Tomorrow is a trip that I am dreading. It’s going to be good to see family that I haven’t seen in a while, but the circumstances wasn’t the way I would get a chance to see them. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. So I go into Enterprise Rental Car to get my vehicle that I registered online and I called to ensure that they had the reservation number also. Guess what? The vehicle that I wanted was gone. So I end up getting a 2013 Chevy Equinox, which is really spacious so everyone should have plenty of space. They also made sure that it was the one that was loaded, you know heated seats, navigation, back-up camera. Balleristic style.

I want to take this time to Thank some special people in my life. Before I thank them, I want to talk about some things. While this individual was in the military he was treated like s*** and our leadership thought that he was faking his injuries. How can you fake an injury when you have a Mobile kitchen fall on your back? How can you fake going through the stresses of a single father that no one wanted to help because of the way the leadership treated him? Before I met the individual other NCO’s told me that he was this and he was that and because he was a little on the big boned size, it seemed as if every single NCO had a bullseye on him. No one, not even the 1SG took the time out to find out what was wrong. Every time he did something they would counsel him. If he showed up to P.T. a couple of minutes after 6:20 he was counseled. P.T. doesn’t start until 6:30. Keep in mind that this individual is a single father. I’ve personally seen him scrap up money so that he could provide for his little girl. Did the Company Leadership care? No. While he was my soldier I did everything I could to take care of him. Some days he wouldn’t even have an appointment, he would be straight up honest with me and I would say go home.

That is what’s wrong with the “so-called” leaders of today’s Army. NCO’s walk around as if they are gods expecting everyone to suck up and blow his head up. That’s no way to lead. Leading is showing your soldiers what right looks like, not just telling them. How can you tell a soldier that he needs to lose 5 pounds when your ass is 10 pounds overweight? It sickens  me. My bad. I didn’t mean to go off on a rant, this post wasn’t that purpose. This individual has seen me at my lowest point and was there for me, if I had it and he needed it, it was his and it was the other way around. While we both were in the military, he showed me the proper respect, but after work we were friends. He knew when it was time to be a SPC and he knew when he could be himself.

This goes out to Zach Kruzan, Tracy (last name with-held for legal purposes) and that wonderful little girl Natalie. Thank you Brother. You have been there through thick and thin. You’re not a friend, you’re a brother. You are family. I know people play around with that word, but we mean it. When I say we, I am talking about my wife and girls. You don’t know how much you and your family means to us. Again, Thank You for EVERYTHING Big and Small that you’ve done for the Gobers. I know that God has a plan for you and you will succeed. Always remember and never forget that I got your back NO MATTER WHAT. I can say this with confidence and not worry about what anyone thinks, I love you and your family. You will ALWAYS have a room in the Gober household.


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