Hundert Sechzehn

Before I continue to produce anymore Blog Posts, I feel the need to get some things straight.

1. Yes, I do ask for feedback whenever I post an updated link to my Facebook page, but that is not the forum where your feedback needs to posted. I’m sure that at the end of every single post there is a box titled “Comments”. That box is specifically for you or any individual to post whatever they feel the need to write. My Facebook page is not AT ALL for that purpose. Some say it’s easier to just post their feedback there; however I don’t and will never understand that reasoning. The reason why I don’t agree with that is in order to leave a comment to my Facebook page, you have to either hit the back arrow or pull your own page up in a different tab. Why can’t you just put your damn comments in the box below? Is it because wordpress is asking you for some type of personal information? Who says that you have to put your real information? This is my opinion, I think that the reason some people comment on Facebook is so they have the chance to “attempt” to make me look bad. A lot of you know that I don’t like confrontation and that makes you work twice as hard to get a reaction out of me. To be honest, it really doesn’t bother me that individuals post comments, but from this day forth, I WILL NOT entertain ANY comments that are related the updated Blog Post. If you are asking a question or the link for the post isn’t working, I will gladly repost the link or ask you to message me an email address and I will send it to you. I’m tired of going back and forth with individuals about what I write. No one is making ANY OF YOU read what I write. Yes, I love and want the support, but I will not change up the way I write because individuals feel the need to make themselves feel better by attempting to make me look like an asshole. That is f****** ridiculous.

2. According to the 1st Amendment, Constitution of the United States, I can say whatever the f*** I want in anyway I want. The bottom line is that if you don’t like what I say, don’t have to read it. This is not the first time that someone has “challenged” me about something that I have put in my Blog, Why? Is it because you’re having a bad day and you feel the need to lash out at someone and that person just happened to be me? I don’t understand. I haven’t done anything to disrespect anyone, but it never fails that someone’s nerves are touched and they feel the need to “belittle” me and my Blog. It may not be direct or its hidden in some awesome way, but I’m not stupid. Topics I choose to write about are things that happen to be on my mind and I am looking for another individuals outlook. I don’t mind positive or negative feedback, but I will not go back and forth just for you to get the last word. From this point, those comments will be promptly deleted. I’ve asked before, but it goes in one ear and out the other. It’s okay, because I will not continue to let it happen. How about you try this, go to and create your own Blog.

I never thought that it would come to this, but there is always someone out there that wants to be right and tell everyone else they are pieces of crap. Another thing that upsets the f*** out of me, some individuals always bring religion into the conversation. Why? Is it because I mentioned God in the post? Is it because I said that on Judgement Day he will be the judge? Is it because I said that we are all sinners, just sin in different ways? Is it because I said a sin is a sin and no sin is bigger that the other? It doesn’t matter, if you walk into a store and steal a piece of 3 cent bubble gum, get caught and lie your way out of it or you kill someone in cold blood, both are sins. As human beings, we are quick to forgive the lesser crime, but in the eyes of the Creator, there isn’t a difference.

My goals for this Blog are simple. I want the world to know that regular people also have interesting lives. What makes a celebrity’s life better than ours? I also want to get people to think outside of the box. There are too many Indians in our world trying to be chiefs. Before you decide to chastise or put your two cents in the conversation, think about where you are posting your thoughts. If it is on my Facebook page, it will be deleted. If it is here then we can be adults and talk about it. How does that sound?


4 thoughts on “Hundert Sechzehn

  1. So… What you are saying is.. No more Facebook comments.. The reason I respond on Facebook is do that my friends can see when I comment and might want to read it too.. More views more readers .. And its easier just to write on your link there too lol .. But this is your oulet bro and it’d good to see you getting things off your chest!

    1. That makes sense, but it’s not you that are trying to make me feel like shit. I had to put it out to everybody, because the next time I’m putting individuals on blast.

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