn’t you consider that discrimination or segregation? I want you to look at this statement. “Never would have thought that helping people get their lives back, giving people hope & spending more time with my friends and family would amount to this. Speechless. In a little over 3 years we’ve generated just under $500,000. I’m a stay at home mom who got tired of the 9-5 death cycle. I got tired of saying “see you later” when my husband deployed or went on trainings. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was a decision that has forever changed our lives.” 

010Before I go into my rant, the person who made the statement above, their spouse was only deployed ONCE, this person was in the Green Zone. I’ve never been to the Green Zone, so I don’t know how “rough” it is, but I have been 10 miles from the Syrian Border, I have been deployed to an outpost 6 miles from the Pakistan Border, I’m not trying to play the “my penis is bigger than yours game”, but I hate it when people use the word deployed and they haven’t seen real combat. Yes, you were away from your family and you could have possibly been in a couple of patrols, but people take the word Deployment out of context. This spouse was injured during a training event stateside. There are fucking Veterans that can’t get the fucking help they need because these maggots are crowding the system. (I’m Good Now.)

I know you are wondering, where in the world am I going with this. I’m tired of individuals claiming that they are changing people’s lives, when in reality all they are doing is feeding into the cycle. All they are doing is adding more individuals to keep the “living from paycheck to paycheck” cycle going. You have people with well paying jobs that quit them, so they can “change lives.” Come on now. How are you or ANY individual for that matter changing lives when all you do is show a muthaf****** video, get them to use “promise” (money that you will have in the future) money they don’t have, “encourage” them to travel to places with more promise money they don’t have, with the promise of “all of us started off this way & guarantee that it will get better”. Then you have the muthaf****** audacity to tell me that all I need to do is get 3 people to sign up. How the F*** did you change my life? You know what, you did change my life, I went from living to paycheck to paycheck to asking myself, how the f*** am I going to provide for my family?

DSC00994I will admit that I was one of those individuals, but from the jump, I questioned it, but either my question was not answered or I was fed some bullshit just to keep me from asking questions. The individuals that are supposed to be “Ambassadors” for this organization say they are making SOOOOO much money, but where’s the proof. Oh, you’re driving a car that you say,”the company” pays for, but if you ballin’ so tough, how about you go out and buy a car. You can’t. Maybe the individuals that work at the national headquarters are making thousands or millions, but you’re not. If you have the ability to “quit” your job and pursue this career full time, why do you continue to “work” so hard? Because you have to. If you’re sitting on your butt, you’re not going to make any money. This cycle happens every month. On the first of every month everybody is on the same level, it may take days or a couple of weeks for you to reach the status you obtained the previous month.

In addition to making it hard for me, you place me in a market that is already saturated with other individuals that “are trying to change lives, on drink at a time.” Come on, I would much rather you come at me real, than feed me bullshit and I have to find out the hard way. What happens if you go 3-6 months without finding 3 people, who is going to pay for that product? Yep, you got it, more f****** promise money. Damn, I can’t pay to keep my lights on, but you continue to tell me to dive in a saturated market to find that one individual that doesn’t know about this product. You’re gonna tell me with a straight face, that there is a person in a f****** saturated market, that there is someone out there that at least hasn’t heard about this product? Get the F*** outta here. I was born at night, but not last night. I might be from Alabama, but I’m far from stupid. You can take that B.S. and feed to another sucker.

Me, personally, these individuals are as bad as drug dealers. That’s a bold statement, but it’s the truth. A drug dealer’s bottom line is to do what, move product. Get more product and start the process all over again. I will say that drug dealers have morals and make more money than the individuals I am talking about. This is still a sore subject to me, because I put so much of my own money & time into this “organization” that once called me family. I’ve lost friends due to their lies. I’m to small to expose these individuals, but once they are exposed I will happily say I told you so.

Some of you are looking at this post and asking yourself what the hell is he talking about. Don’t worry, once it comes out, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Those that know me, already know what I am talking about.


This is Me

JaredIn today’s Blog Post, I will give you a deeper look of myself, the man, the myth, the legend known as Jared J. Gober. A lot of you know me, but don’t really know the real me.

