Blac-kkk? Is it Real?

Black Klansman

Okay, today’s topic is going to be a douesy for some and just plain ridiculous to others. I never in my lifetime thought I would see this, as a child I thought about it, but didn’t think that could possibly happen, because of what the KKK believes in. Let me paint the picture for you.

Does everybody remember the very first episode of the Chappelle Show, where he played a Black KKK member? Well it’s real people. I was pondering on a topic t


o blog about and came across an article/video on The meat of the article talks about how he went undercover in order to change the mindset of the Klansmen/Klanswomen that he cam across. I was speechless when I the article.ui understand that in some cases to protect and serve, you must go beyond the call of duty, but isn’t this a little too far? He performed his duties as a Black Klansmen that he was given an award by the KKK as one of their most honorable individuals. After watching the video, I went to google and typed in “Black KKK members”. I couldn’t believe it, but it does exist. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself:

We do live in the United States and you are free do say and do what you want, but what puzzles me, why join an organization or associate with an organization that publicly hates anyone that isn’t “European”? Let’s look what happened to anyone that wasn’t “european” during the Civil Rights Era; people were beat, sprayed with fire hoses, attacked by dogs and killed because of the color of their skin, religion among other things. I am not going to be all “Pro-Black”, but why jeopardize your safety and integrity to change the mind of a certain group of people? Couldn’t that have been done without joining?  It took me watching the video and reading the article numerous times before I believed it. Maybe it’s all one big hoax, but with statments such as this, leads me to believe that it isn’t. “A fact not generally known is that there were thousands of Negro Klansmen. These were used as spies on other Negroes and on Northern Whites.”  The Klan not only accepted and recruited Blacks in some areas, but a Klan leader made a motion that White men give employment and protection to Colored democrats. That in itself speaks volumes. Yes, volumes of ignored facts of Klan, Negro, and American history.

Unbelieveable! I really don’t know whatelse to say. It’s most definitely something that makes you think. 






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