Before I get into today’s topic of discussion, I’m seriously thinking about not talking about College Sports over Social Media at all. The reason why I am even considering this decision is, because everybody thinks that they know more than this person does and will argue about this issue. I don’t claim to know a lot about College Athletics, but since I have been on a “College Sports Timeout” I’ve noticed that adults bickering over sports, at all, is ridiculous. This is so crazy. Did I look like these individuals? I must honestly say, yes, I was apart of this issue. Reading statements made by grown ass adults and to go back and forth about College Sports and how corrupt it is, also how this conference is more corrupt than this one, looks ridiculous. I will say this and end it here, no one other than the University, College or Academy, Staff and Teachers are the only people getting paid. This season has given me a bad taste for Collegiate Sports due to how “die hard” individuals are willing to go to the end of the earth for a team that doesn’t give a shit about them. On to today’s topic……

Since I have become a “house Dad”, I have had a lot of time to watch Television. One channel that I watch religiously is Investigation Discovery. Why? I have no clue. It amazes me how people commit crimes, kill, or torture others and really think they have a slight chance of getting away with it. Since moving into the 21st Century the advancement of technology is ridiculous. What people don’t realize is that anyone, with a valid reason or is able to speak the lingo can subpoena cell phone records or get the required information they need to track or put you at the scene of a crime. Another crazy thing that most people do is research or “google search” how to commit a crime. You think that I’m crazy, but it’s true. People go above and beyond to hire a “hitman” only to hire your local Sheriff’s Deputy, Policeman or FBI so you will have that warm and fuzzy just for you to think that the person you want whacked is going to die, only to realize that when you make your final payment you are arrested. Now you want to make yourself look like an upstanding citizen and ask a jury to give you leniency or say that you are crazy and need to be committed to a mental institution.

When I finally become the President of the United States, God help us, I’m taking all power away from Congress and I’m going to make all decisions. I don’t need overpaid individuals that only care about themselves or their agenda to tell me that I can’t do this or that because it’s goes against everything we stand for. If I am approached with that statement I am going to make that individual tell me what it is that “we” stand for. I will change all the 1st degree murder laws to if you kill someone, that’s exactly how you’re going to die. If you want to molest children, then I’m going to throw you in a cell full of razor wire and make you suffer. If you want to go around and rape and kill women, I’m going to put you on a deserted island full of the most venomous snakes on the planet and see if you survive. If you do happen to survive, I will personally kill you up close and personal myself. Our prison system is not set up to punish individuals. People who commit crimes go into prison without a high school diploma and come out with a masters degree and with the knowledge on how NOT to get caught next time.

It’s not fair to hardworking individuals that are required to pay taxes to support your education or let you go in and get buff. That’s not what it’s meant to do. You are supposed to go in knowing that you committed a crime and you need to suffer like you made other families suffer. If you wan’t food, you will be required to grow it. If you want clothes you will be required to make them. If you want books you will be required to write them, of course they will be overlooked by a staff that I put together and if it has anything to do with crime, then you will write it again. You will get one phone call a year and that will be to your attorney. If you are in any way associated with a crime, let’s just say, you’re the getaway driver, you will suffer just like the person that committed the crime. A lot of you are going to say that this is going overboard, I don’t think it is, because you are given a choice before you commit a crime. No one is making you drive that car from Florida to New York that is full of drugs, you are only thinking that if I do this, I can get a quick payday without even working for it.

I understand that people are not asked to grow up in certain areas, but you are given the choice to move out of the situation once you are old enough to know what is going on around you is wrong. The decisions we make in life alter the road ahead. Who cares that you are picked on because you are the only one in your class that has an A average and you study hard so that you are able to make something of yourselves. You will work hard when it comes to sports, but forget about the books, because you think you won’t need it, because you are so talented. What happens when you can’t get picked up by a team because at the time you enter the draft, that is not what a team is looking for? Now you have to rely on what? Nothing, you didn’t finish your degree, because you were the best short-stop in the universe. It doesn’t matter how well or how bad you do, because either way, someone is going to hate you anyway, right? So let them hate you, because you decided that you wanted to change the cycle.

No one has ever told you that the road is going to be easy. Nothing in life is easy. If it was easy, then everybody would be doing it. If at the end of your life you did everything you could have possibly done to put yourself in a better position, then you did what you were meant to do. I can’t rap, so why do I need to get a instrumental and drop some dope rhymes? That’s not why the Creator of this Universe put me here. I still don’t know my reason for living on this earth is, but I do know that for the people I care about and love with every inch of my being, will be taken care of and will know what hard work is, just like it was taught to me. I don’t want anybody to judge anything that I have put down on this Blog and take it personal, if you do, then you need to make a change for the positive. I’m not saying that if you rap or inspired to rap that you shouldn’t do it, that’s just not my “route”. When I turn 65 and I feel like I need to rap, then I will do it.

All I am saying, before you make a decision or past judgement on someone else, look at yourself first. If you think that you are perfect then judge. So there shouldn’t be anyone of us judging anyone else, because no one person on this earth is perfect. We all have flaws. We should recognize what our flaws are and strive to fix them. If you don’t remember anything from this Blog post, I want you to remember this, if you EVER see or hear, Presidential Candidate Jared J. Gober, just know shit is about to change. I’m sure before I make it to my first city on the campaign trail, I will be thrown off it, because I will be looking out for the betterment of this country and not myself.






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