Today’s Post will be a little different. Instead of talking about myself or an event that involves me, I am going to talk about a special pair of friends that I have. If you were to look up the word best friend in the dictionary, these two individuals would be there. When I first arrived, I had already judged one of these individuals because of the outward appearance, but once I actually had a conversation with this individual we had a lot in common. That’s when our friendship started.

Now we talk on a daily basis because of the job we did. We became closer, not in a gay way, but in a brotherly type friendship. I felt comfortable introducing this individual to my family and immediately they welcomed this individual. Now that we have established a brotherly type relationship, this individual introduced me and my family to the individual who had his heart. I was a little intimidated by the individual because of the country we were in, but after talking and getting to know this person, that’s when my opinion changed about this individual and the country.

It came to a point that every single weekend we were doing something together. Drinking some beer, shots of tequila and sometimes a cup of warm wine. Good Times. I will share with you a moment that we all shared together. We were invited to the individuals family’s house. We arrived and a lot of the people we worked with were there. My wife and I was just trying to chill, but of course being around these two individuals that wasn’t going to happen. We started playing beer pong. My partner for the game was quite older than I was so instead of her drinking the beer, I had to drink it. On my gosh, I was really plastered. I played only one game, because I am terrible at beer pong. Another time we played beer pong (as you can see I am a hard headed individual) my partner was around my age and he was the boyfriend of one of the individuals sister. We did okay, but I did get pretty drunk, because before we started playing beer pong, I had already been drinking some beer of the country we were in. MAN! At this point I was pretty tipsy.

These two individuals mean the world to us and I’m sure that it is the same to them about us. I’m glad to have these two individuals in our life. I don’t know if you guys have friends in your life that are like family and mean the world to you, so maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t want to mention the names or code names of these individuals because they will automatically know who they are. I just wish that we were closer so that we could spend more time together. Soon they will be moving on to a new location, but that will not change our friendship. For these individuals we are willing to travel to where ever they are, because they would do the same for me and my family.

When the individuals read this, I want them to know that we love you. You are not just friends to us, you are family. We miss you guys. Though you guys are not close to us, always remember that you are always on our minds. I know that you guys are going to have to eventually travel a little farther away from us, because of the job, but that will not change anything. We will arrange something as we always do to have a family gathering.

I know that you as readers are probably thinking that I am crazy and all I am doing rambling, but I’m not, because if you knew these individuals you would feel the same way. I know this post is a lot different from the others, but I didn’t want to talk about me today. Today this post is dedicated to two individuals that mean the world to me and my family. A friendship like the one we have with theses individuals don’t come around all the time, so when you do find friends like the ones my family and I have, you would feel the same way we do.


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