Sessantasei punto cinque

Man, don’t you just love it when power companies decide to have a “scheduled” power outage, but forget to let customers know!! It’s ridiculous that because of this hour or so that the power is out. I’m still going to have to pay as if nothing ever happened.

I need to come up with a great idea so that I can monopolize this region of the country. It makes me sick about how much I pay for power. Power in today’s world has almost become a necessity rather than a luxury. You need power to operate phones, computers, microwaves and most importantly your Air Conditioner/Heat.

During the summer, I usually pay around the $200 range and during the fall and winter it drops usually $80 – $100. They recommend that during the summer months you should keep your thermostat at around 73 degrees. If you have ever lived in the south, you know the devil loves it down here so he keeps the temperature on HELL and he adds a sprinkle of 100% humidity, so all that recommendation is doing is teasing you. And during the winter they also recommend you keep your thermostat at 75. These “recommendations” are to help lower your monthly bill!

Man please! I say bump that and put it on whatever the hell I feel like putting it on. I’m the one that has to pay for it. I’ll take you’re recommendations all day, but applying them, you missed me with that one playa! I’m far from a cheapskate, but I’m no baller either, but this is my Kingdom and I like it to feel a certain way for me to be comfortable.

I’m really gonna sit back and think of something that I can monopolize in this region; other than something illegal that could send me to jail for the rest of my life or anything that deals with drugs in anyway, shape, form, transport you name it, I’m not touching it. I ain’t going to jail for nobody! The money and lifestyle sounds good, but when your freedom is stripped from you and you hear that cell door close behind you, then you’re gonna wish you hadn’t gotten involved with that stuff; for the record I have never actually heard that sound nor do I wish to hear it, but I’m sure that sound is not a sound that you could ever get used and neither have I sold drugs. So if you plan on conducting any criminal acts keep me off your list!!

When I do come up with my awesome idea, I will only tell a couple of you, because I don’t want you trying to sue me in the future because you are accusing me of stealing your idea. That’s why my legal team is gonna be top notch; I also want you to keep this in mind, Bidness is Bidness Playa!

Now I’m just rambling because I’m hot and the whole damn neighborhood is dark and I can’t watch ESPN or any of the recorded Crimson Tide games. Yes. I do watch the Alabama games at night, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? I didn’t think so. I’ll end it here. Just another wonderful day as a REGULAR!


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