If you have followed this Blog from Day 1, then you already know the basic information about me. For those that do not, I’ll keep it brief, because most of this information is located on my about page. If you would like a quick snapshot of me here’s the link: My given name is Jared J. Gober and I was born on March 8, 1980 in Tampa, Florida. Due to my father being in the military we moved around a lot. He was a Bell UH-1 Iroquois Crew Chief, unofficially called a Huey. I don’t have many memories from the early days of my childhood. Sometimes I think that it’s a good thing, because while my parents were married, my father spent a lot of time outside the home. From countless conversations with my mother and other members of my family, he used to come home drunk and beat my mother. I’ve already done a post of my feelings toward him. It is located here:

My parents filed for divorce while we were stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. At this point my father was living in the Barracks, due to the amount of times the police would had to come to our trailer we lived in which just so happened to be located off of the infamous Victory Drive. If you’re not familiar with the area, google it or if you have friends that are in the military and they have been stationed at Benning, ask them about it. After the divorce was final, my lovely father would pay child support when he felt like it, so my mother did whatever she had to do to make ends meet. That is one of the many reasons why I have a lot of resentment towards him. If he really cared about the welfare of his children then he would have done the right thing. I strive every single day to be a better man than he ever was. There is no drug, female or any other atrocity that has the ability to destroy a marriage and family, that I would choose over my wife and family. Growing up, my mother was very hard on me and my oldest sister, because she didn’t want us to show any behavior that reminded her of him.

Putting myself in her shoes, I sure I would have done the same thing. Because my mother didn’t have a full time job and my father paying child support when he felt like it, we had to move to a housing project on Baker Jared 2
Plaza Drive called EJ Knight Apartments. This housing project wasn’t that bad, but in order for my mother to be able to immediately move in, she had to settle for a 2 bedroom apartment. My brother and I shared a bed and my sister had her own twin bed. In order to play with toys, we had to store them in the storage shed located right next to our apartment. The downside to living in the EJ Knight Housing Project, it was located right across the street from the infamous Baker Village. The norm to living across from Baker Village, the Columbus PD and Ambulance were there almost every night due to a fight, shooting or someone being stabbed. The school we attended was located right up the street from the EJ Knight housing project, so walking to and from school was safe, because the Police presence was heavy. My mother didn’t mind us playing outside, but we had to be inside before the street lights came on, which was right before dusk.

It seemed every year, the crime rate would rise. My mother did have a gun (I don’t know if it was legal or not, I didn’t ask questions!), so if someone knocked at the door at night and she wasn’t expecting  anyone, the first thing the person would see was the barrel of the gun. She got tired of living like this and said that she wanted to move back home to the great state of Alabama, in the greatest city known as Enterprise. When she made the decision to move she called my Uncle, Aunt and Grandmother and they all came up, rented a U-Haul and loaded all of our belongings. My mother didn’t tell my father that we were moving, because she didn’t want him to find us. The awesome thing about moving, my mother had already found and placed a deposit for a place to move in immediately. We moved in Meadow Brook Apartment and Townhouses. This place was twice the size of the apartment we lived in while in Columbus. It was a 2 Story, 3 bedroom with a Washing Machine and Dryer hook up. While in Columbus, we always had to lug our clothes to the laundry mat located right up the street from our apartment, so having the ability to do laundry at home was awesome. Compared to the place we left, our new home seemed like a mansion. My sister currently lives in the same building, but a different Townhouse. Whenever I have the chance to visit, I’m shocked to see how small it is; however, while growing up this was our “little mansion!”

Growing up in the Great City of Enterprise, a lot different from Columbus, it was slower and not as built up as Columbus was. We did get used to the slower pace and adjusted quite quickly. My Grandmother worked at the Central Issue Facility (CIF) located on Fort Rucker, which is the Home of Army Aviation. I was fascinated with helicopters and every time I was asked what I wanted to be, I would always say a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot. One thing I can say is that the education curriculum was a lot different so we had to play catch up, because we were so behind the rest of our peers. Growing up in Enterprise, my sister and I were sheltered. It was crazy. I wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend or even talk to them on the phone. Once I got to High School, I did find a girlfriend, but I had to hide it. She was in the band and a memory I will never forget, it was after a football and as we walked to the band room, we held hands. Once I arrived to the band room, I put my tuba up and waited for my girlfriend. We then walked out of the band room together, I gave her a hug and a kiss, but guess who was in the parking lot waiting for me? My Aunt and Mother. My mother asked who she was and I said she was just a friend. Immediately, they both stated that friends don’t kiss each other.

