Ciento Tres

This is an experience that I have never shared with anyone until today.

I redeployed from Operation Iraqi Freedom III, January 2006 and had been home for about a month. The whole time I was gone, I kept asking my wife if I could get a new pair of Air Jordans? She told me to wait until I got back, but I told her that I wanted to have them waiting on me, of course, those that know my wife, knows that she can be umm, what’s a good word to describe her without sounding like a total jerk…….a very persistent latin individual! Yeah, that sounds good to me.  So I got back and of course started my search for Air Jordans, at this point I had no idea that they even made fake Jordans; I am being so serious about this; I searched the internet and found a website that was selling Nike Air Jordans for $85.00 a pair. I was ecstatic.

Keep in mind, I grew up in Enterprise, Alabama, a very small town, when I was growing up, so buying a pair of fake Air Jordans, had never became an issue, because, we always bought our kicks from Hibbet Sports, Sneakers or the P.X. on Fort Rucker; they always sold the real Air Jordans for a very inexpensive price, between $105 – $125. The very first pair of Air Jordans that I ever bought, with my own money, was the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” Released in 1997. It took me 2 weeks of babysitting to make them ends. The first $60.00, I put my pair on layaway, they hadn’t arrived yet and the second $60.00, I went and picked up my pair. I thought I was the man, I was TOO FLY!

Air Jordan 12 %22Taxi%22

While in High School I had 2 jobs. The first job I had, I would work on almost every weekend during the school year. I would go to Massey Trucking, a local trucking company and wash eighteen wheelers. My uncle asked me if I wanted the job and I said heck yeah. On Friday night, my Grandmother or Aunt would come and pick me up. Saturday morning, my grandmother would make me breakfast and lunch. Awesome Grandmother; and she NEVER asked me for a dime. Looking back on it, I would have changed that and made her take something. She would get upset with me if my mother took any of my money, but that’s not the point of the story.

Massey Trucking

I thought it was some pretty easy money, $20.00 a truck. When I first started, I would only get maybe 4 trucks done. (I’m talking about spraying the engine down with some engine cleaner, washing it off, then pressure washing the engine and under the hood; closing the hood, washing the cab, with bucket and long handle brush, pressure washing it, then pressure washing with soap and water; then doing the same on process on the trailer.) When I left for Basic Training, I made it to the point that I could get at least 10 done; on some Sundays after church, I would go make some money.

My Second Job, was only a summer job, but I would babysit for my Preacher and his wife. On Sunday Night, after Sunday Night Service, I would go home with them and their youngest son (Name With-held for embarrassment purposes). I only started doing this because their oldest son had gone into the Military. It was an awesome job. You couldn’t beat that. Free Food, Free Cable, Movies, Your Own Room and on top of off that you’re getting paid to do all this? Come on now, I was making a nice chunk of change, but I had to help out my mother, because it was the right thing to do. I didn’t like giving her my money (this part I have never told her, I would tell her that I would only wash a certain amount of trucks; this all started as I got better at washing them and could wash a lot more; I felt the need to do this, because I was a teenager and I wanted to have my own money.) Anyway, I keep getting side tracked.

Okay, let’s fast forward a little. I join the Army get stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, stay there for 4 years, I then go to Fort Polk, LA, meet my wife, stay there for a little over 2 and a half years; we then were sent to Fort Benning, GA, this is where the story picks back up.

I redeploy from Iraq all that good stuff that you read in the beginning. As I previously stated, I had no idea that fake Jordans were even made. I was so naive! My wife being from a big city, already knew what the deal was. I told her that I found a website where you could buy Air Jordans for $85.00 and immediately says, “Papi, I think they are fake.”, I respond with no they are not, they don’t even make fake shoes, what are you talking about. What you have to realize is that I am a very stubborn individual. She says to me, AGAIN, “Papi, there is no where in the world where you can buy a pair of Air Jordans, unless they are fake, they used to sell them at the flea market all the time.” Of course, me being the “WISE” individual I am, I buy 3 pair. I buy a pair of Air Jordan 6’s (Retro) Black on Black-Infrared “Promised Land” (original release date: 1991), Air Jordan 7’s (Retro) Black on True Red “Pure Gold” (original release date: 1992), and Air Jordan 13’s (Retro) Black on Black-Infared “Black Cat Pounces” (original release date: 1998). 

Air Jordan 2010 - Air Jordan XX8 Air Jordan 1- Air Jordan 2009

I was under the impression that all three pair were REAL, LEGIT, Air Jordan Sneakers. About 3 weeks go by and finally my package arrives. It was on a Saturday and while I am cleaning my Yellow Dodge Neon, the UPS man walks up to me with a bag to sign for, it wasn’t a bag of  3 boxes, but a bag of 3 pairs of shoes. The way the house was set up, our kitchen table was right by the door, so instead of sitting down at the table for my wife to see me open this package, I go straight to the kitchen. I get a knife and slice the top of the bag and look in the bag. Immediately, I feel like the worlds biggest jackass. I look at the shoes and try to make them real in my mind. NOT 1 shoe look like the other one. So I had 6 individual shoes that all looked different. On one shoe, the leg of the Jumpman, is extremely long and on the other shoe to that pair, his foot looks amputated. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, except for Auburn Fans. My wife was laughing so hard. She said I told you so. I felt so flat.

If you go on a website that is claiming to sell discounted, cheap, inexpensive or for a low price Air Jordans, STOP! DON’T DO IT TO YOURSELF! I don’t care how much you want to a pair. Save up your money and pay for the real pair. For the amount I paid for 6 individuals shoes, I could have bought a REAL pair. Take this as a lesson, not just for shoes, but for everything you plan to spend your hard earned money for. Make sure that you get what you are paying for. If you have it in your mind that you want a FAKE Pair of Jordans or a fake Ralph Lauren Polo, then do what you have to do, if you need me to I could refer you to a couple of websites! LOL!!. If the place you are purchasing your merchandise isn’t a reputable one then don’t do it to yourself. If you call yourself a “Sneaker-head” and you are buying from sites that are selling discounted, cheap, inexpensive or for a low price Air Jordans, then you sir or ma’am are NOT a true Sneaker-head.

Since that horrible experience I don’t buy from a site or store unless I KNOW that I am getting exactly what I pay for. I wouldn’t call myself a “sneaker-head,” I would call myself a person that loves shoes. I don’t go out and pay for a pair of shoes just because they are being reissued, I buy shoes that I like. Please, take this as a lesson and make sure you get what you pay for.

**Special Announcement: It’s Official, I am Officially apart of the Screwface World Movement! If you don’t know anything about the movement, here are a few websites you can check out for yourself: Support the Movement! SCREWFACE WORLD MUSIC GROUP/Get on it now, because we are about fly to the next level! If you’re not down with the movement, get the F*** out the way. #Only.Positive.People.On.This.Movement (#O.P.P.O.T.M)!!

***No I’m not an Artist on the label, these are just some down to earth dudes that are trying to provide for their families that let a dude like me, from Alabama Represent their movement. I don’t Rap, Ghostwrite, Gangbang, or none of that other stuff that you would associate with a label. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not trying to bring ANY NEGATIVE LIGHT TO THIS movement, they have been doing this longer that I have, I’m just lucky enough to be apart of the movement and they let me fly the Screwface World Music Group Flag! So if you see any of this: #DCG, #SWM, #SCREWFACE4LIFE, #SBC, #BDD, #TRXTGA, #SCREWFACEWORLDMUSICGROUP, you know what I am talking about, because you saw it here. 


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