Okay, I’ve been holding this in since the start of Collegiate Football. A lot of you may not care, but Alabama is playing LSU on Saturday @ 8:00 EST (2000hrs for the military personnel). They have been a rival of Alabama since I could remember. There are two games, well actually three that the rest of College Football is looking forward to; Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Texas A&M (W), Alabama Crimson Tide vs. LSU (?) and the SEC Championship game. I predict that it will be Alabama vs. Missouri, that’s if they continue to be undefeated or South Carolina and Georgia start playing like they belong to the SEC.

I know, I got it, who cares? I do! A lot of my friends care also. I would much rather sit and watch a Collegiate Football game over the NFL. That’s a bold statement, right? Well the reason I feel that way is, because I honestly think that the players are doing whatever it takes to make it to the next level. They are giving 110% every time they get the chance. They also know that while some players are just gifted and don’t have to practice, there are those that still do whatever they can, legally of course, to maintain or get the edge over some of the gifted athletes.

I have already shared my thoughts on whether Collegiate Players should be paid or compensated in some way. I still think they should. Anyone that loves the game already knows that some players are getting extra benefits. Some of you may be asking yourself, how does he know that? Well, tell me how a Collegiate Athlete is able to afford a brand new truck and put rims on said truck? The players may not be getting it directly, but they are getting it through family members or close friends. It sucks, but it does happen. I know that a lot of Bama Nation is on pins and needles right now, because D.J. Fluker said that he was given extra benefits while he played at Alabama. Once the NCAA completes their investigation and it’s true, every game that he played in, would have to be vacated. That would take away our 14-0 Season in 2009 – 2010 and last years Championship.

If that does happen, yes I would be devastated, but as a TRUE Fan, I always hope for the best. Another issue is Nick Saban’s agent said that he was considering going to Texas. Well, if you know Nick Saban, you know that when he says he’s not going to this place or that place, in the end, he usually does. Money talks and to get him to leave the University of Alabama, you would have to pay him a lot more than he is getting now. The University is paying him like 5.3 million dollars a year and he gets a bonus for winning the SEC Championship (2009 he received a $250,000 bonus for winning the SEC and for a National Championship he gets a $500,000 bonus). If Texas wants him bad enough, I’m sure they won’t have a problem with paying him more than he gets now. He is the highest paid coach in College Football right now. For the Dolphin fans out there, you saw how he did you guys, so there could be some truth to that statement. He had a big press conference saying that he would NOT be leaving the Miami Dolphins organization to become the Head Coach at the University of Alabama.

Like I stated before, I really hope that his consideration is only a thought and he let it float away, just like a ballon in the wind. Another thing would be, I don’t think the University of Texas is ready to give up on Coach Mack Brown, YET, but they are looking for someone that could change their Football Team. He would then have to get the players to buy in and them teach the “Process” to a whole different team. I really hope that he isn’t considering leaving Alabama. Here’s the link if you want to check it out yourself: http://tracking.si.com/2013/11/05/alabama-nick-saban-facing-pressure/. Another note is that he updated his contract last season and agreed to Coach for another 4 Seasons.

I know I did a lot of rambling, but you can see that I am excited about this weekend’s game vs. LSU. I hope that we spank that ass at the crib! I hope that him considering coaching at another school doesn’t overshadow the team and become a distraction. The players have bought in and invested a lot just for him to up and leave. I hope that these are just rumors and he stays and retires at Alabama.  I can’t wait for this weekend. Of course, I’m nervous, why? I have no clue. I’m not even on the team, with this pressure to win against a rival at home.  Okay, I have bored you enough about college football and all that goes with it.



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