I started this whole blogging journey on a positive note, so I’ll leave 2013 going into 2014 on a positive one as well.

Since beginning this journey I have learned a lot about myself and those that I have given the title as friends. A lot of them started this year off in a different mind of frame than I. That’s why they are no longer friends or have moved past the friend title and have become family. I said at the beginning of 2013, I would let go of dead weight, but didn’t learn what dead weight was until October-November timeframe so it was a late start for me. I’m not going to start this year off with another New Year’s Resolution, what I will do is continue to thank God for allowing me and my family to see and breath the breathe of a new day. This day wasn’t promised to any of us, so why dwell on the negative. I can say that since realizing I had dead weight to let go, people I didn’t really consider a friend came out of nowhere and filled the spot, not because they were trying to get close to me or my family (what’s so special about me?), but they were only giving me what I had given them without even noticing it. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when you think you’re out for the count, it’s those individuals that jump right in and are willing to sacrifice what they have, because whether you realize it or not, you did the same for them without even knowing it.

Its crazy how life works itself out, right? I hope to capitalize off of the new relationships that have fostered and continue to learn from the ones that came to such an abrupt and unlikely end.  I’m sure that all the dead weight hasn’t moved on, but I will spot it and immediately remove it, because how I am I going to continue forward or skyward progress with extra weight? I’m no perfect person, but there is one thing that you can’t tell me is that I haven’t learned a lot in these last 3-4 months of my life. As my family and I move on, into 2014, we will use these last 3-4 months as a guide or manual to continue our navigation. Everybody, always has an answer when they are on the outside looking in, but until they actually live what you’ve been through, how can they give you advice? They can’t. It’s impossible. How in the world is someone, never deploying in their career, going to tell me what to expect, because of what a damn book says? No, it takes experience. What you can do, is take all the knowledge that you have around you and come up with a plan that fits you and your circumstances. Never turn away or automatically disregard ANY advice. It may seem ridiculous at the time; look at it like this, it doesn’t fit your situation at the present time. It will work itself in your life at one time or another or it’s for you to pass on to someone else.

Our decisions that we make in our lives are done for a reason. No matter what your religious stance is, I want you to keep this in mind: Karma, is a b****. It’s all about energy. Of course, no matter what type of energy you give off, you’re not always going to get it back in return, just know that if you do all you can to be positive or what you think is positive, then it will work out. I promise. It may not workout when you want it to, but it will work out. If there is any advice that I can provide to you going into 2014, that’s it. I don’t have it all figured out, but this is what I’ve learned so far. As I learn it, I will pass it on to you. I expect the same from you.

Be positive, do your best to give off good/positive energy and keep your eyes on the prize. Troubles don’t last always.





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