This is my 101st post, if you want to get technical, it’s officially my 117th. This is crazy. I started off with 4 individuals that believed in me when I started this. I know it’s not about that, but it does make me feel like I am accomplishing something; especially when I have people that actually read what I post and look forward to my next one. That’s a positive, but that’s not the subject of today’s post. Today my Faith was tested. It’s not something life-changing, but I took it as my faith being tested.

Today was one of the hardest days of my life. It took a lot for me to let go. What I had to do was let go of my 2010 BMW X3. Financially, right now, it’s not a smart idea. What it’s officially called is a voluntary repossession. When most people think of a repossession, they automatically think it’s a bad thing. A Voluntary Repossession is when you “voluntarily” give your car back to the auto lender rather than going through the process of a physical repossession. The major benefit of a voluntary repossession is that you won’t have to face the auto lender’s cost of repossessing the vehicle. Also, that television show where these two dudes ride around in a repossession truck and pull up to your house ask you questions, if you get all three right you keep your car, but if you get them wrong, they take your car. That’s T.V. people. Now the Involuntary repossession, the lender comes to take back the car. The lender can sometimes take the car from your property without your permission as long as they do not disturb you or your neighbors; sneak around find the car, no matter where it is, validate the VIN, then take it. That’s real, that does happen. I saw that with my own eyes while at a Mall.

The Consequences of a Voluntary Repossession is that it will go on my credit report and remain for seven years. Another thing most individuals don’t know is that if you have already paid 60% of the loan, then the lender will NOT sue you for the remaining balance; before you-know-it-alls chime in, I have already discussed this with my lender and in MY situation, that’s how it’s going to happen. If you don’t go through the process of the “Right to Redeem” the vehicle will go to auction and you will not owe the lender anything. So, yeah it will be on my credit report for seven years, but I am willing to have that on my credit report than my family and I having our house foreclosed on and no where to live. As I said, it took a lot for me to make this decision. I wanted to keep it, but my wife suggested it, of course I opposed it, but it sure would suck to have a bad ass car, but no house. It’s all about priorities. That’s what adults do.

With only one income in the house right now, I had to man up and re-prioritise. I’m not scared of being a man and admitting that I had a repossession, it’s all about priorities. I know it’s all for the good. My wife has a job interview tomorrow so things are already starting to look up. I made it a point in my Blog not to hold anything back from you readers, that’s why the name of the Blog is THE REGULARS. Some may say that I am giving the universe too much of me, what people don’t realize is that I have a purpose on this earth, right now it’s to be a Man and take a care of my family first and foremost. We do have another vehicle, but having two makes our situation better, but we are going to get through this. I don’t want anyone to think that I am pushing religion on any of you, though my faith was tested today and it will be tested again, these “situations” only make my faith stronger.

Life is full of decisions and you have to do what is right for you and your family. Sometimes you make good decisions and sometimes you make bad ones. Maybe I could have become a big time Drug dealer and bought a whole fleet of BMW’s, but lets be realistic and come back from Pluto. (I know that it’s no longer considered a planet, but I grew up knowing it as Pluto and that’s what it is! Like it or not!) You know what’s crazy, it takes for the Lord to give you an instant “slap” in the face for you to realize that, it’s NOT YOU that make this world turn, it’s HIM and HIM only.


Never look down on someone

Things like this happen to good people all the time. When you fall on your face, you get up, dust yourself off, make sure your family is straight and keep trucking to the light. IT WILL GET BETTER, the Gober Clan is not worried, so we don’t want you guys to worry either.

It’s still #ROLLDAMNTIDE! Ain’t nothing changed, but the number of vehicles. It’s all good baby!


The Greatest Pleasure

When life knocks you down


2 thoughts on “101

  1. Sorry to hear that brother but even thi its a man thing cars are just material stuff i went through a similar thing i trade my beautiful 01 mustang cobra i miss it like crazy but at that time it seem like the right thing to do i had that car just as a toy really and my sister need it a car so i trade it for an infinity m45 nice too and handed her the title my point is that you did what was better for you and your fam.

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