One Twelve

It’s been almost a week since my last post. Why? I have been really frustrated lately. The reason why is because I am putting my all into this basketball team, but parents think they can get the players to practice when they want to and when the outcome of a game is a loss, you want to get mad at me? No, it’s not my fault. You, the parent, set your child up for the loss, because, you the parent, don’t think that practice is important. You, the parent, automatically thinks that because I am the coach, I am supposed to be able to give them awesome basketball skills. It takes practice. Whether you want to believe it or not, Practice is the key.

Tonight, we lost our 3rd straight game. The score at the end of the game was 30-0. A blowout! I didn’t want to take Recreation Basketball that serious, but it looks like I am going to have to. Parents are looking at me, like it’s my fault. I can say that after our 2nd loss, there was a certain parent and sister of a teammate that thought they had all the answers, so during that practice, I or the other Coach didn’t do a thing. I let the parent and the sister get out there and embarrass themselves. Everyone that is on the outside looking in, thinks that this is so easy. Yes, it’s teaching the basics and fundamentals, but if you can’t get the same individuals to come out for practice, how in the world are you supposed to make sure that they understand the very basics of the game? How am I, their Coach, supposed to ensure that they are able to be fundamentally sound, if you, the Parent, don’t make them come to practice?

Now, I am going to look out for the kids. I don’t want them to lose anymore, so I am going to take control while this is still the beginning of the season. The Parents may not like it, but they  will see the result, if they don’t like it then, they can pull their child off the team and go play elsewhere. This may sound like I am complaining, if it sounds that way, then yes I am. I am tired of being the one that takes the blame for it all when I don’t have the support of the parents. If I did have the full support of all the parents and not just a select few, then, I’m sure the outcome would be a whole lot different. If the way I plan on running Offense and Defense doesn’t work out, then I will let the kids play the way they want. All I want is for them to have fun, but I will not let them be embarrassed by every team we face. I don’t want my girls to experience that and I will not let that happen. I care about these kids and I am going to show them instead of just telling them that I care. Its time to show and prove.

Every time I coach a sport, at the end of that season, I always say that I won’t coach again. I like Coaching; the part I don’t like is when the parents think they know better than you do. If that was the case, why didn’t you volunteer to coach? If you have so much knowledge and you can teach your players to be the Michael Jordan of that sport, why didn’t you volunteer? It’s all good. I WILL get this together, whether the parents like it or not. I will not let my team continue to be a punching bag of our league. It’s time to show everyone that we can play basketball. Yes, we don’t have many players that have ever played the game, but we won’t let that be an excuse. We will start to win and cause these teams to come up with a scheme to beat us. Its time for the TIDE to show that we may not have the experience, but we ARE better than you are.




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