The Reign Just Started

Those that don’t like or really care for College Football, I highly suggest you don’t read this post. I really didn’t think that I needed to address this issue, but I need to nip this in the bud right now. “You can’t hop in the ring because you think you can box.”-Unknown

I’ll start at the top and make my way to the last team that “thinks” they have what it takes to take on the King of College Football.

#2 Oregon – Fast paced offense, they like to play uptempo. That can be tamed. As everyone saw what Auburn did to them in 2010. Need I say more?

#3 Florida State – Yes, you have found a new Charlie Ward. Just like Oregon, you guys like to also like to play fast paced, but seriously ask yourselves can any “Top Quality” ACC team handle playing an SEC Top Quality team? Honestly, I don’t think so. Truthfully, I think Ohio State is playing better football than you guys are and should be the #2 or #3 team. Just my opinion.

#5 Baylor – I still can’t believe they are even ranked as high as they are. They haven’t shown me anything spectacular. They will fall.

#7 Miami – Florida State will take care of them, enough said.

#’s 8, 9 & 10 – I will take care of in one statement. Overrated! Auburn, I will say that, they have made an awesome turn around with Gus Malzahn coming back. Clemson, overrated ACC team and Missouri, in the top 10 really? Who’s looking at these teams?

I did all that yapping to say this, it’s TOO much talking of who’s going to be the team to knock off Alabama and talking about our scheduling. The same goes for all the teams listed above. When all of you schools collectively can put together 15 National Championships then you can talk all you want, until then, I don’t need to hear any noise from the peanut gallery.

Before any of you that are fans of the teams listed above and you want to send your goons to take care of me, it’s all in fun. Please keep that in mind. Myself nor any of you are getting paid to play or analyze these teams so it’s just smack talk. I’m not willing to lose any good friends to smack talk. If you can’t take it, then please just keep it to yourself. It’s all for the love of the game. We will go undefeated this year, have no clue who we are going to beat in the SEC Championship game, because the SEC East team are NOT playing as true SEC teams should. Pure disappointment.

Again, it’s just smack talk and for the love of the game. It’s not that serious folks. Just adding my two cents because I felt like it.



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