uncle-sam-rantingI really hate to talk about this subject, but I feel the need to so here goes.

Why are we as people in this great country of ours so ignorant? It’s not all of us, it’s the small percentage of us that make all of us look bad. The rest of the world see that small percentage and plaster it and that what America is. What makes it even worse, instead of ignoring the problem, it’s us that take that “small” percentage and make it right. Why? Because we are ignorant. For instance, I’ll take an old issue that continues to come up, but instead of individuals doing simple research for themselves, they believe what someone else says. Our Commander in Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, 65-70% of the American public think he is a muslim because of his name, when in fact, he was born in Hawaii. Is Hawaii apart of America? I forgot? Another thing, they wanted him to do was produce his birth certificate, really? Yep, let me get right on that. I’m the most Powerful man in the world and you want me to flash my Birth Certificate on television to prove a fucking point, get the fuck out of here.

As I’ve said before, I don’t agree with A LOT of his policies and A TON of his legislation that his has passed and his trying to get passed, BUT he is the President. As a Veteran, it irritates the FUCK out of me to hear, military personnel talk openly about the president on social media outlets. Once you signed that contract, you lost that right homie. You have a job to do. DO IT. Now when it comes to a Veteran, it makes me sick because, they fought and have lost brothers for this same cause, but will openly bash our Commander in Chief, that’s not right. I will admit, that I was guilty of it until, I was checked by a very good friend of mine, who I have the utmost respect for who is still in uniform to this day. I love this guy like my own brother. For him to check me, it hit home. I also understand that as an American that we have the ability to the Freedom of Speech, but we should also be accountable for our speech. If you are man/woman enough to say it, then you are man/woman enough to deal with the consequences that go along with it, fair right?rant2

Another thing that we as Americans do is put All Muslims in the category as Terrorists. Why? Because, of some radical Islamists. Yes, it’s hard to weed them out, but we can’t target one whole religion, because we don’t know how to target one specific type of individual, oops, we already do that, but not with a religion, we do it with a race of people. That’s not the topic of this post. Different time! I’m #DONE.


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