Jared 1Whenever we got in trouble, our punishment was calling my uncle. He came over that following day, which was a Saturday, he and I walked outside, sat down on the steps in front of our Townhouse and he asked me how long her and I had been “courting” and I told him that we had been girlfriend and boyfriend for approximately 5 months. He asked me why I was hiding it so I told him that if my mother found out she would give me a whipping. Yes, I received whippings until the day I left for basic training. After our conversation, we walked inside and my Uncle called my mother into the living room, we all sat down and my Uncle and asked my mother why can I have a girlfriend? She said she was ready to be a Grandmother. In front of my mother, he asked if I was having sex and I said no, which was the truth. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19 while I was in Advanced Individual Training (AIT). After talking to my mother, she reluctantly said that she would allow me to have a girlfriend, but if I was having sex and my girlfriend became pregnant, she would kick me out of the house. She then stated that she didn’t like the fact my girlfriend lived right across the street from the band practice field. This is something that I never told my mother, but I would go to her house after school during marching season, because it was easier than going all the way home, then it would take nearly calling the President for me to get a ride back to band practice, because we didn’t have a car. You might not believe me, but I can truthfully say, the closest we came to having sex, was making out, hunching and touching each others goods.

I realize today’s post is quite lengthly, but I felt in order to let you in on another piece of my life, this was the only way. My goal with my girls is to not be as strict as my mother was on me and my wife feels the same, because during her childhood and growing into a teenager, it was very turbulent. Just because we aren’t a strict as our parents were, doesn’t mean that we allow them to do what they want. We love our girls to death and are willing to go through hell and high-water to make sure they have what they need and they are taken care of. Our first priority, as far as our children goes, is their needs. They are very well behaved and it doesn’t take us being like our parents to instill traits such as integrity, moral courage and hard work. We have our challenges, but we get through this together, as a family. Maybe if my parents would have stayed together and my father had put his family as his first priority, maybe my life would have been a lot different. Who knows?

I didn’t mean to bombard you with all this information to bore you and put you to sleep, but I wanted to give you a no bullshit look into my life. I hope that I accomplished that. If not and you have some constructive Blackhawk Jaredcriticism and I open to whatever your suggestion is. Again, THIS IS ME, THE LEADER OF THE REGULARS.




Who’s Ready for Some damn College Football?

posterAfter all the chaos of the National Signing Day put behind us, who is ready for some good ol’ College Football? I know I am.

The last two games of the season for my Alabama Crimson Tide really left a sour taste in my mouth. To top it off, the Alabama Coaching staff hired Lane Kiffin. I know many of the Tide faithful are looking as if we are going to have another subpar season. Last year, our record was 11-2. As an Alabama Crimson Tide Fanatic, that is unacceptable. Why, you ask? It’s not because we lost those two games, it’s how we lost those games. As fans, we hold the players to a standard that is sometimes unreachable. We expect them to win a National Title every year. Could we have done it last year? In my opinion, yes, but I don’t get paid to make those decisions so I am only looking at this from one point of view and that’s as a fan.

I would love to see the Crimson Tide win every game, but holding those players and the Coaching Staff to that standard is crazy. You can’t win all the time, not even having a team full of 5 Star athletes. I would love to sit here and say that we are going to dominate next season, but if you look at all the factors, those questions can’t be answered yet. Our “Game Manager” as some called him, A.J. McCarron is going off to the NFL, so we are going to have a hard time trying to nail down who will hold that elite title as the Alabama Crimson Tide starting Quarterback. We have a stable of capable Running Backs and Wide Receivers, but what about the Defense? Can Kirby Smart take the talent that we had last year and project those guys to a number 1 type Defense? I don’t know. Many people say that it takes a great Defense to win games and I believe that to be somewhat true, but you can’t win without having a strong Quarterback.

As much as I would love the Tide to capitalize at the Quarterback position and possibly use the same Offensive scheme that gave our Defense a fit last year. We have that ability with Redshirt Junior Quarterback Blake Sims, but do you actually think that Coach Nick Saban will use him in that way. Not quite. I see him taking some snaps to relieve the starter, but him becoming the starting Quarterback for a “Pro-Style” Offense, is not going to happen. I think that as the season progresses, he could possibly learn how to manage the game as A.J. did, but it’s too early to tell right now. He has a strong arm and sometimes reminds me of a Michael Vick type Quarterback. He can be elusive, but I don’t see him calling the right audible at the right time, just because he hasn’t had the opportunity to do so. A.J. came under the wing of New York Jets Quarterback Greg McElroy. While taking over the duties from Greg, he knew the Offense in and out. Blake didn’t get the same opportunity.

