Tomorrow is a trip that I am dreading. It’s going to be good to see family that I haven’t seen in a while, but the circumstances wasn’t the way I would get a chance to see them. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. So I go into Enterprise Rental Car to get my vehicle that I registered online and I called to ensure that they had the reservation number also. Guess what? The vehicle that I wanted was gone. So I end up getting a 2013 Chevy Equinox, which is really spacious so everyone should have plenty of space. They also made sure that it was the one that was loaded, you know heated seats, navigation, back-up camera. Balleristic style.

I want to take this time to Thank some special people in my life. Before I thank them, I want to talk about some things. While this individual was in the military he was treated like s*** and our leadership thought that he was faking his injuries. How can you fake an injury when you have a Mobile kitchen fall on your back? How can you fake going through the stresses of a single father that no one wanted to help because of the way the leadership treated him? Before I met the individual other NCO’s told me that he was this and he was that and because he was a little on the big boned size, it seemed as if every single NCO had a bullseye on him. No one, not even the 1SG took the time out to find out what was wrong. Every time he did something they would counsel him. If he showed up to P.T. a couple of minutes after 6:20 he was counseled. P.T. doesn’t start until 6:30. Keep in mind that this individual is a single father. I’ve personally seen him scrap up money so that he could provide for his little girl. Did the Company Leadership care? No. While he was my soldier I did everything I could to take care of him. Some days he wouldn’t even have an appointment, he would be straight up honest with me and I would say go home.

That is what’s wrong with the “so-called” leaders of today’s Army. NCO’s walk around as if they are gods expecting everyone to suck up and blow his head up. That’s no way to lead. Leading is showing your soldiers what right looks like, not just telling them. How can you tell a soldier that he needs to lose 5 pounds when your ass is 10 pounds overweight? It sickens  me. My bad. I didn’t mean to go off on a rant, this post wasn’t that purpose. This individual has seen me at my lowest point and was there for me, if I had it and he needed it, it was his and it was the other way around. While we both were in the military, he showed me the proper respect, but after work we were friends. He knew when it was time to be a SPC and he knew when he could be himself.

This goes out to Zach Kruzan, Tracy (last name with-held for legal purposes) and that wonderful little girl Natalie. Thank you Brother. You have been there through thick and thin. You’re not a friend, you’re a brother. You are family. I know people play around with that word, but we mean it. When I say we, I am talking about my wife and girls. You don’t know how much you and your family means to us. Again, Thank You for EVERYTHING Big and Small that you’ve done for the Gobers. I know that God has a plan for you and you will succeed. Always remember and never forget that I got your back NO MATTER WHAT. I can say this with confidence and not worry about what anyone thinks, I love you and your family. You will ALWAYS have a room in the Gober household.



When you read this, excuse the grammatical errors. I didn’t feel like proof reading. Lazy? YEP! SO.

I feel like writing, but I really don’t know what to talk about. So I will just ramble. Stay with me, it will be an organized ramble.

We are supposed to be getting some snow in the next couple of days. I’m pretty excited. Do you know what’s ironic? While I was in Germany, I HATED the snow. I would have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, go outside in my shorts (yeah, I could put on some sweat pants, but that’s too much work) and have to clean the snow off the car. In addition to cleaning the snow off the car, I would have to dig out a path so that I could back out of my parking spot. When we first  arrived in Germany, I bought a 1990 Volkswagen Golf, it was a dark purple, lowered and had some so-called “racing” rims. In Germany, and I’m sure places around the world that gets a lot of snow, you have to change your tires to snow tires. Well, I thought I was the man so I kept my cool ass racing rims on. I would be sliding on the ice and the snow would get packed in the tread of the tire and make it even worse. I know you’re wondering, did I take them off and put on the correct tire? NOPE! I did make it through the winter looking fly. Good Times.

While deployed to Afghanistan, snow was a gift and a curse. Usually during the winter the Taliban would go hide and restock, it wasn’t much enemy activity. That was the gift, but the curse was, patrols still had to go out. Also, if  the snow was really coming down then no Aircraft could come in. Speaking of that, what I never understood you have individuals that monitor the weather and they know or have a good idea of what the weather is going to be the next day. What pissed me off was, then would still send out the schedule for how many Aircrafts were supposed to come to your location. Me being the Air NCO, I had to wake up early and stand my ass on the Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) with my radio actively listening to nothing. The only time I enjoyed being on the HLZ is if my 1SG wasn’t out there getting on my damn nerves telling me how to do my damn job. This was during my 15 month deployment. I’m not bragging when I say this, but I had the best HLZ Operations in RC-East. I was the man. Another thing about being the Air NCO is everybody tries to be nice to you. I knew the majority of the pilots and crew chiefs so I could work deals. The schedule would say they were only dropping off equipment, but since I was cool with all of them, I could get people out on R&R. If I had one of my close friends, I tried not to let them ride Chinooks, I did my best to put them on Blackhawks. Favoritism, YEP! That was my OFFICE! No one could tell me how to do my job. Good Times.

