I have had a lot of teachers and parents coming up to me saying that they are impressed by the appearance and attitudes of my daughters. They also are impressed that I am dropping them off at school every morning and I wait outside the school, greet them with a hug and ask them how their day was. They tell me that they wish more parents would take that same approach with their children, because if they did some of the kids with behavior issues would probably be a little better.

I don’t think of myself as doing something that is impressive to people, the only thing I am doing is striving to be the best Father I can every single day. I know that in a previous post, I talked about I might be too overprotective of my girls, but todays focus is going to be on me, a REGULAR, being a Father rather than a Dad.

In my opinion Dad is only a sperm donor. He pops in and plays with their kid every now and then, buys presents for them on birthdays and christmas’ and it makes him look like the good guy, but the mother is the one that is struggling day to day to make ends meet, making sure that the child or children have food on the table, etc. Being a Dad is easy, but being a Father is hard job, and I hate to say this, that many men aren’t mentally ready to be a Father, and that is one of the main reasons why they’re more “Dads” out there than there are “Fathers.”

I consider myself a Father, because I worry about how well my girls are doing in school, I email the teachers just to let them know that I am a concerned parent and will do anything for my children so that they get fair treatment they deserve. I am making sure that they prepare themselves for the next day, the night before so in the morning they are not running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I’m not at all saying that I’m super Dad or I’m a better Father than other Fathers, I just took the blueprint that my wife had and implemented it into a way that suits me. I talk to my children and ask them questions about different things, I want them to be able to put their trust in me and have them know that I will make the right decision when it comes to their well being. I’m not saying that being a Father you have take your children to school and talk to their teachers, that’s not the definition of a Father that I am trying to get across to you. A Father is a man that will do whatever it takes to make sure that his family is taken care of. A Father will always put his family before he thinks about himself.

Everybody has a different opinion on how to be a Father, keep in mind this is my definition, a REGULAR Father.




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