One Zero Deuce . 5

This is dedicated to a special person that was sent to this earth too early and was enjoyed by 2 special individuals for a short time. She was taken from us too early. I know that she is an Angel looking down on The Rogers Familia and The Gober Clan. I really hope that I am not overstepping any boundaries by doing this, but this individual needs to be shared to the world. She was my God Daughter. She was only on this cruel earth for 2 days, but the time she was here, her wonderful Parents enjoyed EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. Though her mother was swollen and all patched up from a C-Section, she was by her side and didn’t want to leave her side. She was MADE to get some rest by her husband, who is one of my BEST friends. These two individuals aren’t our friends, they are our family and will forever be that way, even if they want to leave us and go back to “that” state. We love these guys as if they were our blood. Paul, Mylke and Rylee, this is dedicated to you. We Love You.

Rylee Addison Rogers

Sunrise: September 7, 2012

Sunset: September 9, 2012





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