15 Months in Afghanistan with ME

DSC01011 DSC01016 DSC00970 DSC01212 DSC01225 DSC01177 DSC01178 DSC01239 DSC01235 DSC01261DSC00702 DSC00705 DSC00691 DSC00690 DSC00687 DSC00666 DSC00667 DSC00668 DSC00673 DSC00567 DSC00572 DSC00575 DSC00600 DSC00622 DSC00625 DSC00628 DSC00629 DSC00544 DSC00552 DSC00561 DSC00451 DSC00432 DSC00419 DSC00420 DSC00411 DSC00382 DSC00354 DSC00362 DSC00311 DSC01549 DSC00175 DSC00174 DSC00163 DSC00171 DSC01252 DSC01261 DSC01263 DSC01264 DSC01266 DSC01272 DSC00097 DSC00103 DSC01225 DSC01226 DSC01235 DSC01239 DSC01243 DSC01205 DSC01212 DSC01177 DSC01178 DSC01181 DSC01182 DSC01051 DSC01055 DSC00962 DSC00969 DSC00970 DSC00972 DSC00977 DSC01005 DSC01010 DSC01014 DSC01009 DSC01008


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