I know that todays post was of me reminiscing about Germany and a deployment, but it does mean something to me. I met some good friends who I know consider family. I had fun while I was in an Infantry Unit, but when I received orders to a Cavalry Squadron, I was scared, because I heard horror stories about the Cav on how cocky and unsquared away they were. Boy were they wrong. In my opinion, if you put an infantry soldier up against a Cavalrymen, the Cavalrymen would always come out on top. Those guys can make shit happen. I’m not taking anything away from the Infantry, but the Cav they treat you how to think smart and fast. I had a great time in Germany because I was surrounded by individuals that accepted me for me and didn’t shun me because of my Military Occupational Skill.

I will end this post with, if you are ever fortunate enough to meet someone that you can call a brother, make sure you do whatever you can to keep that brotherhood strong. Distance shouldn’t be an excuse. I love all my brothers. You know who you are.

Words of Wisdom, By Sheezy, Part VI

As long as my homie keep roasting people and posting crazy stuff, I will continue to keep this Words of Wisdom, By my Ninja Sheezy going until somebody give us a damn check. We should start charging y’all just for gracing you with such greatness. #ROLLDAMNTIDEBITCH!

  • When I’m bored I like to call in sick to places I don’t work for… I’m getting written up at Kohls in the morning…
  • Advocare, Body By Vii… And all those guys have officially become the Jehovah Witnesses of the health and fitness market… I be like GOTDAMN… I get it.1557585_649337358445649_1486817930_n
  • What idiot called it the toaster and not the tanning bread?
  • Beyonce has started a movement with this album… Got ugly broads feeling sexy… Ugh. I’m working out and big mama is next to me on the cables… Hollering… Not singing… HOLLERING “Drunk In Love”… I just stared @ her until she lowered her gotdamn voice… Like… Why are you singing so loud? You DO realize that you are in PUBLIC, right?
  • Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow ass internet to see who they really are..I be ready to tear some shit up…
  • It’s interesting that people always want to tell you their age when they’re either under the age of 10 or over the age of 65….
  • Old man: Son, I’m getting old. I’m 71 years old… Me: Nigga, so?! Why are we talking? Kid: I’m 8 Me: That’s what you’re gonna lead into this with? A random declaration of your age? Boy, you better carry your lil ass on just don’t like people in general.
  • Old ass toddler…
  • Why is it called “Alien vs Predator”? Isn’t Predator an alien too? They should’ve just called it… “Some Aliens In The Forest Beefing Harder Than A Mf”
  • If you’re a stud and the point of dressing like a dude and acting like a dude is pretty much common place… I get it. Cool. Now… If I don’t know WHAT your gender is and I ask you? Shouldn’t that be a compliment? So why get mad that I didn’t know you are really a girl? I mean, you such a good job @ being a dude that I, myself… a real dude, couldn’t differentiate between the two…
  • When cops do that thing where they park side by side in an empty parking lot and talk for hours, that means they’re in love, right?
  • While someone is telling you something deep, intimate, and secret… Do you ever get the urge to interrupt with, “But… But… Um… I don’t know how to say this… But. IDGAF.” Then interrupt their response with…
    “I REEEEALLY just don’t, man.”So being that you can’t refrain from existing, could you please just get tf away from me? Now?
  • Imagine if Drake and Taylor Swift were in a relationship and then broke up…Jesus. We’d ALL drown in sorrow and sadness…




I usually don’t Blog this early, but today I feel calm and at peace. I have finally let me Grandmother go so she is able to go home peacefully without worrying about me or the family. I know that she is in a better place. I’m not worried about finances or things that have been on my mind bringing negative energy. This may sound weird, but today I feel like a brand new person, well almost brand new, still in some pain and my big toe is short, but it’s all good. Also another thing is having family to support me in this time of grief has been awesome. This is dedicated to the following individuals: My Beautiful Wife Angie, My Beautiful Girls Amya & Jaslyn, Meike J, Tommy J, My Brother Darrald, My Sister Kristica, My Cousin Erica, My Sister Lateefah Bird, My Cousin Lakeysha, My Friend/Sister Lakeesha Nicole, My Homie/Brother Sneakerbox Chock, My Friend/Sister Alicia F, My Mother Beverly G, My Aunt Gail Gober, My Uncle Roderick Gober, My Aunt Deborah Gibson, My Grandmother Sarah Gibson, My Brother Channing D. and certainly last but not least My Uncle/Pop Cedric Gibson. LrgWordFamily

