Yesterday, I had an emergency practice with my soccer team. We reinforced the basics to the kids. Making sure they are playing their assigned position. I think that if we continue to have productive practices as yesterday, there is no doubt that these kids will start winning games and making themselves known. I was very pleased with the practice. I forgot to mention in a previous post about our 3rd soccer game, my assistant coach was ejected from the game and couldn’t come back inside the fence that was around the soccer fields. He had a valid argument with the referee, but you know that you don’t argue with the refs, because if they see the coaches do it then the players will. His son received his 2nd yellow card this season. That’s another reason why we are losing because he thinks he is better than everyone on the team and when he doesn’t get the ball he complains to me or his dad. His father is really good at keeping him under control, but I had my wife, who played soccer in high school helping me out on the sideline. That’s why our second half looked better that the 1st.

I am going to move some players around. I have this one kid that is very quiet, but when he plays soccer, he is aggressive, he just needs to work on the fundamentals. As soon as he masters the fundamentals, he is going to be an awesome player. The guy that played goalie, kept asking to play goalie, so we put him in the position. They scored 3 consecutive goals, because he is playing away from the goal. Yeah, I was pretty upset, but it seemed like he was ignoring me. I explained to them that if I am talking to them during practice or during a game and they want to continue to talk or not pay attention, the ones that are not listening are going to run laps or not practice. I already told them that if you don’t practice, you don’t play. That was explained to them and their parents day 1. I don’t want to be a butt-hole coach and be mean to the kids, but I will not be disrespected. I told them that if I turn my back to them then practice is done. I guess the word TEAM is a hard concept for some of these kids. They want to be the “David Beckham” of Long County. 

As I stated in previous posts and we will get it together, I promise. I want you guys to have faith that we WILL win some games and I can confidently recommend some of my players for the all-star team. 


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