Who is Sneakerbox Chock?

168352990_640“Yo Dad, I love what we don’t have couldn’t even say sorry, withcha sorry ass.” -Sneakerbox Chock, Song: Elephants, Album: Because of Yesterday

The music of today, to me, this is my opinion makes no sense. Everybody is putting together songs about “Popping A Molly” (I had to look online to see what a damn Molly was.), Strippers, Making it Rain in the club and on and on and on.

Its crazy how these individuals are supposed to be an Artist. In my eyes a Real Hip-Hop Artist is an individual that is skilled at what they do, rhyming and emboding the 4 Elements of Hip-Hop. If you call yourself a Hip-Hop head and you don’t know the 4 elements of Hip-Hop, then you Sir/Ma’am, are NOT a Hip-Hop head, you’re a fan. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan. There are too many individuals that claim they know so much about music, just because they own a lot of music. A true Artist isn’t worried about making millions, all they want to do is put out a quality product. That’s why a lot of underground Artist don’t want to go mainstream. Once you go mainstream, you have to cater to that Record Label. In order for you to keep creative rights or let alone the master mixes of your own song, you have to have a mean legal team or a label that cares about you, but how many record labels out there care about an artist? Not many. I’ve said all that to say this, about 4-5 years ago, I think, I met this individual online. I happened to download one of his songs and I commented on it and he responded back. I was excited as s***, but then again, I thought well maybe he says something to everyone. We corresponded on Facebook for a while, got closer, exchanged phone numbers and we’ve been brothers since then. You know what’s ironic? I have never met this guy in person.

The individual’s name is Sneakerbox Chock (so I don’t have to keep writing out Sneakerbox Chock, I will refer to him as Chock). Chock was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey. I know a lot of you are wondering where he got his name, which is unique. Well, as a child his nickname was Chocky and Sneakerbox is self explanatory, he’s a sneaker head. Not like 20-25 pair, I’m sure it’s probably in the hundreds. Mad sneakers! For those that aren’t familiar with Camden, it’s no Atlantic City or Newark. According to some statistics I found online, your chances of becoming a victim of a Violent Crime is 25.69%, the average for the State of New Jersey is 2.90%, the U.S. National Average is 3.9%. If that isn’t good enough for you then go look up the stats yourself. He started rapping in the early 90’s and in ALL of his music he talks about his life experiences. I can tell you that I have never listened to one of his songs and thought that listening to it was a waste of my time. Those same life experiences that he writes in his lyrics and put on a dope track keeps him motivated to keep writing. If you ask some of today’s “Artist” what was their reason for getting into the music industry, I’m sure you will get the same cookie cutter answer, “I wanted to change the sound of music” or “It was either rapping or trapping.” Before you shoot holes through that last statement, look at the majority of today’s Hip-Hop Artist, about 85% of them are talking about selling drugs or saying how much weight they were pushing before they started rapping. So, everybody that raps, was once a drug dealer? No. They put on a front for the public in order to obtain a fanbase, but that’s not the reason for this post.

SONY DSCIt takes a lot of ups and downs before you finally get the right concoction before you get it right. He has been through a lot. Done time, spent months upon months away from his family and almost lost his life. Somehow he finally found his calling, Rapping. I just wish that the rest of the world would turn off the bulls*** and listen to some good music. All that happens today is you get someone to make some tight ass beat and a “supposedly” aspiring  artist will buy that beat and put some bulls*** lyrics on it and somehow it gets heard by the right individual and he/she becomes an overnight sensation. Instead of hanging out on the streets, Chock is taking care of his family and doing what he can to put out quality music. When music becomes therapeutic, then you know, you are doing what makes you happy and you know that the product you give your fans is going to be of the highest quality. No matter what frustrations he faces, he doesn’t let him stop his grind. About 2 months ago he had to have surgery on his knee and I’m sure during that time he was perfecting his craft though he was immobilized. I get so upset some time because there are individuals out there just like Chock, but today’s music industry doesn’t want to hear what they have to say. They want something that a girl or guy can twerk to. Yes, believe it or not, GROWN ASS MEN are twerking. Underrated Artists like Chock always puts out a quality product, but they are overlooked because the music industry or the rest of the world is not ready to hear someone talk about the struggle that we as REGULAR people go through every single day. They want to hear about how much a rapper has in the bank or how big their rims are. No where in the 4 Elements of Hip-Hop does it even mention that, so how in the world did we get to this point? I don’t know. I’m still searching for the answer.

This Blog Post was to give you guys a little peak at one of my favorite Artists of All-Time. Chock is in the Top 5, to me he is on the same level as Jay-Z and T.I. A lot of you may not agree, but I really don’t give a f***, because it’s MY Top 5 and not yours. If you  guys want to hear some quality music, I highly suggest that you guys take a listen to what he has previously put out and be ready for what’s up next. Since I’m a part of the crew, I got a sneak peak at a song yesterday. All I’m going to say is that it has so much emotion to it. If you guys don’t remember anything from this post, remember this name: Sneakerbox Chock. Go to iTunes, Amazon, or any website where you can buy music digitally. If we as Hip-Hop fans want Hip-Hop to get back to where it was once before, it’s in our hands. Too many corporations have their hands in the pot. If we don’t stop endorsing the current bulls*** then it will never change. It’s all up to US.

New Album Drops February 25, 2014 make sure you cop it. I know I am. Like 3 or 4!

Before you look past this post, I want you to check him out for yourself. Give him a chance.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SneakerBoxChock?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SneakerBoxChock

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sneakerbox-chock/id345348043


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