My Luck Starts To Turn Around NOW!

Last week was a rough week, but I’ve been through worse. I say it was rough, because it seems that way because as soon as we start to move in a positive direction it seems as if something always pulls us back which is SO demotivating.

I do what I can to let it NOT get to me, but it’s hard when you don’t have many options. I’ve even thought about options outside of “my” box, which is not a good thing. I’m just trying to get fresh ideas, maybe I need to take a new approach at this. Maybe it’s the way I’m doing things now or maybe the way I’m not doing things? Who knows? I don’t know. I’m not going to get into all the personal specifics here, because this is definitely not the place and it’s not that serious. If it gets that bad and I need to talk about it, I’ll just call you guys. I have the majority of you guys phone numbers anyway, so don’t worry about it. It’s all good. Right now, I need to occupy my time and keep myself busy.TROLL-TIDE-2

With the start of Softball season right around corner, I’ll be all good, because I can put all my focus into coming with a game plan for the girls and making this season a successful one. I WILL succeed at this. What I will not do is treat my kids like they are my step-children. I will treat my players like they are my own children. I’m not saying I’m going to be letting them get away with murder and letting them do what the hell they want to do, but take more of a fatherly approach towards the teaching portion of it. What I didn’t like from last year, is the All-Star Coach didn’t take the time to get to know my child’s name until the 4th damn practice. That’s Ridiculous. I understand that Coaches their own ways to coach and get points across, but some things don’t aren’t that complex. All that tells me is that you don’t give a damn. I want those parents to know that while their children are under my care that they are safe and will be taken care of. I don’t want them to think that I’m a damn pedophile, but if I were a parent and I was a concerned parent paying parent to the Recreation Department, like I was last year, that’s exactly how I would feel.

That’s just an approach I like to use. It worked while I was in the military and It works on my girls (of course) and it has worked previously, so, my approach is vetted and works!


One thought on “My Luck Starts To Turn Around NOW!

  1. The bad times make the good ones so much better! Get a new perspective. Change your view often, bc if you only see it through your eyes your whole life, well, that’s pretty narrow isn’t it? Not calling you narrow minded but without first removing your sight, you can’t always hear, and without finding quiet you don’t always see what’s important. Physical change of sceenary may be needed temporarily to find peace for longer durations. Life is full of worth and success isn’t always measured in gain but also in failure. We must first learn to lose before we truly know victory. Cowards die a thousands deaths; Hero’s live but once.

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