I haven’t spoken on this issue, but I feel the urge to speak on it today. With police brutality against black Americans being highlighted by the media, it’s unfortunate that a life, regardless of race, is taken away from what could have possibly been a misunderstanding from both sides. It’s also unfortunate that we as black people only want to protest #BLACKLIVESMATTER when that life is taken away from an individual in a position of power. Does the care stop when black on black crime is still running rampant throughout America? 

How can we as a race earn the respect of an entire nation when we don’t respect outselves? It’s all starts with us. It shouldn’t just be about “us.” It should be about “all.” #ALLLIVESMATTER! If America was united as it once was, things would get better. A lot of black Americans are stuck with the, “my ancestors were oppressed for 400 years,” mentality. We can change that. I’m not attempting to discredit or belittle what has happened in the past, but that is history. No one on this earth owes you anything. 

You can’t live in this world and think it’s going to be given to you. Nothing in this life is free. It all starts with us. #ALLLIVESMATTER!


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