Cocky or Arrogance? Saturday, I did something that I wouldn’t rarely do, but my I needed to grab some medicine that was ready for me at the Pharmacy. I went to Wal-Mart. Going to Wal-Mart on Saturday isn’t bad, unless you live next to a military base with a whole division home at the same damn time.

Now that I have been out of the military for about a year and a half now, I’ve noticed a LOT of things that soldiers try to get away with in public. If you were in ever in the military or know someone in the military, you know that on Friday you get a Safety Briefing. From the time I joined and until the day I retired, that Safety Briefing had changed dramatically. The one thing that never changed was “don’t drink & drive”, don’t do drugs”, and “don’t beat your spouse.” The first one, drinking and driving, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell a soldier not to do it, there is ALWAYS someone getting caught doing it. The last 2, it doesn’t matter what you try to do to hide it, you WILL get caught. A pissed off Spouse will call the damn post General if that Spouse is mad enough and a Urinalysis in the Army (Not sure about our sisters/brothers in the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) nowadays is  second nature. Why? Because a soldier will try any drug to get a buzz and get over.

But that’s not the reason for this post. Today I want to talk about the arrogance of soldiers. I understand cockiness coming from a person that has just stared death in the face and made it home safely, but there needs to be a line when YOU as a person should know that you are no longer being cocky, your are being an arrogant asshole; what happened to opening doors for a lady or someone that has a hand full of bags and needs some assistance or how about helping your wife that is pushing a cart full of stuff that YOU want and she’s trying her best to keep everything in the cart with one hand and with the other hand hold the had of your child and you are behind her telling her she better not drop anything. When I saw this I had to say something. I asked her if she needed help and she said no and that her husband is right behind her, when he made it to the entrance to the door he “Tried” to stare me down and ask me why I was talking to his wife, that’s when I had flip the switch. I said first of all, is that how you talk to a Non-commissioned Officer? He then stated oh, no excuse me SGT. I asked him what his rank was then asked to see ID Card. He was a F****** PV2. I asked why the F*** aren’t you helping your wife with that cart? He said, SGT she said she had it. I said, I don’t give a F*** if she said she had it, the least you could have done was take the had of your child, he then stated, that it wasn’t his child, it was his “step-child”. I said I don’t care. It’s too much traffic going in and out of Wal-Mart and the parking lot for you not to be doing what you are supposed to do as a husband. After that, he sprinted to the cart and took control of it.

DSC00567Not once did I tell him that I was a retired SSG, it was my NCO aura that he felt. I am clean shaven now so I still look like a soldier. Well, in the face, now the rest of the body, I’m working on. It shouldn’t take an outside party to tell you how to treat your wife, someone you promised to cherish for the rest of your life. It’s crazy and I see it all the time. Soldiers try walking from their car without their head gear, but if I’m around NOPE, not happening. It’s called PRIDE. I understand that you may have just come from a deployment, but that doesn’t give you the right to disgrace the uniform or forget what you were taught in order to keep the reputation of the military to a high standard. It irritates me and my wife gets upset with me that I make those corrections, because she thinks that because I am retired that I should stop worrying about it. I told her that an NCO will take care of a soldier no matter his status, a SGT will let things like that slide.

Another thing is talking on the phone while driving or texting while driving. I HATE this with a passion. It’s called bluetooth. You have 50 inch rims on your car, 100 inch speakers in your trunk, but you can’t afford to get some type of bluetooth installed? Your priorities are in the wrong order. Or here’s another idea, how about speaker phone? Turn down your music, close the windows, turn down the AC/Heat, put the phone on your ash tray, near your speedometer or somewhere that the person can hear you and you can hear them. If I’m driving and I see someone texting, I honk the horn until they stop or they speed off made as hell. I don’t care, I just saved your life or someone else’s. I don’t know if it’s true or not, I really haven’t thought about it, but I feel like I’m making more on the spot corrections  than I was in the military.

If you are a soldier reading this and you are guilty of ANY of the above offenses, this is your warning. If I see you doing it, I will check that ass. You know the standard. NCO’s if I see you not doing what you are supposed to be doing, you can get it too. I don’t care what your rank is. A Standard is a Standard.

One more thing and I promise to be quiet. LOUD MUSIC! I love loud music, but do you have to be in the Wal-Mart parking lot and I hear you down by Checkers? That’s ridiculous. That’s why the civilian population think we walk around like everyone should lay at our feet. The military is downsizing, which I DON’T agree with, but with the down-size, NCO’s will be able to be NCO’s and soldier’s will finally be scared of NCO’s and do what’s right even when no one is looking.








On another note, today is day 2 of the Diet. Going well, I think. Oatmeal for breakfast, a  20oz Coffee for lunch, 4 Eggs for dinner and  24oz’s of water, I’m going to drink another 24 because I ate that cookie. I walked 5.29 miles today. My walking partner, Cody, was good the first 2 miles then he wanted to go home, he made it 4.66 miles, I dropped him off and finished the rest alone. Tomorrow’s Goal 6 miles. I know that this weeks goal was 15 miles and 5 salads, but I’m getting hooked. I LOVE IT! (My brother Tommy J, has the same passion for running, his passion with Emory Hughes drive makes me want to get fit.) I have awesome family.

2 thoughts on “Cocky or Arrogance?

  1. Get them boys right down there! Don’t ever let them think they’re safe while in uniform! The moment they are in civi’s they are free to act a fool. Hey don’t forget to put in pool work as well for cardio. It will work your ass harder than you could imagine, and it’s low impact for your foot!

    1. Jay, of course brotha! I’m gonna do what I need to do to uphold the stand. That was instilled in me by great NCO’s like you, CSM(hopefully one day) Stockdill, SFC Reyes, SSG Hodge and SFC Pollard. Y’all were my boys but when it came to upholding a standard you guys made sure were were striving to go above it. Oh and I can’t swim, do they do it in deep water, if so I’m gonna have to say that nay-no my brotha!!

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