Pitumput Dalawa (Tagalog or Filipino)

Today has been a tug of war inside of me about my Blog. Why I have been thinking like that is because I didn’t think I was getting the support I thought I was getting and another reason is, because looking at my stats page, it’s disheartening. I know that when I first started this blog, I said that I wasn’t going to be worried about numbers or try to gain any notoriety from this. But let’s be real, you want to be good at whatever you do and if you have to change up the strategy then it is what it is, I would love to have good numbers, but that isn’t going to be the topic of today’s post.

Today I want to talk about my girls. Last softball season, my oldest made the All-star team, my youngest would made the All-star team if they had one for her age group, but they didn’t have a coach that could commit the time it took to get the players ready. We could have asked if my youngest daughter could have played up, but we didn’t because we see that she needs to work on some fundamentals. I’m not all saying that my oldest daughter is the best player on the team, but what amazes me, this was there 1st year playing Softball and they put 100% into it. During the season my youngest daughter only struck out twice and my oldest only struck out three times. A lot of it was the umpire because me and a lot of the parents on both team that he wasn’t being consistent with the pitching while using the pitching machine. During the All-Star team, the kids got creamed on all 4 games they played. I and a lot of the parents said that it was due to pitching an and how he coached that he stacked the team with his “star” players and picked only the fast players from our team., which is unfair because quality players probably never play again. Our (Amya’s Softball coach) was like why are you picking this person and he replied because they are quick. Yes, Amya isn’t that fast, but she can hit and get on base. Her coach told him that and he reluctantly picked her.

The assistant was teaching the players the wrong stances and how to field the ball in the out field. My oldest played Right-Field and the assistant was telling her that she is to sprint behind the 1st basemen. I could understand if you had her playing shallow, but you had her playing deep, so by the time she got there the runner was already at second or third base. Myself and my wife told her (Amya) if they have you playing deep, you will not be sprinting from deep right to back up the 1st  baseman. I explained to the coach and he played Amya playing deep why didn’t he just have the pitcher sprint to the base, made more since to me and other parents except for the child’s parent (because it only made sense, because she wasn’t playing the traditional pitcher, hell in high school , College and Professional Baseball/Softball played this way) I and a lot of the parents said that makes sense. I wouldn’t argue with a coach about this issue, because the coach and assistant coach knew what they were talking about. Another thing, after the games they lost, all he did was tell them what they did wrong. Come on dude, this is Recreation Softballk with a pitching Machine; we got beat by 20+ points in each game. That last game we played, my oldest daughters coach and made a recommendation and he did it. Putting the right players in the right place.Yeah the score was 21-9, but at least we started scoring so the morale of the team went up.

Okay, I’ve said all that to say this, the girls are playing soccer. My oldest daughter is playing in her right league, but my youngest is playing up, which I am proud off. She is playing defense and plays her position well. My oldest daughter is playing offense, she’s a forward along with another kid and I have my mid-fielders playing up so once the ball is on their side of the field, they have a person to pass to, but the coaches son thinks he can do what he wants and he has a bad attitude. With all that both of my girls made the All-Star Soccer Team. They might not start, while talking to the coach of the All-Star team. He is a great coach. He also coaches a traveling team all year, but this is the time when they get a break or most of their games are local. I know some of you are thinking that I recommended my girls because they are my children, but I told them at the beginning of the season that if you give 100% at practice and during the game I will not recommend them for the All-star team, but they proved Dad wrong and gave 110%. After practice, both of my daughters take a lap around the soccer field working on their speed and dribbling. They did this without me telling them. I’m so proud of them. After we play our first game of course I will let you guys know. Just another episode of a REGULARS life.




4 thoughts on “Pitumput Dalawa (Tagalog or Filipino)

  1. I have tried to view every one of your blogs in the past and the army computers have said “NO” and blocked the site. But I tried again today after your rant and rave earlier and what do you know, they must have seen your post earlier because here I am.
    Well I understand the frustration that comes with our children and their sports. I too have had my fair share of unfair coaches and screwed up refs. I’m not sure there is any easy fix to any of it, unless you are willing yourself to coach or referee and be as fair and honest as possible. But you are never going to please everyone and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. But I am trying to figure out where the title comes into play?

    1. Steve, all my titles are numbers. I started from 1 and so in. But the number will always change. One day spelled out, a different language or Roman Numeral form. Whatever I’m feel that day. I feels it’s a lot different from a a lot of Blogs out there, just trying to be different.

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