Many of you already know that I can talk about Alabama Football all day, but I will spare you and just say that we have a lot of hurdles to jump during the Spring and Summer workouts. Another monkey wrench thrown in is 44-14784-Fthe playoff system that will be incorporated this season. There are going to be a lot of factors that would have to be put in place for the Alabama Crimson Tide to be put back in the National Title picture. This is going to be an interesting off season, but I’m ready to see it all unfold.




I really didn’t think that I would have to actually put together a post about this, but SOMETHING REALLY HAS TO STOP! Man, a team wins 11 out of 12 games in the regular season and they are doing something right. Don’t get me wrong, but what was your record last year? 3-8? Please, stop it. Let your skills speak for themselves on January 6, 2014, during the BCS National Title Game. Okay, what I will attempt to do in this post is do everything in my power NOT to take sides, but as you can see in the introduction, this will be a hard task for me to accomplish.

“We have faced some dynamic quarterbacks,” Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn said Wednesday, December 18, 2013. “They are a little bit different but have won a lot of games. I hope that will help us. Obviously, we are playing the Heisman Trophy winner, the best player in college football, so we have our work cut out for us.” Of course, it seems the Tigers have had their work cut out for them all season—first in September, when they were pitted against Zach Mettenberger and LSU in Baton Rouge. It was more of the same when Auburn traveled to College Station to face Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M Aggies as said by Justin Lee who is in his fourth year on the Auburn athletics beat, after previous stints writing for The War Eagle Reader and The Corner News. This fall, he is also interning with the Opelika-Auburn News. He has done freelance work for a number of publications including the Associated Press, the Tuscaloosa News and The Advocate in Baton Rouge.

Okay, on this issue: Yes, Auburn have faced some dynamic quarterbacks this year, but let’s look at the last 3 Games that the Auburn Tigers have played this year.

  • November 16, 2013: The Georgia Bulldogs vs. The Auburn Tigers, playing @ Jordan-Hare Stadium. During the 1st Half Auburn had the game won pretty much going into half time with a 27 – 10 lead. Coming out for the Second Half, the Georgia Bulldogs “woke” up and started playing some damn football. Going on a 21 – 0 scoring run  in the 4th quarter. If Georgia’s Defense, from what I could see, Single-High Safety and Defensive back were not playing out of position, then they would have lost that game. Nick Marshall would have over thrown his wide receiver, but with Georgia Safety and Defensive Back playing right next to each other and not bracketing the Wide Receiver or even thinking about playing a Single-High Safety with a Quarterback with the Arm of Nick Marshall, then we would not even be talking about this, but since the good Lord sends downs blessings to the less fortunate; they allowed that dog-gone Wide Receiver to be in the right position at the right time, as soon as that dog-gone Safety & Defensive Back tipped that ball, the Auburn receiver reacted to the ball caught it and scored. I couldn’t believe it. I had to rewatch that play over and over again to make sure that it was real. Keep in mind that going into this game, The Georgia Bulldogs were ranked #2 and The Tigers were #23. 
  • November 23, 2013: Bye Week in preparation for The Alabama Crimson Tide.
  • November 30, 2013: The Alabama Crimson Tide vs. The Auburn Tigers, playing @ Jordan-Hare Stadium. Going into this game Auburn had been bumped up to the #4 spot in the BCS rankings with Alabama still holding on to the #1 spot. Auburn got on the board 1st during the 1st Quarter, but Alabama finally got it together and scored 21 straight points over the Tigers going into halftime with a 21-14 lead. Coming out with the control of the ball at halftime, they scored the only points in the 3rd Quarter. Going into the 4th Quarter the score was tied at 21. Alabama scored early in the 4th to take the lead back. Auburn did what they do well and ran a perfect Triple Option Offense led by Quarterback Nick Marshall and tied the game at 28. Alabama ran a lot of time off the clock, with the intentions of kicking a field goal to try and win the game, but couldn’t get in position. With the kicking game of Alabama being shotty, Coach Nick Saban, considered kicking the ball, but called a timeout with 8 seconds left on the clock. Alabama Runningback T.J. Yeldon was given the ball to what I thought was to let the clock run out, but as he stepped out of bounds, the referees put 1 second on the clock. Instead of giving the ball to T.J. Yeldon or Kenyan Drake, Coach Nick Saban put the game in the hands of a Freshman kicker. Knowing this, one of the Auburn Tiger Assistant coaches put one of their best kick returners in the endzone in case the ball fell short. Guess what? The Alabama Freshman Kicker had the accuracy, just not the strength in his leg and it fell short, right into the hand of the Auburn player, who then brought it out of the endzone. There was no possible way for the Crimson Tide to stop him, because they just didn’t have the speed on the field to stop him and the rest is history. The clinch the SEC West Division Title and a spot to play the Missouri Tigers in the SEC Championship Game.
  • December 7, 2013: The Auburn Tigers vs. The Missouri Tigers in the Southeastern Conference Championship Game, played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The Missouri Tigers couldn’t stop Runningback Tre Mason and Nick Marshall in that damn Triple Option Offense, but somehow went into halftime with the lead 17-14. I have no clue why the Missouri Tiger coaching staff didn’t make any adjustments and continue to play a 4-3 Defense to stop the Auburn Offense. The Auburn Tigers kept giving the ball to Tre Mason who ended the game with an Auburn and career record 304 rushing yards and 4 Touchdowns; and again the rest is history.
  • The Ohio State Buckeyes end up losing their title game to the Michigan State Spartans and give up the #2 spot to Auburn who will earn a chance to play in the BCS National Title Game.

