One-Twenty Five

Yesterday was a very interesting day. I had an interview with AFLAC, which wasn’t really an interview per se. It was a briefing about the history of the company, they asked why we chose AFLAC, and asked us questions about ourselves. Charlie Weiss is the guy that runs the place, he’s like the CEO for this part of Georgia. He’s 28, started selling AFLAC at the age of 19 out of his dorm room while attending Georgia Southern University, last year he became the top seller, #1 out of 60,000, in the company. He helped turn this region around as far as AFLAC insurance goes. He also told us that it is supplemental insurance and that’s a good way to pitch it. Now I am waiting on my call back for my face to face with to see if I am AFLAC quality and able to do the job. I know I can. If I am committed to do it, I will succeed. That’s not a problem. The problem is going to be that I have to conduct 2 weeks of training without pay, the reason behind that is because to train an individual the cost is $5,000 roughly. I would much rather be paid and they take that out of my check, ya feel me! But hey, it’s a job that could potentially get me and my family back where we need to be. I am going to do everything to sell myself to get the job. There were only 4 of us in the briefing so I don’t know if we all are going to be hired, if he want’s to hire only one of us or just testing the market to see the quality of individuals that would like to work for the company. Wish me luck.

Last night we played our last basketball of the season. It was a good one. The team we played was our sister team in the Recreation Department. We lost, but we had so many opportunities to win this game. We were 2 for 6 from the free throw line, so if we made all those it would have made a big difference. The girls played awesome. From game 1 to our last one last night was an incredible improvement. The first time we played these guys the score was 10-2, last nights score was 7-6 and the only reason why they scored their 7th point, was because one of their players threw up a lucky shot. It was fun “attempting” to teach the girls an offense that I would call from the sideline, but would never develop, because of the way they pressured my point guard. She couldn’t get far enough across the line to initiate the play. Which is all good they did adjust without me or the other coach telling them adjust or calling a different play. One negative thing is a parent walked from the stands to the sideline to her child and said, “don’t worry it’s the last game and you don’t have to come here anymore.” I guess it was due to the amount of play she had. I put her in and she was not performing, but I didn’t immediately take her out, I let her play, but she said she was tired so I pulled her out. As a parent if you’re not pleased with the amount of playing time your child gets, don’t say something to your child, I’m the coach and I made the decision. Talk to me. Today, hopefully she had calmed down and we can talk about the reason she did what she did. Overall it was a good game.

I keep telling myself that I am not going to coach, but I can’t help it. It’s very rewarding to see what you’ve taught individuals and see the put it to use. Softball season is next so we will see. I hope it all works out. As far as the job goes I will keep you guys posted on how it goes. I’m going to continue to fill out applications and look for jobs. I want to see what else is out there. I don’t just want to settle. We will see, stay tuned.




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