Never in my wildest dreams would I have to EVER thought that I would have to talk about this subject. The subject I am talking about is Bullying. Today my oldest daughter tells me that she is being bullied. She told her mother over a month ago, but didn’t want to tell me because when it comes to my wife and/or girls, I have a “slight” temper. Maybe the word “Slight Temper” doesn’t explain how I feel.

Apparently, some students that are bigger than my daughter are calling her names such as midget, short stuff and things like that. My wife told her to talk to the guidance counselor, but nothing has been done. I’m pretty sure that if they are calling her names, other children are getting the same treatment. My daughter is a little soldier and she does her best to hide the fact that it hurts her while in school, but as soon as she gets home when she talks about it she gets emotional and starts to cry. That’s one thing I hate to see is my girls crying because of an asshole feels the need to be a fucking Bully.

I went to the Georgia Department of Education website, downloaded the policy of Bullying and printed it out and I plan on going to school with her in the morning to squash all this madness. If the school won’t fix it, I will. I feel that it’s crazy how we put trust in the teachers and administration to protect our children and look out for their well being while in their care, it seems to me they aren’t doing enough to stop it or making a better effort to stop it. It pisses me off that these “so-called bullies” can say and do whatever they want without anything being done. I will ASSURE you that I will get to the bottom of this issue. When it comes to my little princesses I don’t play. I will do whatever is needed to ensure this issue taken care of.

I’m not sure if they think that I’m the type of parent that doesn’t care and will just let it ride without voicing my disgust, but not me they chose the wrong FATHER to let theses issues continue to happen. I’m not the one, when it comes to my girls. I try to be involved in everything I can when it comes to their education, safety and overall well-being. If the administration can’t handle it then I will do it myself. I don’t plan on going to the school to act like an asshole (I don’t want to be arrested), I will be calm and do my best to explain to the administration that I WILL NOT tolerate this type of behavior from any child. I don’t care who’s child they are. If I need to sit down with the parent I will, because something needs to be done before anything drastic happens. I WILL NOT have my child be afraid to go to school and have the added stress of being bullied.

Now that I have ranted enough, my point is something needs to be done, before it gets worse and an event like the Columbine incident happens to us. I can’t stand the fact that my daughter may be thinking that the fix to this issue is suicide or thinking that she isn’t good enough, because of a Bully. Not happening in the world of the Gober clan. “The bucks stops here PLAYA!!!”


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4 thoughts on “NINETY-NIZ-INE!

  1. It is such a different world from when we were in school being bullied. Then it was something grown ups said makes you stronger. Now you have babies doing the unthinkable, killing themselves or others. Now you would think that parents would teach there children not to do stuff like this for the sake of their own lives! How many school shootings have we had and bullying was part of it? People need to wake up. It’s not just normal playground stuff anymore…

    1. And that is 100% corrects Ms. Faire.. It sucks that a child has to even go through crap like this. I’ve always felt that bullies need to feel the pain, but worse, that they put individuals through. I’ve always wondered what makes them tick. Soon enough I believe Karma will come around and bite that ass!!!!

  2. You are a great father, Jared. Protect your daughter! It sounds to me that you are doing everything you can for her. Also, allowing her to talk about it is extremely helpful to her. You are her knight in shining armor!

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