I’m always watching TV shows on Investigation Discovery (ID). It’s crazy on the stuff that people say and the crimes that these people commit. When I say people it starts with individuals in their late teens to individuals that are close to the age of 85. What makes people commit crime? Are they born like this? Is it learned or taught to them?

I know that some people say that these individuals are born like this or it was taught to them. I would have to disagree them being born this way. I don’t understand how some people can say it or let alone prove it. Some scientist say that different parts of the brain control the way our body works, which I understand, but how can they prove that a certain part of the brain causes an individual to commit an evil act or crime? If you’re a scientist or psychiatrist and can prove this to me, I will love to have an intelligent conversation with you. Maybe it has something to them having to much of something in their bodies. I don’t know!

I believe that crime and evil are taught to them at an early age. I understand that it also has something to do with your surroundings, don’t think by me mentioning their surroundings that I am condoning it. A lot of Adults don’t think that children don’t understand what’s going on, in a physical way maybe they don’t, but mentally when they get older they will think what they saw as a child and this child conduct the same crime they saw as children, thats when they think it’s okay. The reason I say that they will think it’s okay is because they saw an Adult do it and they didn’t see any consequences or anything negative happen to the individual they saw commit this evil act or crime so they think it’s okay once they get older and learn what it is they saw as a child.

REGULARS commit crimes also. No one is excluded from committing crimes or evil things. I don’t know why people do what they do. Maybe they are born like this, it’s taught to them or they see it happening around them and they think it’s okay. I don’t want to try to make myself look like a scientist or make you as readers think that I have the answers why people commit crimes. I just wanted to share with you what was on my mind.


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