It’s awesome to have people around you that don’t care what you’re going through that at the drop of a dime, they are right there to support you. It’s a great feeling. I wish that the whole world had a support system like I do. I know that I don’t keep in touch as I should, but I will do better. Of course, as most of you already know that we are human and we do forget things or have so much going on that we just forget about the most important individuals in our life. I’m going to do better, because I regret not keeping touch with my Grandma Edna and I don’t want this to happen to those in my circle. I don’t care how much I have going on I WILL make time for my family. Yes, this post really didn’t talk about a specific topic, but I felt the need to publicly thank the individuals that have played a BIG part in my healing process after my Grandmother passed. The individuals stopped what they were doing and called or sent me a text to make sure I was okay and if I needed anything they would do WHATEVER they could to help me if I needed it.

What more can you ask for? It feels good. I know that I missed some individuals, but don’t fret, I haven’t forgotten about you. To all those that posted something on my Facebook page, I want to Thank You as well. Those names are too many to put in this post. I didn’t realize how many Facebook friends I had. Just know that the same support you all gave me, you will get that from me 10 fold! I love you guys to death. All of you mean the world to me and I want you guys to never forget that. If you don’t have family to support you, then what do you have? Again, Thank You and I love you all. 


Who is Sneakerbox Chock?

168352990_640“Yo Dad, I love what we don’t have couldn’t even say sorry, withcha sorry ass.” -Sneakerbox Chock, Song: Elephants, Album: Because of Yesterday

The music of today, to me, this is my opinion makes no sense. Everybody is putting together songs about “Popping A Molly” (I had to look online to see what a damn Molly was.), Strippers, Making it Rain in the club and on and on and on.

Its crazy how these individuals are supposed to be an Artist. In my eyes a Real Hip-Hop Artist is an individual that is skilled at what they do, rhyming and emboding the 4 Elements of Hip-Hop. If you call yourself a Hip-Hop head and you don’t know the 4 elements of Hip-Hop, then you Sir/Ma’am, are NOT a Hip-Hop head, you’re a fan. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan. There are too many individuals that claim they know so much about music, just because they own a lot of music. A true Artist isn’t worried about making millions, all they want to do is put out a quality product. That’s why a lot of underground Artist don’t want to go mainstream. Once you go mainstream, you have to cater to that Record Label. In order for you to keep creative rights or let alone the master mixes of your own song, you have to have a mean legal team or a label that cares about you, but how many record labels out there care about an artist? Not many. I’ve said all that to say this, about 4-5 years ago, I think, I met this individual online. I happened to download one of his songs and I commented on it and he responded back. I was excited as s***, but then again, I thought well maybe he says something to everyone. We corresponded on Facebook for a while, got closer, exchanged phone numbers and we’ve been brothers since then. You know what’s ironic? I have never met this guy in person.

The individual’s name is Sneakerbox Chock (so I don’t have to keep writing out Sneakerbox Chock, I will refer to him as Chock). Chock was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey. I know a lot of you are wondering where he got his name, which is unique. Well, as a child his nickname was Chocky and Sneakerbox is self explanatory, he’s a sneaker head. Not like 20-25 pair, I’m sure it’s probably in the hundreds. Mad sneakers! For those that aren’t familiar with Camden, it’s no Atlantic City or Newark. According to some statistics I found online, your chances of becoming a victim of a Violent Crime is 25.69%, the average for the State of New Jersey is 2.90%, the U.S. National Average is 3.9%. If that isn’t good enough for you then go look up the stats yourself. He started rapping in the early 90’s and in ALL of his music he talks about his life experiences. I can tell you that I have never listened to one of his songs and thought that listening to it was a waste of my time. Those same life experiences that he writes in his lyrics and put on a dope track keeps him motivated to keep writing. If you ask some of today’s “Artist” what was their reason for getting into the music industry, I’m sure you will get the same cookie cutter answer, “I wanted to change the sound of music” or “It was either rapping or trapping.” Before you shoot holes through that last statement, look at the majority of today’s Hip-Hop Artist, about 85% of them are talking about selling drugs or saying how much weight they were pushing before they started rapping. So, everybody that raps, was once a drug dealer? No. They put on a front for the public in order to obtain a fanbase, but that’s not the reason for this post.

