One Zero Duece

Okay, here’s an update to the Voluntary Repossession that I talked about yesterday:

  • Well, something or someone in this whole process has done something wrong. Of course, I did some research and a LOT of things were done wrong on the Lenders part. Instead of them just picking the vehicle up, there is a process that needs to be followed. Apparently, some big wigs were notified (I sent out, some friendly emails) and now, the Lender is trying to cater to me. They are now trying to do things the right way. At this point, it might  be a little too late, on their part.
  • To make a long story short, because somethings were not approved by the big wigs, there is a possibility that the vehicle may be coming back to me and we would be clear and free from all payments, because according to the U.S. & Georgia code, they fucked some shit up. Apparently, because I was medically retired from the Army, included in my car payment I was paying a disability insurance. Once I was declared disabled by the military, the insurance company should have been notified immediately by the Lender, but that was not done. So, since this wasn’t done, everything has to stop and a disability claim has to be done. Once it’s done, the insurance company will pay from the day I was declared disabled by the military up to the current date (Today). So we will see how this plays out. Pretty crazy right? I know. There’s always a ray of sunshine in a clouded sky. (Shhhhh….don’t say anything. Just let that marinate for a couple of minutes!) 

On to today’s Topic…………


This holiday season doesn’t really feel like the holidays. We haven’t put up a Christmas Tree or anything related to Christmas or the coming New Year. Luckily, my wife started Christmas shopping for the girls during the summer, so they will have a great Christmas Day, that’s why I love my Butter Pecan Puerto Rican! So that’s a positive! I’m sure that this Holiday Season, compared to our previous holiday seasons, has been our worst one yet. It’s all due to our financial situation, but that isn’t the reason I feel the way I do. I feel “a little bit out of the Holiday Spirit”, because I don’t have a job to be the “provider” for my family. I am still filling out applications and have done some networking in the community so I could possibly get some work as a substitute teacher or something working with the Board of Education. My wife is waiting for a job opening at Gulfstream. Her application and resume has been accepted, which is a good thing, because she already has some of the skills that they might be looking for and she has some individuals on the inside that are in management positions that want her back, but is stagnant because most of the hiring individuals have taken time off due to the holiday season. Hopefully soon, she will get some kind of confirmation for an interview or someone to tell her that she doesn’t have what they are looking for. We shall see!

Fiona Apple Quote

It’s crazy how a negative situation can ruin your spirit. It’s all good though, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. We are gonna make it. It just sucks that it happened at this point of the year. That’s about it for today, if I feel like talking about any other issues, I will post again later. I know today’s post isn’t exciting or has something for some of you individuals to gossip about. That’s just the life of a REGULAR; sometimes it sucks to be a REGULAR, but I wouldn’t change it for anything else in this world. This is only making me a stronger individual, Father, Husband and Friend. Our family sure is a lot closer, which is also another positive in this negative situation.


newpage1-1 BZSoB7NCcAA3U_S.jpg-large

(It will always and forever be that way! Never forget it!)

***HERE’S ONE FOR ALL THE ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE & SEC HATERS, I must admit, its pretty funny***



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