When you read this, excuse the grammatical errors. I didn’t feel like proof reading. Lazy? YEP! SO.

I feel like writing, but I really don’t know what to talk about. So I will just ramble. Stay with me, it will be an organized ramble.

We are supposed to be getting some snow in the next couple of days. I’m pretty excited. Do you know what’s ironic? While I was in Germany, I HATED the snow. I would have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, go outside in my shorts (yeah, I could put on some sweat pants, but that’s too much work) and have to clean the snow off the car. In addition to cleaning the snow off the car, I would have to dig out a path so that I could back out of my parking spot. When we first  arrived in Germany, I bought a 1990 Volkswagen Golf, it was a dark purple, lowered and had some so-called “racing” rims. In Germany, and I’m sure places around the world that gets a lot of snow, you have to change your tires to snow tires. Well, I thought I was the man so I kept my cool ass racing rims on. I would be sliding on the ice and the snow would get packed in the tread of the tire and make it even worse. I know you’re wondering, did I take them off and put on the correct tire? NOPE! I did make it through the winter looking fly. Good Times.

While deployed to Afghanistan, snow was a gift and a curse. Usually during the winter the Taliban would go hide and restock, it wasn’t much enemy activity. That was the gift, but the curse was, patrols still had to go out. Also, if  the snow was really coming down then no Aircraft could come in. Speaking of that, what I never understood you have individuals that monitor the weather and they know or have a good idea of what the weather is going to be the next day. What pissed me off was, then would still send out the schedule for how many Aircrafts were supposed to come to your location. Me being the Air NCO, I had to wake up early and stand my ass on the Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) with my radio actively listening to nothing. The only time I enjoyed being on the HLZ is if my 1SG wasn’t out there getting on my damn nerves telling me how to do my damn job. This was during my 15 month deployment. I’m not bragging when I say this, but I had the best HLZ Operations in RC-East. I was the man. Another thing about being the Air NCO is everybody tries to be nice to you. I knew the majority of the pilots and crew chiefs so I could work deals. The schedule would say they were only dropping off equipment, but since I was cool with all of them, I could get people out on R&R. If I had one of my close friends, I tried not to let them ride Chinooks, I did my best to put them on Blackhawks. Favoritism, YEP! That was my OFFICE! No one could tell me how to do my job. Good Times.

I know that todays post was of me reminiscing about Germany and a deployment, but it does mean something to me. I met some good friends who I know consider family. I had fun while I was in an Infantry Unit, but when I received orders to a Cavalry Squadron, I was scared, because I heard horror stories about the Cav on how cocky and unsquared away they were. Boy were they wrong. In my opinion, if you put an infantry soldier up against a Cavalrymen, the Cavalrymen would always come out on top. Those guys can make shit happen. I’m not taking anything away from the Infantry, but the Cav they treat you how to think smart and fast. I had a great time in Germany because I was surrounded by individuals that accepted me for me and didn’t shun me because of my Military Occupational Skill.

I will end this post with, if you are ever fortunate enough to meet someone that you can call a brother, make sure you do whatever you can to keep that brotherhood strong. Distance shouldn’t be an excuse. I love all my brothers. You know who you are.


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