Today was a low point for me this basketball season. Why? Because I let A LOT of bad calls get to me. I don’t mind taking the hit, but for you to continuously beat my girls up without it being fair across the board, then I will say what’s on my mind. As much as I love my Alabama Crimson Tide hats, I think I threw it against the wall at least three times, due to bad calls on the referees part. My girls were motivated to play today’s game, but by the second half were tired and beat up because the referees were favoring the Home team.

One of my best players follows her assignment across the basketball court and stops in front of her, is charged and MY player is called for the foul? Really? I could see if it was intentional, but my player gave the opposing player at least 4 feet put her hands up  and was charged and my team is penalized with a team foul. That fired me up but I let it roll off my back. Another ridiculous call was my player clearly stole the ball from their “best” player and is called for the foul. All she did was take the ball from the opposing player. How is that a foul? In what level of Basketball is that considered a foul. My players were hacked, jumped on, pushed down, but did they call a foul? No, sure didn’t. I fought tooth and nail for my girls. The straw the broke the camels back was the dude at the scorers table told me that I had to play #1 who happens to be my daughter, so of course I know how much playing time they get. I tell him that she just played a quarter so she isn’t going back in. The refs tell me that she has to go back in, myself, my other coach, my wife and other parents are telling this guy that #1 just came out of the game. He swears up and down that she didn’t. I walk away to let the other coach fight the battle.

Then I was like NO. I’m not backing down, I know what I feel is right so I’m going to fight until they kick me out of this gym. The referee walks over, the clock is still going, and I am pleading my case, at this point I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. The dude at the scorers table is trying to get all gangsta so that made me even more mad. I told him so you think I’m black, I a retard and don’t know how to manage my players? I wasn’t trying to turn it into a race issue, but I felt like I was being backed into a corner so I said what I felt like what was happening. I know that using the race card was childish and uncalled for and there is no excuse for it. I did apologize to the individual, but something has to give. What do you have to do to be treated with some type of respect? I don’t like to act like a “savage” or “what they think the stereotypical black man” acts like, but as soon as the other coach, who is a black female she gets whatever she wants. We have 3 games left this season and have to play this team 1 more time. Maybe it’s me as a coach or the way I approach the game, I don’t know. I’m so passionate about the game and making sure my players are being treated sometimes I let my emotions take over, but isn’t that what a Coach/Mentor/Leader is supposed to do? Protect their own? If that’s not the case then maybe Coaching isn’t my passion.



2 thoughts on “124

  1. you sir have always had passion for everything you have ever done. You use to make me sick when we had band practices, or concerts or even games because you were so into that damn tuba! LOL! I learned as we grew up and entered high school that the passion you had was a great asset for my best friend. I saw that motivation and passion move into ROTC and eventually the military. Don’t back down my friend, that passion drives you!

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