How to Cook Crack.

1361962634_3crackIf it was the title that got you here, do you actually think that if I had the ability to cook it, I would be dumb enough to post it online? “In local news: Man is Southeast Georgia Arrested for posting a How to on Crack preparation. See this and more stories on your six o’clock news.”

Today, people don’t want to read a good wholesome article, they want the drama. They want to see you fail, they want to be the first ones to say, “I told you so.” Why is that? No one wants to hear someone talk about their struggles and how they managed to uproot themselves from those struggles, they want to hear and see those same individuals struggle. Seeing a random act of kindness doesn’t sell, it’s the knockout game, videos of home intrusions, violence on local city streets, etc. that sell.

I truly hope that when America returns to her compassionate self, I’m alive to witness it.


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