Mid Ka Mid Ah Boqol Oo Siddeed Iyo Toban

As most of you already know, I am coaching a Recreation Basketball team. Before the season started I asked for some advice. Some good friends of mine gave some great advice. The crazy thing is what I “attempted” to teach them was what I thought was pretty easy. A 2-3 Zone for Offense and a 1-2-2 Zone for Defense. Well, it never  worked. Why? I have NO CLUE. Right now, our record is 0-3. As I mentioned in a previous post is that the parents thought the job was easy. They let the girls show up when they wanted to and  wouldn’t let me or the other coach know anything. After our second game, a couple of the parents were running their mouths saying that we were not teaching the girls the basics of the game. First of all, how in the hell am I to teach them the basics if they are not there? Secondly, If I teach them one thing and you don’t like it, you change it then try to blame it on me? GTFOH! So at the next practice, I let the parents and whoever else wanted to coach do their thing. Do you know the score of our last game? 30-0. All of a sudden they wanted me to coach and said what I’m teaching the girls was working. The girls were still confused about who plays where and what they are supposed to do. I talked it over with the other coach and tried to come up with why it wasn’t working.

Since an easy Offense and Defense was not working, I looked online and read some articles. I came across and article talking about a very basic Triangle Offense and using an 2-3 or 3-2 (Extended) Zone Defense. They made it seem so easy. I went to YouTube and watched a couple of videos, if you don’t know what I’m talking about (It’s the same Offense that the 91-94, 95-98 Bulls and L.A. Lakers Won their Championships). I broke it down so that I could somehow implement the Triangle into my Offense and the 2-3/3-2 Extended into my Defense. Why did they understand this better than what I previously tried to teach them? This new Offense and Defense is a LOT harder, but it’s easier for the girls to comprehend. It amazes me that every time I call it, it happens flawlessly. I then thought if they can learn a basic Triangle Offense then lets try a 4 in 1 Offense. I explained it to them, showed them a diagram, walked them through it and that was history. We now have 2 Offenses and 2 Defenses we can use. We haven’t had a chance to try them on another team, but I feel VERY confident that we are going to do some damage. Another advantage we’ve had is we already know how the teams we face play. For example, our sister team, always sends a double team to my point guard as soon as she crosses half court, which is an advantage for us, because its 4 on 3 down low.

Never really playing any organized basketball, I’ve learned a hell of a lot. I’m thinking about Coaching Basketball next season. I don’t know. I’m waiting for Soccer to roll around, because I have something to prove. My first and Second Seasons I was embarrassed because I didn’t understand the game, but since I was the assistant coach for the All-Star team last season, I learned SOOOOOO much. My team is going to be “that” team you don’t want to play. I’ve also done a lot of research on my own and tried to sharpen my skills so that I am not only able to explain, but show them how it should be done. Yeah, I have a messed up foot, but I WILL NOT let that be an excuse this year. Hopefully after I get my new big toe joint and hardware I can run. Who knows?!! I’m excited. If all works out and I become not just a good coach, but a Great Coach, maybe I’ll try to make a living out of it. We were supposed to have a game tonight, but it was cancelled. Our next game is on Thursday so we will see how successful of a coach I really am. I will keep you guys updated.


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