SONY DSCIt takes a lot of ups and downs before you finally get the right concoction before you get it right. He has been through a lot. Done time, spent months upon months away from his family and almost lost his life. Somehow he finally found his calling, Rapping. I just wish that the rest of the world would turn off the bulls*** and listen to some good music. All that happens today is you get someone to make some tight ass beat and a “supposedly” aspiring  artist will buy that beat and put some bulls*** lyrics on it and somehow it gets heard by the right individual and he/she becomes an overnight sensation. Instead of hanging out on the streets, Chock is taking care of his family and doing what he can to put out quality music. When music becomes therapeutic, then you know, you are doing what makes you happy and you know that the product you give your fans is going to be of the highest quality. No matter what frustrations he faces, he doesn’t let him stop his grind. About 2 months ago he had to have surgery on his knee and I’m sure during that time he was perfecting his craft though he was immobilized. I get so upset some time because there are individuals out there just like Chock, but today’s music industry doesn’t want to hear what they have to say. They want something that a girl or guy can twerk to. Yes, believe it or not, GROWN ASS MEN are twerking. Underrated Artists like Chock always puts out a quality product, but they are overlooked because the music industry or the rest of the world is not ready to hear someone talk about the struggle that we as REGULAR people go through every single day. They want to hear about how much a rapper has in the bank or how big their rims are. No where in the 4 Elements of Hip-Hop does it even mention that, so how in the world did we get to this point? I don’t know. I’m still searching for the answer.

This Blog Post was to give you guys a little peak at one of my favorite Artists of All-Time. Chock is in the Top 5, to me he is on the same level as Jay-Z and T.I. A lot of you may not agree, but I really don’t give a f***, because it’s MY Top 5 and not yours. If you  guys want to hear some quality music, I highly suggest that you guys take a listen to what he has previously put out and be ready for what’s up next. Since I’m a part of the crew, I got a sneak peak at a song yesterday. All I’m going to say is that it has so much emotion to it. If you guys don’t remember anything from this post, remember this name: Sneakerbox Chock. Go to iTunes, Amazon, or any website where you can buy music digitally. If we as Hip-Hop fans want Hip-Hop to get back to where it was once before, it’s in our hands. Too many corporations have their hands in the pot. If we don’t stop endorsing the current bulls*** then it will never change. It’s all up to US.

New Album Drops February 25, 2014 make sure you cop it. I know I am. Like 3 or 4!

Before you look past this post, I want you to check him out for yourself. Give him a chance.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SneakerBoxChock?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SneakerBoxChock

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sneakerbox-chock/id345348043


What a whirlwind, the last 24 hours have been. I’m still in shock. I don’t believe it, but I know its real.

As I sit here in front of this computer screen trying to put something together, I can’t. It almost feels like my Grandmother is telling me to let go. Its crazy how much an individual means to you when they pass away. For me it’s knowing the fact that I will never get to say I love you to her. We as human beings take LIFE for granted. We get used to people being around so much that while they are in flesh form, you could go years without talking or corresponding with that person, but as soon as that person takes their final breath on this earth, you feel as if your world crumbles at your feet. I could sit here and say what I could have or should have done better, but what is that going to do, other than make me miss my Grandmother more? Nothing.

On March 8, 2007, my Aunt Tammy was called home. That day is bitter sweet, because it’s my birthday. I remember the day of the funeral, I kept asking myself if I really wanted to go, because I kept telling myself that I didn’t want to see her that way, but my Grandmother said, “you need to go honey, it would do you some good. JJ, you hear me? Alright, don’t make me spank you boy. You ain’t too old to get no whipping.” My Grandmother is preparing to bury her last girl and she is being strong for me? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? As we walked in the church, we were ushered down the center to our seats at the front. I remember my Grandmother holding my hand and holding it tight as we got closer to the casket. She let my hand go, walked up to the casket, kissed Tammy, said I love you and we sat down. She did shed some tears, but I was more emotional than she was.

My Grandmother and my Uncle Rod, her oldest son, are the spearhead of this family. No matter what happens, who can you always count on? Uncle Rod and Aunt Gail, these two have already raised their children, some nieces, and nephews. My grandmother has 3 sons, but Uncle Rod is the only that goes above and beyond for the family in the time of need. I asked him why does he does it? He said somebody has to do it. I could go on and on about this or that, but I know that’s not what she wants. She wants her life to be celebrated. Its easy to say it, but so damn hard to let go. I can hear her soft voice saying to me, “let go honey. Don’t cry for me. I’m going home, it’s time for me to go see my girls.”

