I realize that I have already talked about music this week, but I feel the need to talk about Mr. Kanye West. Kanye has put out some classic albums, such as College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808’s & Heartbreak, My Dark and Twisted Fantasy & a collaboration album Watch The Throne with his mentor Jay-Z. I know that a lot of people out there are not feeling his last record titled Yeezus. It took me a couple of listens to be able to understand why he mashed together certain sounds. I know a lot will disagree with me, but as far as artistically this is Kanye’s best album to date. What I don’t agree with about this album is he is comparing himself to God. Maybe I am taking it in the wrong way. Maybe he is considering himself a god because he is the creator of this type of genre. I don’t know. If someone has a better explanation, please help me out.

I can hear the nay sayers, no it’s not, its trash. What you need to do when you listen to this album is listen with an open mind. I’m not saying that I love every track on the record, but I will give Kanye credit for stepping out of the comfort zone of what a “Rap/Hip-Hop” album is supposed to be. It takes real artistic ability to do this. That’s also another reason why a lot of underground artists never make it Mainstream and I understand why a lot of them chose not to.

Hip-Hop is changing, but we as listeners don’t want it to change, because we want to hear that ridiculous base line with the rhythmic high hat and tight sound of the snare. Now, keep in mind that I said that artistically this is Kanye West’s best album, but as far as Hip-Hop he stepped way out of the genre of hip-hop. Maybe that was his purpose for this album. In my opinion, he has created a new lane for Hip-Hop. I sure everybody remembers when the “crunk music” came out, there were a lot of people giving their opinions about it. Now, it is one of the staples that represent the South as far as music goes.

I am guilty for being in that same category as others when Kanye released this album, but I listened to it over again, this time with an open mind. Don’t think about his last albums and try to compare them, because if you base it off of those then you will not understand where he is coming from artistically. I challenge each and every one of you that listen to Hip-Hop and think his last album was trash, to take another listen. This time don’t think about he has released previously.

YEEZUS Album Covers
Yeezus Artwork Timeline

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