The Glover Garden

So I’m outside today, picking up some trash in the yard. Last year we planted some broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes in a random part of our yard. Everything grew except the cabbage. We tried to grow a huge tomato,IMG_8108 but with the weather last year, we received a lot of rain, so it cracked in a few place and some punkass worms made it their home. I was so proud until I cut it open. Disappointment was all over my face. My wife says to me, it’s always next year. I’m a MAN and when I do things they have to be over the top and AWESOME, but I failed. So I said the hell with it, I ain’t planting NO MORE. I thought I had a green thumb, yeah right, a black one, literally. (I thought that was funny, you don’t have to laugh.)

I walked by this area of the yard and start to clean up my disaster and as I’m picking up the pieces of the border we put down, pull weeds out and some old broccoli stalks, it hits me. I know exactly what to do. It hurt like hell to get the ground cleared, turn the dirt, make sure all the weeds were out, but it was worth it. My grandmother passed away on January 23, 2014. I attempted to go to her funeral, but I couldn’t make it. The weather during that week, was horrible and of course, being in the South, we are unprepared for icy conditions and snow. Every route I planned on taking was congested due to traffic, iced over roads and such. I could have taken a lot of backroads, but didn’t want to attempt it, because believe it or not there are individuals that live in this region of the country and think because of my skin color we are not equal, but that’s a different story.

Don’t get me wrong, my Grandmother is worth it, but I’m sure she would’ve been more upset with me if I did it. Either way, I cleared away the old, turned the dirt and planted an assortment of different flowers in her memory. I looked at it and quietly said a prayer and said, “Grandma, I love you and I would like to see you everyday in this physical way now that you are gone from this earth.” You may think I’m weird, but I loved my Grandmother and really think that I took her for granted, because I always expected her to be there. Isn’t that what happens with all our loved ones that are not close enough for us to see on a daily or weekly basis? I know in my heart that she is going to show me that she is right here with me in good ol’ Southeast Georgia.

The picture that I am adding to this you will think is corny, but I could give a crap how you feel. In my shadow, I’m reaching up towards the sky as if I am reaching for her hand. Yes, I could have done it in a “prettier fashion”, but like I mentioned in the beginning, I am a MAN and the things I do have to be AWESOME and I feel it was. R.I.P. Edna Mae Glover, you are truly missed. I would also like to dedicate the Glover Garden to Carol Gober, Sharon Gober & Tammy Gober. They all are truly missed.

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