The Great Equalizer

equalizer40videohiveWhen you listen to music, what is it about a particular sound that draws you in? Is it the drums, the horns, the synth, hi hat? Today music is so diverse, it’s SO hard to keep in touch with what’s hot.

I remember when music was Rap (East Coast/West Coast Styles), R&B (Soul Music), and Rock (Hard, Classic or Alternative). Now you have so many sub-cultures of music it’s ridiculous. Its like every part of the country has its own genre of music. I say don’t get so locked in on a specific genre that you forget what music is made to do. Music has the ability to bridge the gap of race, ethnicity, or area of the country/world you live in. Take a seat in my time machine and let’s take a trip back to the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Specifically at Michael Jackson and the affect he had on people just through his music. I don’t care how you feel about him personally, I need for you to keep an open mind and trust me for this time I have your attention. 1485072

It didn’t matter where Michael Jackson went on this planet, EVERYBODY knew who he was and knew every lyric to his music. How powerful is that? You enter a country that can’t speak your native language, but has the ability to sing along with every single lyric you sing. Amazing! I know that a lot of you probably stopped reading as soon as I mentioned Michael Jackson, but you can’t deny the fact that no matter how he was perceived in the media, he was a true showman. He knew how to get people to forget about what color they were or where they were located on the social ladder, even if it was for 3-4 hours.

Maybe Michael Jackson was taken from this world, because the world stopped caring about his gift and started to focus on everything that made him look bad. Who knows? It’s not for you or I to figure out. We will see on Judgement Day. All I am doing is saying that music can be a great equalizer, if we let it. I don’t want you to only remember that I talked about Michael Jackson in this post. I want you to remember what music can do for us as human beings, period. A lot of people use music as an outlet and some are fortunate enough capitalize from that approach. Everybody has an opinion when it comes to their specific preference of music, which is good or bad.

Its all up to the you and I, the consumer. Maybe, someday, music will return to being an equalizer instead of the polar opposite. I can only hope that I have instilled into my children to keep an open mind and not to feel, because they are a certain ethnicity, they have to stick to a certain type of music. I listen to music that makes me happy, of course, depending on my mood and what I am trying to accomplish while listening to a certain song.



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