United WE Stand, Maybe?

Before ANY of you read this post, please, keep in mind that I saw this article and felt like blogging about it. I don’t need comments about how this news site is this or that. I saw the article and wanted to say something about it. Bottom Line.

Can someone, anyone tell me what the year is? I thought the year was 2014, but I’m constantly reminded that we are still in the Civil Rights Era.

How can I say this? Arizona is passing a law allowing discrimination. Here’s a quote from the article I found on MSNBC, “The Arizona legislature sent a bill to Governor Jan Brewer’s desk Thursday that would carve a massive hole into state law allowing business owners to turn away gay and lesbian customers, employers to deny equal pay to women, or individuals to renege on contract obligations–as long as they claim to be doing so in the name of religion.”

United We Stand, MaybeThe last time I checked, wasn’t Church and State supposed to be separate? I know you are still looking at this and saying that how does that bring up the issue of Church & State? If you are asking yourself that question or even questioning me, then you will never understand. Yes, Arizona as a State isn’t themselves doing this per se, but they are leaving it up to business owners. The Arizona Legislature is taking this country back 70 years, because this is exactly how Blacks or Non-Whites were treated. What are they going to allow next, let the LBGT community be bitten by dogs, sprayed with fire hoses? This is ridiculous. As this country tries to move forward and make the playing field level for ALL People regardless of Race, Religion, Gender or Who you chose to call your “Boo”, we are set back because individuals in this government has agendas.

I know there are those of you that are saying that it’s wrong in the eyes of God, but who are you to judge? You judging someone else is a sin. A Sin is a Sin is a Sin. Bottom line. There is no way around this, even if you try to use the Religion Angle. Every individual on the Arizona Legislature should be fired. I’m sure that they all have skeletons in their closets, but to the eyes of the public, they are “lilly-white.” Look, I’m not condoning it or agreeing with it. I’m all for just looking at an individual as a human being and leaving the judging up to the man up stairs. The future America for our Great-Grandchildren is going to be a site to see. The United States might be a communist nation and Russia will be the “New United States.” America is a melting pot, but the government is trying to make this “pot” one kind of “soup.” Our forefathers didn’t intend for America to be in this state and I’m 100% confident they are looking down on us now and are ashamed. You can’t blame it all on the current or previous administration, its a conglomerate of everyone since President Johnson. President Kennedy did what he could and was trying to steer this country to what our forefathers wanted it to be, but he was shot down, literally. There are many people that say it’s a conspiracy, but I’m not going to get into that.

I will end it with this, we are a nation built up by a host of Races, Religions and “Boo’s”, now is not the time to try and segregate, we need to unite and RETURN the Super Power that scared the SHIT out of the rest of the world. We are no longer that. No ONE is scared of the United States anymore. It’s ridiculous. We need to do better America.

Here’s the link to the article: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/arizona-passes-law-allowing-discrimination


4 thoughts on “United WE Stand, Maybe?

  1. Freedom my man. Ain’t she a bitch. Freedom of choice all around. Even if I choose not to serve a customer because of gender preference. Doesn’t bother me but I think business owners should have the choice to turn away any customer regardless the reason. Sounds mean but let’s say I own a doughnut shop and I don’t like fat people. If I choose to not serve fat people then that’s my choice as a business owner to distribute my product to whom i want. Smart? Probably not because I not only lost a customer, but a return customer. I didn’t look at the bill, but you mentioned it through a media source who typically spins the story for ratings. I’m sure it’s not as bad as it is reporter in being. Just my 2 cents brother Gober. Love ya man!

    1. Ryan, I appreciate the love man. You are right about having the ability to turn away customers as a business owner, but you also made an AWESOME point of losing a customer, possibly a return customer. I think that the media as a whole, does take things and twist it the way they want. The only thing I read from the bill was what the news source put in their article. Maybe it was ignorant for me to blast the state legislature, but I reacted because of the history of said legislature. I really appreciate the support man. It’s awesome that instead of us trying to see who penis is bigger, we are able to have an intelligent conversation about this topic without jeopardizing our friendship. I’ll talk about anything with you brother. Love ya man. DEATH DEALER FOR LIFE!!!!

  2. Bro it’s like this if you’re selling penis you want a gay guy to do it but if you’re selling vagina then a gay guy can’t sell shit butt dick! Pun intended! Look man gay not gay whatever it doesn’t matter till a guy hits on me! Then I got to let’em know it’s not for me. But until people realize that everybody has hate in them it is going to perpetuate the cycle. Offensive words follow…cracker ass honkeys hate niggers, niggers hate crackers ass honkeys, chinks hate spics, spics hate zips. I can go for days here! However the freedoms we live for and take for granted are shadowed by the nation of ignorant mother fuckers who use such terms and educate their children on such terms and conditions. So the predjudice of people will always be readily available. Gangsters in the Omaha Nebraska child video are just as guilty as the KKK groups who march here in NC. Until people realize slavery is over, and this is the land of the free who say what they want people will never get along. As long as everybody takes offense to the words nigger, spic, chink, honkey, etc. we will never advance from where we are. When we learn as a collaborative whole to not care about how someone else views us. Then and only then will we be free of our racial inequalities. I say we put a man of each race in a pit and they fight to the death. Then everybody watch it and when the victor walks out all the supporters of which ever race wins are executed then we will be rid of raceism. bc everyone appossed to it, or not willing to pick a superior race will be your innocent. Since we don’t think like I do, well we just have to live with being who we are. All we can do till we die is keep it 100. I say fuck everybody! I hate every race equally even my own! And for those who doubt it…show me how many black people are on the people of walmart compared to that of the honkeys…and that’s check mate, ho


      Brother, you always break it down Barney style to where the most average dude is able to comprehend. Man, it would be awesome if all of us were able to treat each other equally, but I know that dream is far-fetched. Hopefully for the sake of our Great Grandchildren the country has made some progress forward.

      Thanks for the support homie. You always keep a playa on his toes! Love ya Man!

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