Being Too Nice Gone Extremely Wrong

I think that I am too nice of a person. I say that because it always seems that when I’m nice to a person without really knowing them, I always get screwed in the end. It’s time to switch it up. I need to be more hard-nosed and I learned that valuable lesson this week. IMG_7088

I’m feeling this type of way today, because I went into a local T-Shirt shop, asked some questions, got answers that I wanted and decided to do business. Keep this in mind, I’ve used this place before to construct a T-Shirt idea I had for myself. They pulled it together quite flawlessly, that’s another reason why I decided to try and save a little bit of money instead of find a business online. Let’s say that this didn’t go AT ALL as I wanted it to. I’m still trying to process it right now.

So, if you don’t know it already, I’m a HUGE fan and supporter of Screwface World Music. So much so, I created a whole Blog dedicated to this well established indie label. Here’s the site, check it out:, and I am doing my best to add to the brand, not take away. How hard is it to take a picture that is already put together, nothing needed to be added or taken away from, just put Artwork on the front of a T-Shirt? I guess in this part of the country, it’s EXTREMELY hard. After sending the Logo that I wanted to be printed on the shirt and them confirming what I wanted, me being nice and a very naive person I paid for the total order.

What happened was they totally changed the Logo to what they “thought” was appropriate. As soon as the shop opened I called and voiced these concerns. After asking questions as to why this wasn’t done this is what I was told, “he will give me half of my money back, plus he wants to make more shirts at a reduced price. I said no, It’s not about the quality or material of the shirt, he blatantly destroyed the logo. As a business owner, your motto should be “great customer service” and keep a returning customer, key word: RETURNING. I asked what in the wold happened to the confirmation of the picture?

He said that his business/co-worker partner didn’t understand what to do. I said all he had to do was take the Logo I sent and put it on a damn shirt. I then told him I will be there sometime today, to reluctantly pick up this travesty that makes me look incompetent to my peers and superiors. (I had to throw that in to make him feel like more shit.) In addition to that, WE WILL NO LONGER USE his business and if asked in the community if I’m pleased with their work, the first thing I will present to a potential customer is a picture of what happened to me. I then hung up the phone like a G.

Instead of posting a picture of the travesty, I will keep it casual with a picture of my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide. #ROLLDAMNTIDE!


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