Tujuh puluh empat

This next statement that I am going to make may send me to jail for 1,000 years or open up some eyes. Here in the Great ol’ United States of America, it’s easier to find and buy an illegal gun than it is to find any evidence of weapons of mass destructions, indications of a dictatorship or come up with a solution to terrorism in our own country. It’s very disheartening when you turn on the television you hear of a local man, woman or child killed in some senseless violence than you do from our government setting a country free from a dictator or actually detecting and destroying a terror cell in the United States. Yes, I may be over-exaggerating a little but it’s the truth.

Our elected leaders would rather go to countries that have the ability to make “nice” with the countries that have the ability to make chemical, biological or nuclear weapons than doing what they are supposed to do and run this fucking country. We went to Vietnam and what was the outcome? Tens of thousands military (all branches included) and civilians because of what? I’m 33 years old and I am not afraid to ask the question why we went into Vietnam. There was the cold war against Russia and a resolution came out of that, but the American President at the time took all the credit for that. Not that he had a military on stand by to fuck shit up or Russian knowing the fact, because they had spies here too, that with one push of a button, or several turns of a key at the same time, that we could send that whole country back in the stone age.

I live in the south and you don’t see it often, if you need me to say that statement again for you I will, here in the south you don’t see homelessness as much as you see in bigger cities, because they leave their small town, USA going to a place that will eat you alive and spit you out, but what does our government do about it? Nothing. It’s crazy that the country right above us can give all their citizens free healthcare, but we are fighting to make “Obamacare” the norm here in the United States. Why does the leaders of our great country have the United States priorities in the wrong order? I’ve said it many times in previous posts and I will continue to say it until I see positive change for our country. I know that I may never get to see the America that our fore fathers wanted, but I pray to God that my children do at least before they die.

I can rant about this all day, but what is it going to prove? Not a damn thing. I’m just another Blogger fed up with being the laughing stock of the world. You think that over 100 people and their assistants with their assistants could come together and agree upon something that will get the modern America moving in the right direction, but as you see day to day, it’s the same thing. All the major networks want to bash the president for the job he is doing. I’m not saying that I am not guilty of that, but when you sit back and look at the big picture, who actually runs America? Our Congress, but they point their fingers at each other or the president, because they are not willing to stand up as men and women and take the blame for something that they did. Will it take more Radical Islamist to come up with a bomb using simple everyday items to open the eyes of the American People before we start making our government do what they were sworn to do and do everything in their power to “protect and defend” us Americans?

I’m just frustrated with this whole Government Shutdown thing (I don’t even know if our government is still shut down). Which of the Countries in this world would actually shut their government down because congress couldn’t come up with a resolution for medical care for the American People. I bet if the American people had the right to fire you, just like we had the right to hire (vote) you in, I bet things would look a lot better. I know that people talk about these issues all the time, but can’t do anything about it, because the government is just going to send some murdered out (all blacked out) SUV’s to your house and kidnap you and your family, force you to take new identities, if they are being nice or kill you. It’s crazy that the United States of America is a Super Power, but we are powerless. If you read that statement and don’t understand it, then don’t worry about it, because you never will.

I will end with this, if my girls are blessed to see the age 70 and have grandkids, I really hope that the American we live in today will be the past and not the present.




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