I know as well you guys do that I should not be stemming about my daughter being called a (B)itch. For some reason, I just can’t let this go. What makes the situation even worse, this same kid that called her that, lives in our same neighborhood. Of course when is riding his mini dirt bike around the neighborhood unattended and he receives a minor or major then this same couple is going to want some help and support from the rest us. I will do the good samaritan thing and do whatever I have to do to make sure the kid is okay, but I will not do anymore than that. 

Why I am pissed about it is during the summer he and a couple of his friends had those decorative rocks you put in flower beds, and he and a couple of kids from the neighborhood were using them as baseballs hitting the side of my house. The first time I went out there no one had anything in their hands, but I had a reason to be on the side of the house because I need to change out the lights exterior lights on the corners of the house. I walk back in the house and my youngest daughter comes to me while I was in the garage and said, “Daddy I can still heard that noise.” I picked up my ladder and walked through the house to use the backdoor this time and caught them red handed. The person that had the bat in his hand and getting ready to hit my house with another rock, was yep, you guessed the little punk that called my daughter a (B)itch.

The first thing I asked him was does he pay mortgage at this address? He replied No. I then asked did his parents pay mortgage at this address and again he replied no. I then asked him what was the purpose of hitting the side of my house, he confidently says that I’m not able to do it at my house and we can’t do it at my next door neighbors house because the siding of their house is not brick. I then asked him so the best idea you could come up with was to use my house, he didn’t say a word. I told him that if I catch him or any of the other kids doing something of this nature, it’s going to be a long day for them and their parents, because the next time or an issue like this happens, I was going to call the police (at the time I really wasn’t seriously going to actually call the cops, but after the recent events, that’s the best idea). 

That’s why it makes me so mad that my wife and I work so hard instill values, morals and integrity into our girls. Yes, telling the truth might hurt that person for a little while, but they would eventually get over it. Now if you lie and that same person you lied to finds out that you lied, now that person is mad at you for lying to them and the situation that happened and you could possibly lose some really good friends for a single. It used to hurt my oldest daughter that whenever she told her friends the truth they would get made at her and she would get upset and cry, but now she couldn’t care less. She’s grown up and matured to a certain point whether you like me who I am or don’t like me at all. My wife and I are very proud that she is like that. She doesn’t take shit from nobody.

In the end, all I wanted for this kid to do is tell me the truth, but now I won’t believe a word from him or his coach, because his coach tried to make me apologize because I accused him of calling her a (B)itch. I know what I heard and who it was directed at. I will not only do it for my players, but for the opposing team as well, because at the end of the day, it’s Recreation Soccer and everybody on the field volunteered to participate, so why not just have fun and make some new friends along the way. Maybe my thought process is different from a lot of adults, but I always tried to make sure my team knew that when the game stopped being fun for them, I gave them the option to no longer come to practices or show up for games, but I did say at the beginning of the season that if you don’t practice you don’t play. Because we weren’t winning games, I didn’t  need a toxic person like that who could possibly influence other players to think that same say. As of right now, we are 0-4, but that doesn’t matter to my kids, most of them it was their 1st year playing the sport and we have made a TON of significant strides from day 1 practice to date. I’m proud of these guys. It’s also an awesome feeling to be recommend 4 of them for the All-Star team.

With all that rambling being said, if you as readers have children or planning on having some in the future, please do them a favor and instill the right set of morals, values and most of all integrity, because it will take them a long way in life. In today’s culture it’s very hard for us REGULARS to find and keep friends that are life-long. Let us as REGULARS, start with our own children so that by the time they are our age, they are making positive changings in this world and someday it will become a better place.

(You like how I put that Michael Jackson lyric there at the end.) I know I’m awesome so you don’t have to tell me!!


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