Who Knew?

giphyToday, I’m in an awkward mood. Usually, if I’m feeling uneasy or frustrated about something, I can put on some music to calm my nerves, but today the choices of music bamamoneychosen by the random button are only fueling my frustrations to ANGER.

Please, don’t ask why. It’s only going to make me ANGRIER. I’m sure I could change the music to something soothing to the soul, but it’s too late, I’m past the point of no return. After a little typing, I’ve started to calm down. This Blog has become an outlet for me, a great way to say something, when trying to talk about it is difficult. Usually, when I start to write a new post, I make sure to have 2 additional tabs open, one with my Facebook page & one with a news outlet of my choosing that day (I don’t always use 1 news outlet to get news). Today, before I chose to look at the news page, I looked at my Facebook page. You know what REALLY pisses me off, is f****** lies. It’s taken me so much strength, mentally and physically to keep myself from falling victim to a certain subject, but today, that damn GREEN Light just came on. (If you’re a Paratrooper, you know what happens when the green light comes on. Death From Above.)

Okay, I know that everybody has a hustle or something they are extremely good at, but when your job is to lie to people and target a certain group of individuals wouldn’t you consider that discrimination or segregation? I want you to look at this statement. “Never would have thought that helping people get their lives back, giving people hope & spending more time with my friends and family would amount to this. Speechless. In a little over 3 years we’ve generated just under $500,000. I’m a stay at home mom who got tired of the 9-5 death cycle. I got tired of saying “see you later” when my husband deployed or went on trainings. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was a decision that has forever changed our lives.” 

010Before I go into my rant, the person who made the statement above, their spouse was only deployed ONCE, this person was in the Green Zone. I’ve never been to the Green Zone, so I don’t know how “rough” it is, but I have been 10 miles from the Syrian Border, I have been deployed to an outpost 6 miles from the Pakistan Border, I’m not trying to play the “my penis is bigger than yours game”, but I hate it when people use the word deployed and they haven’t seen real combat. Yes, you were away from your family and you could have possibly been in a couple of patrols, but people take the word Deployment out of context. This spouse was injured during a training event stateside. There are fucking Veterans that can’t get the fucking help they need because these maggots are crowding the system. (I’m Good Now.)

I know you are wondering, where in the world am I going with this. I’m tired of individuals claiming that they are changing people’s lives, when in reality all they are doing is feeding into the cycle. All they are doing is adding more individuals to keep the “living from paycheck to paycheck” cycle going. You have people with well paying jobs that quit them, so they can “change lives.” Come on now. How are you or ANY individual for that matter changing lives when all you do is show a muthaf****** video, get them to use “promise” (money that you will have in the future) money they don’t have, “encourage” them to travel to places with more promise money they don’t have, with the promise of “all of us started off this way & guarantee that it will get better”. Then you have the muthaf****** audacity to tell me that all I need to do is get 3 people to sign up. How the F*** did you change my life? You know what, you did change my life, I went from living to paycheck to paycheck to asking myself, how the f*** am I going to provide for my family?

DSC00994I will admit that I was one of those individuals, but from the jump, I questioned it, but either my question was not answered or I was fed some bullshit just to keep me from asking questions. The individuals that are supposed to be “Ambassadors” for this organization say they are making SOOOOO much money, but where’s the proof. Oh, you’re driving a car that you say,”the company” pays for, but if you ballin’ so tough, how about you go out and buy a car. You can’t. Maybe the individuals that work at the national headquarters are making thousands or millions, but you’re not. If you have the ability to “quit” your job and pursue this career full time, why do you continue to “work” so hard? Because you have to. If you’re sitting on your butt, you’re not going to make any money. This cycle happens every month. On the first of every month everybody is on the same level, it may take days or a couple of weeks for you to reach the status you obtained the previous month.

In addition to making it hard for me, you place me in a market that is already saturated with other individuals that “are trying to change lives, on drink at a time.” Come on, I would much rather you come at me real, than feed me bullshit and I have to find out the hard way. What happens if you go 3-6 months without finding 3 people, who is going to pay for that product? Yep, you got it, more f****** promise money. Damn, I can’t pay to keep my lights on, but you continue to tell me to dive in a saturated market to find that one individual that doesn’t know about this product. You’re gonna tell me with a straight face, that there is a person in a f****** saturated market, that there is someone out there that at least hasn’t heard about this product? Get the F*** outta here. I was born at night, but not last night. I might be from Alabama, but I’m far from stupid. You can take that B.S. and feed to another sucker.

Me, personally, these individuals are as bad as drug dealers. That’s a bold statement, but it’s the truth. A drug dealer’s bottom line is to do what, move product. Get more product and start the process all over again. I will say that drug dealers have morals and make more money than the individuals I am talking about. This is still a sore subject to me, because I put so much of my own money & time into this “organization” that once called me family. I’ve lost friends due to their lies. I’m to small to expose these individuals, but once they are exposed I will happily say I told you so.

Some of you are looking at this post and asking yourself what the hell is he talking about. Don’t worry, once it comes out, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Those that know me, already know what I am talking about.



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