Before I get into the meat of today’s post, I will give you an update from the events that happened yesterday. I know some of my brotha’s (you know what I mean), Black Men, are going to think that this is stupid, but who gives a shit about your opinion. Anyway, today I went to the Sheriff’s office to introduce myself and explain the events that happened yesterday. I didn’t talk to a SGT, LT or some Deputy, I talk to the Sheriff himself. I wanted to talk to him personally to explain the situation and let him know what type of person I strive to be everyday. He says to me, no one called in and if someone did call in, I’m not sending a deputy out to look for a car that someone alleges was going too fast. He said I’m pretty sure the guy doesn’t have a calibrated radar so how fast did he know you were going anyway. The Sheriff told me I had nothing to worry about and gave me his card along with his personal cell phone in case I have any problems. I also did the same with the Chief of Police, he also stated that no one called and even showed me the log they keep, well certain parts of it, they wouldn’t let me see everything, to prove no one called. He also told me that I had nothing to worry about, gave me his card along with work cell and personal cell.

I know some of you are thinking I turned a mountain into a mole hill and I didn’t have to do all that. Yes, I did. That’s the type of person I am. If I am wrong, I will admit that I am wrong, but if I feel that I didn’t do a damn thing, I’ll go all the way to President Obama if I have to. Like I was always told in the military, you need to know when to pick your battles and that’s one I decided to pick and I came out the victor, well maybe not the victor, but I feel better that the Sheriff, Deputies, Chief of Police and a couple of officers saw my face and my vehicle I was driving (today I was in the Kia, but they know it because I have a white sign with big Crimson Letters that say BAMA) and I told them about the car my wife drives. They met me and could kind of see what type of character I have.

So today, of course we had Soccer practice. If you all didn’t know it, but I also bought myself a pair of cleats, soccer shorts and a ball. Why, you ask? To help my girls. Some may say, the cleats and shorts are overkill, but I don’t think so. How in the world am I supposed to teach children or show them how to do a certain cut or the proper way to move the ball in some damn Jordan’s? First of all I wouldn’t have my J’s on some grass or be running in them, but you get my point.

It’s been a year since I have been out of the military and I haven’t done any running since 25 April 2010 (The day of all kinds of excitement, an IED blew up under our truck, for those that didn’t know). So today I get called out by a couple of the kids, they want to go one on one. So me being the Assistant Coach said what the hell, lets do it. Okay, those that know me, already know that I have a stiff and short big toe on my right foot, a hairline fracture in my heel, scar tissue and torn ligaments in my ankle and 2 herniated disc in my lower back, but my ol’ dumb-ass said okay. Let’s just say, them kids made me look like I learned how to play soccer yesterday. I can dribble, pass, but the running after the ball or attacking the opposing player is where I have issues. I looked crazy. I’m glad there were no cameras out there. I had my iPhone, but I was the one taking pictures.

I did have fun, finally got me moving so I can get rid of some of this weight that I have gained. I can’t run, can’t jog, but I try my damnedest, but I look like a retard. Hopefully once they put the implant in there, I can get back down to my fighting weight!!! Overall, I think the kids are ready to play a different team instead of themselves. They are ready and I think that they are going to give our opponents a run for their money. Whether we win or lose, I will do post something about it and post some pictures of the kids playing.

I would like to hear your thoughts on how you would have handled the situation. What I wanted to do is pull my damn gun out and scare the shit out of him, but their were kids around and my wife was pleading with me to let it go so I let it go. Now I’m getting fired up so I will end it here. Comment about how you would have handled the situation. I’ll be looking forward to reading them. All 1 or 2 of them! LOL


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4 thoughts on “तिरासी

  1. Brother, you did the right thing. At least they see that no matter what, you give it your all. And who cares how you looked. You didn’t do that to look good, you did it for them to set an example. You are there for them, take the challenge and showed that everybody has their weaknesses. Most adults can’t admitt that they have those and live of their strenght and are afraid to face anything if it is something they know up front they can’t handle.

    Being a coach is more than being able to perform the skill of the sport, it is also knowing how to teach and mentor all other skills needed to become a good player, team mate and individual. Kids look past that. Yes they laugh, but hey if the fun goes away in sports you lose percentage which weakens the team. 100% is what you want out of a team? Well then you need to sacrifice some of your pride here and then, if that helps to keep te moral and fun level to the highest level. Enjoy the games you will win, and make sure you keep the balance between hard practice and fun. I coached soccer and football and I enjoyed it to the fullest. AND TRUST ME, the laughed at me more than just once……

    So continue to enjoy the fun factor of being a coach, dad and friend.

    Oh and i read your comment on no college football talk no more. Sad that it had to come that far because of ignorant people, but I respect that. I will talk to you once we meet in the finals (hopefully) and then we enjoy a good game. Distance doesn’t matter, we both be watching the game.


    Talk to you soon

    Pat Potts

    1. Brother, all this advice you’ve given me I am going to take and apply it. I appreciate taking your time to even read the post. As soon as we get to the Finals, of course I’m gonna talk some stuff to my brothers. Thanks for the support.

  2. The shorts were a bit over the top, but that was becasue you chose the neon yellow with the hot pink piping. Had you just stuck with the yellow…oh and no one out there will ever accuse you of taking Jordans out on the grass…come on man!

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