Okay, here is my Final BCS National Championship Game Prediction: Auburn’s High Optempo, “Triple Option” Offense vs. Florida State University Multi-dimensional Offense, FSU’s Defense vs. The Auburn Tiger Defense, Both teams have a Special Teams that has the ability to change the tempo of the game, but can the Heisman Trophy winner Quarterback Jamies Winston make break the Heisman Curse to win it for the FSU Seminoles?

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Since 2000, only 6 Heisman Trophy winners have gone on to win their following bowl game. (Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Mark Ingram, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III & Johnny Manziel.) Matt Leinart’s win at the 2005 Orange Bowl was later revoked and removed from records due to multiple rule violations by the University of Southern California (USC). The trend of post-award failure has garnered the attention of the mainstream media. Additionally, the Heisman Curse asserts that in most cases a Heisman winner will have either a poor career in the National Football League (NFL) or in fact not even see such a football career at all.

Every time an analyst talks about a National Title game whether it being at the College Level or in the National Football League (NFL) they always talk about there being an X-Factor. Well I’m not using the X-Factor, since I am analyzing this year’s National Title Game, I’m going to use the “G-Factor!” The G-Factor for the Final BCS National Title Game:

  • Gus Malzahn and the Offensive Coordinator for The Auburn Tigers are going to have to find a way score first and keep the momentum; keep the FSU Seminoles Defense guessing; use Nick Marshall’s strong arm and throw the ball down field for big gains; Yes, the Triple Option Offense is a hard offense to defend, but they are going to stop the run, so depending on your Running-backs and Nick Marshall’s legs cannot be your only option.
  • FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher is going to have to continue to have their Offensive Line protect Quarterback Jamies Winston so he is able to throw the ball to the taller Wide Receivers; you will have an advantage at the Wide Receiver position because on paper, they are taller than the Auburn Defensive Backs; the FSU Defense has not seen an Offense like Auburn is going to run, just trust that your front 4 and Linebackers are going to stop the run, if not at the line of scrimmage, but at the second level. If the Auburn running backs get past your second level, your Safeties and Defensive Backs are going to have to be quick enough to recognize the run and be that last line of defense and stop the Auburn running attack. Your defense is going to have to play their positions, don’t get caught slipping.

With all the factors in play, I think that Auburn is not going to be able to stop Quarterback Jameis Winston. They are going to take and keep the momentum in the 1st half, Auburn will get the running game going, but it will not be enough to stop the passing attack of the Seminoles. This will be a high scoring game, due to the high optempo of both offenses. My score prediction for the National Title game: Florida State Seminoles 45, Auburn Tigers 38.

Keep this in mind that this is just MY assessment. I don’t want the Auburn fans out there to think that I am hating because I am a die hard Alabama fan, this is based off of watching the highlights of both teams this year.

**Don’t get it twisted, I still think that my damn Alabama Crimson Tide should be playing in the National Title game and it’s still and will always be #ROLLDAMNTIDE!**