Name Given at Birth: Jared Jerod Gober (To understand the pronunciation of my middle name, please refer to my post: Who is Jared J. Gober (Part 1). It’s not the same as my first name.

Born: March 8, 1980 in Tampa, Florida. Raised in The Great State of Alabama, city of Enterprise to be exact!

Marital Status: Divorced Children: 2 Girls (Ages: 9 & 10) their names are: No of and Your Damn Business

Served 14+ years in the Army as a 74D (54B, before the Army started changing things around), Chemical Operations Specialist (it’s not as spectacular as  it sounds)

Had a scare while deployed in support of Iraqi Freedom III with a “few” Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), but them suckers finally got me in Afghanistan in 2010, while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom X. I have a Total of 6 Deployments, 5 Combat Deployments. (I usually don’t count the 1st one, because I wasn’t in actual combat, but sat my ass on an Air Force Camp, which was the best deployment out of the 6, I was deployed with the 3 B’s if you don’t know what they are, don’t worry about it.) I retired from active duty in 2012 and have been a house Dad since retirement.

Political Affiliation: Whoever is the Best Candidate. (Officially a Democrat, but if the Republican is the best Candidate, that individual gets my vote.) I’m tired of voting for an individual that has an agenda and I am only voting for the best qualified individual. No more “discriminating because of a political affiliation.

College Football Fanatic! Favorite Collegiate Team: Alabama Crimson Tide! (No matter what! Even in the days after our ’92 championship and we had some shaky years. I have been a fan since I can remember! My uncle always say, where did I go wrong with you, he is an Auburn Fan. I chose the correct team. Everybody can’t like the same team, I thought growing up, that’s how I chose my damn Tide!

I’m a pretty approachable individual. If you have any questions and would like to ask, don’t be afraid. I have nothing to hide. If I feel that you are asking a question that is getting a little to personal, I will simply respond with: that, sir or ma’am, is none of your business.

Jared J. Gober





6 thoughts on “Jared J Gober

  1. Dude, I totally agreed with your blog. Face the problems in front of you and the end result is ! You did your best. No one can take that away from you. NO ONE….

  2. I am impressed! Jami and you are writers, but, In different mediums. You on the puter, and My Jami in Diaries. Both of you talk from the heart, something I am learning while being with Jami. Its not always easy speaking in a true untethered words, It can bite you in the butt, and quickly.

  3. To: All those who read this.

    Thank you Jared for having a website where people can speak their minds. I am totally off any point, Just want to put it out there,( I am not bad mouthing the government per-say),. There are a lot of great things our government has supplied for the people, There are a lot of things that the government has left us out to dry for. I want to know when and at what point we sold ourselves out to the Chinese and the Dot-heads? I have actually looked for the items I need made in America. It’s harder than you think ,or, it’s very expensive. Our dollar is worth about .31 cents on the world market. If china wanted payment for what we owe we would belong to them. Hell, the japs already own most of Montana. China owns a ship docking area in Ca. We send most of what we need made down to Mexico, The beaners love that. The dot-heads come here for free school then take back home to use against us. Where in the hell did our back bone go? America needs a World War, or a Civil War. The original documents the revolution stated was for the people, not for the lobbyists. If you were elected you came to Washington D.C. and served the people. They weren’t payed, they did it for the greater good of the people. There are so many bullshit laws,( they think they have to pass something during their term), balance the budget, then go home and help your community. Not sit in Washington and get fat, with tailor made suit and fancy crap. Why are the little people having to bear the load? Bring the troops home shore up our borders, then, extend minimal help to the rest of the world. If you cant make things right in your own back yard, How the hell are we going to help anyone else? Anyone got anything to add?

    These things I believe , So says I. David Sumner

  4. Hello Jared.
    This is Wendell Segroves from Tent City USA. Sorry it took so long to get back to you to be honest I am so tech challenged I just figured out how to. I can’t even figure out how to approve and moderate comments so anyone who comes on my site can read them. Thanks for your comment I am happy you enjoyed T. C USA and I would be more then happy with you picking my brain on homelessness.
    God Bless

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