Here is an update to yesterday’s post:

  • As I stated yesterday that I would be taking my oldest daughter to school to have a sit down with the Guidance Counselor and the Principal. I arrived at the elementary school and parked. Usually when I take the girls to school I always say Good Morning to the teachers or any of the individuals of the administration and drop them off. Whenever I park my vehicle, they know that something is wrong. As soon as I parked and got out of the vehicle, one of the ladies who I know, already knew that something was wrong. As I walked toward the entrance of the school, she stopped me and asked me was their a problem with one of them and I said no. She let out a sigh of relief and asked what the issue was. I told her that I wanted to talk to the Principal and Guidance Counselor. She escorted me and my daughter to the office and let the secretary know what I needed. 
  • The secretary paged for the Principal and Guidance Counselor report to the office. The Principal walked in first, said Good Morning Mr. Gober what can we do for you? I said that I would like a meeting with him and the guidance counselor regarding my oldest daughter being bullied. He then escorted me and my daughter into his office and called for the guidance counselor to come into his office and close the door. The Principal asked me to explain again my reason for the meeting so that the Guidance counselor was aware why she was called into the office. I stated that the reason why I wanted this meeting was because according to the outlines of bullying stated in the School handbook that my daughter is being bullied.
  • The first question my daughter was asked, if she was being physically being bullied and she replied no. I stepped in the conversation and said that she was being bullied orally from another 5th Grader. The Principal asked my daughter who the person was and she gave him the name of the accused party. I said to the Guidance Counselor that on one occasion this school year that she had talked to her, she acknowledged that she knew about the conversation and said that at the time that my daughter couldn’t give her a description or name of this individual. I then stated that she has a name and description of the accused party. The Principal immediately wrote the name down of the accused party and the name of his homeroom teacher. My daughter was then asked what was being said to her; she stated that she was being called midget, short stuff and if there was a crowd around other individuals would get involved calling her the same thing and they would laugh. 
  • The Principal assured me that he would take care of the situation immediately and that an issue such as this would not happen again to her or any other student. He asked me if there were anymore issues that I would like to talk about and I said no. 


Though I told the Principal that I didn’t have any issues to discuss, I do. Here’s some of the issues that I have:

  • School Security – There are too many doors that are unlocked in this school. If I wanted to, instead of going straight to the office, I’m sure that I could just walk freely around the school, because there are some many entrances to the school that are not monitored and locked. Along with school security, there is a Sheriff’s Deputy that “supposedly walks” around the school during the day to make sure no one enters the school. I haven’t seen it done yet; either the Sheriff’s Deputy vehicle is parked at Sheriff’s office or at one of the major crosswalks and it stays there during the school day. There is no way you can make me believe that this Deputy walks around the school; the reason I say that is because this Deputy is what you would call “big-boned.” Matter of fact I will just say it, she’s fat, not just pudgy, but obese.
  • Teacher Accountability – Why I mention Teacher Accountability, here’s an example: When the students are sent to lunch the teacher walks the class to the lunchroom door makes sure that all their students walk in, then the teacher disappears. In the lunchroom, there are two “lunchroom monitors” that walk around and attempt to actively walk around to make sure the students are not being loud or obnoxious. When the students sit down for lunch they sit at an assigned table and eat with students from their class and students from another class. I don’t have a problem with that, my issue is, I don’t think that it should be the responsibility of a “lunchroom monitor” to make sure the students are behaving. I wholeheartedly believe that responsibility should be that of the teacher. Yes, I do realize that there are more than one class sitting at the table, but I feel that if there is a teacher at one end of the table and another teacher at the other end, this would help monitor the volume of their students they are assigned. If there is some specific reason that this issue can’t be the way I suggested, there should be “lunchroom monitors” that are not walking around acting like they are looking out for the well being of the children and have individuals that genuinely care about what they are doing. When I had lunch with my girls, the individuals that are the monitors walk around like they hate the job and sometimes talk to the children in a manner that I feel is disrespectful. I always tell my girls that if one of the monitors raise their voice at them or try to “punish them by making them clean tables” to immediately, but respectfully say that they need to go to the office and call me. The reason why I am that way is because of the demeanor of the monitors. At times while eating lunch with my girls, I notice that the monitors walk around and try to find something wrong or say a student is talking too loud so that the monitor can raise their voice. My girls already know the deal, it doesn’t matter who it is, if they feel they are wrongly accused or disrespected in any way, they are to call me. Overprotective you say, I say, I’m a VERY concerned parent.
  • Cameras and Metal Detectors – The majority of the schools in the United States already have these in place, so why doesn’t the schools in this county have this in place? With the amount of school shootings thats happened in the United States, you would think that ALL schools would update school security. I give the school credit for having 1 camera that is in the worst place possible, it’s in a blind spot and no one monitors it. I know the reason they don’t monitor it, because IT’S IN A DAMN BLIND SPOT! I may be from Alabama, but I’m pretty sure that I could find a better place for that 1 camera.
  • Use School Funds Appropriately – Instead of trying to buy iPads for each student, update the computers in the computer lab, get the teachers better equipment to teach with, update the books for the students to learn with, buy lockers for the students so they don’t have to lug around a backpack full of books. The issue with lockers, the students have to lug around books that they won’t use until a certain 9 weeks. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t.

These are just some of the issues that I have with the school and I’m sure that other parents have issues also. I know that complaining in a Blog Post isn’t going to do anything, that’s why I plan on attending the next Board of Education meeting so I am able to voice my concerns. Some of you may say that I am turning small issues into big ones. I don’t think so, because it’s the small issues that turn into big ones and things like School Shootings happen or a child is hurt due to a teacher not doing their job. I get it, teachers don’t get paid what they deserve, but they went to College and wanted to teach, they applied for the job and they were hired. I feel they should take it serious and should treat the students as if they were their own. The majority of the teachers have kids that attend different schools, because they live in a different county or because of the issues listed above. I hope that I am not the only parent with these concerns, because if I am, then it worries me that I can’t take my kids to school and have a warm and fuzzy about their safety. I guess it’s because I’m a Father and I want my girls to be safe or maybe I just like to complain! If you feel that I am being “Mr. Downer” and you have suggestions or have an opinion about why I shouldn’t complain, please leave comments or message me and we can talk about it. I welcome all comments, positive or negative.








2 thoughts on “1 HUNID

  1. You should write a letter to the school district supervisor because you’re not only giving the issues but a way to fix it to, plus maybe your the 1000 letter he gets and he’ll take actions on it you’ll never know.
    I don’t know if I’m to young or my kids are young or what but this might sound bad but I don’t know how else to say it and please don’t take it the wrong way but I’m glad your going through this and write about it so I can learn from you cause I would have no clue how to deal with that other than going to that little brats house and curse out his/ her dad lol. Anyways imma take note it will only make me a better father and I’m all for that.

    1. Javy Turbo, that sounds like a great idea. I’m gonna do it. Thanks for the suggestion brother! I really appreciate the support brother, it means a lot especially coming from you. I love ya Bro!

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