My Thoughts

It’s been a minute since I’ve really sat down and put something meaningful down. We’re almost at the halfway point of 2015 and A LOT has happened. It’s crazy how police brutality is being brought to the forefront of every news outlet there is. Before I get started, I would like to make it inherently clear that I in no way condone police brutality or provoking law enforcement. The only thing I am doing is voicing my opinion. The last time I checked, that was still a freedom I fought for and lost brothers for. If you have something to say, in MY forum, keep it to your damn self.

First off, let us look at what is shown in the media when it comes to police brutality. Usually we don’t see D1p5Ahow the event transpired. All we see is the climax and the ending. In no way am I condoning the behavior of law enforcement, just asking to see all the facts before people make decisions to violently riot and destroying a city. I honestly feel the media plays a big role into how individuals react to certain situations. I’m sure by this point, if you’re a close-minded individual, you think that I am attempting to justify the actions of the “rotten apples” of law enforcement. It’s not that at all. I just want EVERYBODY to look at these events from a neutral position.

Does every stop by law enforcement have to end up with an individual being seriously injured or killed? StopPoliceBrutality-1What causes a law enforcement individual to go from “0-100” in a matter of seconds? Are law enforcement individuals allowed to pick and choose from a standard operating procedure as they please or when they feel the need to skip certain steps? Not all law enforcement individuals are bad, but there are a TON of bad apples in the bunch.

We as people have come to the conclusion that when a certain color individual is stopped it’s for reasons just to harass or to provoke. The way I see it is, if you are wrong and your are caught doing something wrong, own up to it so that the situation doesn’t end up escalating and putting you or the law enforcement individual in a position that could change your lives forever. As a law enforcement individual, more restraint should be used. Meaning, If you really feel that a situation is about to get out of hand, ensure that your dash camera is on or recording device is working properly so if the situation goes bad ad you feel that the use of force can be justified.

This post wasn’t meant to educate, but a way for me to some stuff off my chest regarding this whole police brutality issue. Like it or not, it’s all my opinion.


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