Hero or Deserter?

Something to think about. His verdict should be coming sometime soon……..


The topic that I want to talk about is one that I have wanted to talk about for some time. It’s about our recently released prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl. This is a sensitive subject to a lot of individuals, but we do live in a country that gives us the ability to speak our minds, freedom of speech. This is how I feel about this whole thing, keep in mind that I am a spectator so the events I speak about are the ones I read in the news. I’m not sure exactly where he was located in Paktika Province, but I know a little about that area. I was deployed to FOB Boris, formerly known as FOB Bermel, May 2007 – July 2008. Located in Paktika Province, along the border.


Along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, during my tour, every single day, the Taliban shot at least 2-3 107mm rockets…

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