How does the world look to you?

I have a question that I’ve had on my mind for some time. That question is, “how do you see the world?” Meaning do you see sex, color, ethnicity or do you see a human being as a human being?

Growing up I was always taught to see a person for who they were on the inside instead of the criteria stated above. I will admit that I have judged a person based on their outer appearance. Because I used the above mentioned criteria, it was like a slap in the face because that person was totally different than I expected. Now I do my best to look at people as what they are, and that is a human being.

Attempting to look at the world as different creeds, sexes, colors only complicates things. It’s a waste of time, in my opinion because I feel you have to approach that individual a certain way. Many men won’t admit it, but a man will treat a woman differently because she is a female. I believe it’s human nature. We as human beings need to move away from that way of thinking. Since it’s engrained in our DNA it will take some time.

This post isn’t trying to be “preachy” it’s just to get you thinking and make you look at the way you look at the world. Let’s start thinking outside the box.




2 thoughts on “How does the world look to you?

  1. very well said! The things that mind can come up with when you take time. Question: do you think being military, moving and seeing the world helped shaped these thoughts?

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