Take the time whenever you have a chance to let your family know that you love them. We’re not perfect and we won’t change overnight, but we can do better. Stop taking LIFE for granted. Cherish it, because you NEVER know if your last hug, kiss, conversation about nothing, or just being in the same room with a certain person, is the last time you spend until eternity………

“Just know that God makes no mistakes and he won’t bring you to what he won’t bring you through. He gives his hardest test to his toughest Soldiers. Keep your head up! EVERYTHING will be OKAY! Gods got you!” -Amanda Deas

“Come unto me all those who are burden and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”…..HE means that…HIS rest is for YOU…..HE also tells us “take HIS yoke upon us for HIS yoke is easy and HIS burden is light”…..when we are weak…then HE is strong….welcome Jared you are just where you are suppose to be…..LEANING ON HIM!!!!!!!! HE can handle ALL of it!!!! HE died to do just that…….love ya” -Aunt Gail Gober


Rest In Peace Grandma Edna M. Glover

You will be truly missed. I love you and look forward to our reunion on Judgement Day.


Mid Ka Mid Ah Boqol Oo Siddeed Iyo Toban

As most of you already know, I am coaching a Recreation Basketball team. Before the season started I asked for some advice. Some good friends of mine gave some great advice. The crazy thing is what I “attempted” to teach them was what I thought was pretty easy. A 2-3 Zone for Offense and a 1-2-2 Zone for Defense. Well, it never  worked. Why? I have NO CLUE. Right now, our record is 0-3. As I mentioned in a previous post is that the parents thought the job was easy. They let the girls show up when they wanted to and  wouldn’t let me or the other coach know anything. After our second game, a couple of the parents were running their mouths saying that we were not teaching the girls the basics of the game. First of all, how in the hell am I to teach them the basics if they are not there? Secondly, If I teach them one thing and you don’t like it, you change it then try to blame it on me? GTFOH! So at the next practice, I let the parents and whoever else wanted to coach do their thing. Do you know the score of our last game? 30-0. All of a sudden they wanted me to coach and said what I’m teaching the girls was working. The girls were still confused about who plays where and what they are supposed to do. I talked it over with the other coach and tried to come up with why it wasn’t working.

Since an easy Offense and Defense was not working, I looked online and read some articles. I came across and article talking about a very basic Triangle Offense and using an 2-3 or 3-2 (Extended) Zone Defense. They made it seem so easy. I went to YouTube and watched a couple of videos, if you don’t know what I’m talking about (It’s the same Offense that the 91-94, 95-98 Bulls and L.A. Lakers Won their Championships). I broke it down so that I could somehow implement the Triangle into my Offense and the 2-3/3-2 Extended into my Defense. Why did they understand this better than what I previously tried to teach them? This new Offense and Defense is a LOT harder, but it’s easier for the girls to comprehend. It amazes me that every time I call it, it happens flawlessly. I then thought if they can learn a basic Triangle Offense then lets try a 4 in 1 Offense. I explained it to them, showed them a diagram, walked them through it and that was history. We now have 2 Offenses and 2 Defenses we can use. We haven’t had a chance to try them on another team, but I feel VERY confident that we are going to do some damage. Another advantage we’ve had is we already know how the teams we face play. For example, our sister team, always sends a double team to my point guard as soon as she crosses half court, which is an advantage for us, because its 4 on 3 down low.

Never really playing any organized basketball, I’ve learned a hell of a lot. I’m thinking about Coaching Basketball next season. I don’t know. I’m waiting for Soccer to roll around, because I have something to prove. My first and Second Seasons I was embarrassed because I didn’t understand the game, but since I was the assistant coach for the All-Star team last season, I learned SOOOOOO much. My team is going to be “that” team you don’t want to play. I’ve also done a lot of research on my own and tried to sharpen my skills so that I am not only able to explain, but show them how it should be done. Yeah, I have a messed up foot, but I WILL NOT let that be an excuse this year. Hopefully after I get my new big toe joint and hardware I can run. Who knows?!! I’m excited. If all works out and I become not just a good coach, but a Great Coach, maybe I’ll try to make a living out of it. We were supposed to have a game tonight, but it was cancelled. Our next game is on Thursday so we will see how successful of a coach I really am. I will keep you guys updated.